Nintendo tested HD graphics for two other Zelda games as well

Polygon: "The HD remake of The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker started out as a tech demo by series lead Eiji Aonuma, but it wasn't the only game his team experimented with."

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Gemmol1719d ago

give me the other two in HD and I will preorder them right now, I did not get to beat them, since I only had a ps3 last gen, never doing that again I realized I like Nintendo first party games better, this just my opinion and preference

UltimateMaster1719d ago

As long as they aren't HD remix of older games.

I want the real promised Zelda from E3 2011.

Nintendo, make it happen.


That was a tech demo. They said it's going to look different.

lilbroRx1719d ago

That was not only just a tech demo, but it was an HD remix of TP with a wrong handed Link.

cherbhy1719d ago

i agree. that tech demo- that's the zelda game i want, the zelda game that would really appeal to the core gamer. But I've read multiple aunoma interviews where he's talking about how they're trying to appeal to newcomers and taking inspiration from both WW and link between worlds... which really leads me to expect a cartoonish art style with inane handholding throughout the game. here's hoping that's not the case.

abzdine1719d ago

yeah the more Zeldas the better for me.. i am a Zelda fanboy, please keep them coming Nintendo!

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Big_B0SS1719d ago

A Zelda HD would be the only thing that would make me buy a Wii U.

abusador1719d ago

Given Nintendos tendency on using less realistic art style and alot of colors these HD games moving forward will look really gorgeous being that Nintendo has shown they will stick to their usual formula. This in no way is a negative. I actually look forward to seeing some of the older franchises like Zelda in HD with alot of colors and the cute art style.


Give me SW with standard controls in HD and ill pay any price!!!

1719d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.