Retrospective: Final Fantasy VIII

BNR: There are many opinions on the subject of ‘When Final Fantasy games were good’. I sit comfortably in the PSX demographic and believe that Final Fantasy VII and VIII are two of the best JRPGs ever made. Over the years, Final Fantasy VII has stolen much of the well-deserved limelight that the franchise has earned and rightly so. It stands out to as a masterpiece in RPG gaming. Yet I always felt that VIII was slightly underrated. Being the first Final Fantasy game I actually owned it has always been my favorite and here’s why.

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zero_gamer1652d ago

Quite underrated. I am actually in the mood of popping it in my PS3 right now!

ecstaticpunk1652d ago

Absolutely loved this game as a teenager my favorite game in the series shame shit hit the fan and now we're stuck with FF XIII and a fetish for Lightening really hope FF XV turns out to be a lot better.

-Foxtrot1652d ago (Edited 1652d ago )

Best FF in the series

Best character development (Squall), best soundtrack, best intro etc

You know how this game got a lot of hate (still does unfortunately) because it's NOT a FF7 sequel well this is undeserved hate unlike FF13 which was well deserved.

Seriously all the complaints about this game are nitpicks

Draw System - You didn't even have to draw in battle and you would still have a ton of magic at the end of the game. Pink draw points, refine magic with the GF junction skill, Island of Heaven and Hell.

Junction System - One minute it's "the system is too complicated" then in the next sentence it's "It's too easy to max out your character with the junction system". So is it hard or easy lol

Squall - He is not an emo, he's a bit of a jerk at the start of the game only because it's part of the fantastic character development we see over the course of the four discs. Each disc his character changes, to a lonely selfish jerk to a brave heroic leader. He doesn't just turn with a click of the fingers you see how he changes through the story. Plus his background for being a jerk is explained and justifies his characters attitude at the start of the game

Story plotholes - What FF game does not have plotholes or problems...come on

Becuzisaid1652d ago

Would you like to add any more edits, or are you good now?

-Foxtrot1652d ago

If I didn't you'd be calling me for spelling/grammar mistakes

Did you really waste a bubble to say that, I mean really. How sad

I_am_Batman1652d ago (Edited 1652d ago )

Undiserved hate or not you'll just have to accept that some people disliked the game. There is no right or wrong it comes down to personal taste. I for one loved FFVIII. It's probably my favorite FF (though I can't decide between the PSOne era games).

I really liked FFXIII too and I don't care that everybody is hating on it.

That's just how it is. Sometimes I don't get the hype for a critically acclaimed game and sometimes I enjoy a game that everybody seems to hate.

-Foxtrot1652d ago (Edited 1652d ago )

I think you'll find the majority of people on the internet these days (and FF8 has been out for years making it so you see a lot on the forums and face to face convos) always point out the nitpicked stuff when talking about FF8. Most of it just seems like follow the leader stuff in my opinion. If they hate the game fine just say "I hate FF8" but they don't they come up with these nitpicked reasons people said like when it came out, disappointed with the fact it wasn't a FF7 sequel.

Yeah people hate it I'm not saying that but if you hate it don't come up with silly excuses which have been going around the internet for years.

Plus I'm sorry but FF13 was bad, and I mean like really bad. That is a game where the complaints aren't nitpicks or can be justified the game is actually terrible for a FF game. If you like it fine but people shouldn't try to defend it because you honestly can't.

Hicken1652d ago

I'd say X has the best soundtrack(and my favorite video game character of all time in Rikku), but in all other areas, I think VIII is the best in the series.

As for plotholes, there aren't really any. There are some questions left unanswered, but that's not the same as a plothole.

-Foxtrot1652d ago (Edited 1652d ago )

I was actually referring to the fact, for example, that people go on about how Doctor Odine doesn't just destroy the Junction Machine Ellone that Ultimecia uses in the future instead of the SeeD going into the future to defeat her. Among other silly nitpicked things

"There are some questions left unanswered, but that's not the same as a plothole."

Thats unfortunately what these people go on about, things which we don't need to know but decide to point it out and turn it into a bad thing to make the story overall look "bad"

I_am_Batman1651d ago (Edited 1651d ago )

So you are saying that people come up with excuses to dislike the game although they have no reason to do so? Interessting. But keep in mind that people are different and they have different tastes (which is actually a good thing). Maybe it's nitpicking for you but it can be a real issue for others. I agree with you though that the game would've probably been recieved differently when it wouldn't have come after FFVII. That's the price of expectation I guess.

And you don't need to apologize for saying that FFXIII is bad. Like I said in my first reply: I don't care that people dislike it. I don't want to know the reasons why everyone dislikes it. And I certaintly don't want to defend the game either. I like it - you don't. I can perfectly live with that.

Off topic: n4g really needs a better reply system.

wishingW3L1651d ago (Edited 1651d ago )

FF8 was my first FF game and I probably love it just because of that but the plotholes, the weak character development, the broken junction system... Those are all legit complaints.

Do you remember a single turning point for Squall as a character? Well, me neither because there were none. His change of attitude was all forced and out of the blue. The plothole about their amnesia? There is no coherent explanation and this is just 1 of many. The broken junction system? Can you deny the infinite limit breaks, really? And this is just 1 of the many problems with the battle system, because you could even break it enough to beat every boss in the game in just 1 turn.

I_am_Batman1651d ago

I'm not sure if you are talking about the same game that I've played. There is an explanation for the amnesia. It comes from using the G.F.

And what do you mean with infinite limit breaks? I don't think that you can beat every boss in one turn. Can you explain what you mean?

kalkano1651d ago

Actually, I also remember thinking there were a lot of plotholes. But, on my second playthrough, it actually all made sense.

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Becuzisaid1652d ago

I always switch back and forth between this being my favorite or FF9. This game is purely amazing sauce.

The only reason it's not my absolute, no question favorite of the series is the drawing system. I generally start a game by quickly doing the Ifrit trial, and then grinding along the Balamb beaches and stocking up on Thunder, Fire, Ice and Cure to 100 each. Takes like 1-1.5 hours for me to do this and then I start the Dollet mission. I'm sure someone will tell me I should just skip drawing and refine magic using the GF abilities, but I've been playing FF8 this way since I was 12.

MightyNo91652d ago

I play it almost the same way. And there might be faster ways to do stuff but meh,I play my own way. xD

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