Top Ten Metal Gear Boss Fights

While Casually Addicted eagerly await the arrival of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, it’s time to look back in time at some of the best bosses from Metal Gear history. Out of the many bosses which were the best? It’s time to pick through history at the best confrontations in the series.

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prettyboy121713d ago

cool list but this isnt a list without the end boss fight.i remember how patient you had to be through out that whole battle,goodddddddddddd timessssssssss!

Clarence1713d ago

Yes the End was an amazing boss fight way better than sniper wolf.

Ratty1713d ago (Edited 1713d ago )

Agreed. Most of them are good choices except for Sniper Wolf and the final showdown with Ocelot... which was awesome and really well-done but not a boss fight at all. Personally, the best of all would have been the final fight in MGS4.

Caffo011713d ago

this is a joke.. The end is the greatest fight ever..

chrissx1713d ago

I remember you could kill the end before his actual battle. his absense in this list is weird tho cuz that's 1 memorable boss fight..

Kurylo3d1713d ago

everyone forgets about the cyborg ninja.