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Meet Sony’s indie man, Shahid Ahmad

VG247:Sony’s ongoing indie push has been spurred on by the enthusiasm of one particular person, Shahid Ahmad. Johnny Cullen talks to the man who’s championed some of the best indie titles on PlayStation. (PS Vita, PS3, PS4, Shahid Ahmad)

Lukas_Japonicus  +   375d ago
Bravo on giving indie devs the attention and support they deserve. PS4 gets slated a lot for its focus on indies, but for many devs its where they start out and will possibly end up as well known big names in the future.
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Idba  +   375d ago
Yeah, i totally agree with you. Just look at naughty dog for example. They started out as indie developers for sony, and since Sony kept on supporting them they got into the tripper A buisniss and they're now making every game they produce a PS exclusive.
Lukas_Japonicus  +   375d ago
That is the exact transformation im talking about. Hopefully some of the indies that Sony and MS are supporting right now will be the Naughty Dogs of the future.
games_FTW  +   375d ago
R* started as indie when they was call DMA, I remember they mad one game published by Sony but they didn't continue supporting them, but look at them they making one of biggest game.

how know maybe one of the indies that Sony supporting well become the next R*.
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coolasj  +   375d ago
Studios like Housemarque and ThatGameCompany are way past just the small studio stage. The successful studios will keep growing and growing.
gamepard  +   375d ago
basically is meet Sony's indi-A man
kingdip90  +   375d ago
Indies and smaller studios have the ability to make fantastic games without needing a massive number of sales to profit. just look at square and tomb raider, it was a failure ti them because they didn't make as much money to offset cost but it still sold prrtty well. If indies can stay small and efficient then they will absolutely be the future of gaming.
coolasj  +   375d ago
"There is no point in getting too caught up in how those actions will be interpreted or you’d be paralysed.”

This is why I read these Sony interviews whenever they come out. It's more than an exec just spouting off PR lines.
nades_all_night  +   375d ago
I've been following Shahid for a few months on Twitter, and the dude is nothing but down to earth. He's always on Twitter answering questions, cracking jokes, talking about cigars and pipes, and life in general. He is the INDIE GURU!

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