Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory Coming to Xbox Originals

Steve Wysowski from writes:

"The Xbox Originals section of the marketplace has received a mix reaction since its release, wiht most of the fault being pointed towards the limited amount of quality games (even though Halo 1 and Fable were both added in the same release). Maybe that view will change with the latest game added to the XO list: Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory, one of the original Xbox's best releases.

I never got to play Chaos Theory (please don't stone me) but I think I'll give it a chance with my 360. Considering how upset I was that I missed out on it with my Xbox, I think I'd be a fool to miss out again. Metal Arms - Glitch in the Machine (huh?) will be released along side Chaos Theory as well. Both will hit the marketplace for 1200 MS Points in all areas except Japan and Korea, but since when has MIcrosoft ever cared about Asia anyway?"

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Grown Folks Talk3895d ago

it's cheaper to buy it used at the store. Ninja Gaiden Black & Halo are about the only ones cheaper to download than buy in store. Chaos Theory by the way is the sh*t.

Dark_Vendetta3895d ago

It's your opinion but I have to disagree (no I won't use the disagree button). I loved the game and I still have the DVD somewhere, but I don't have a good feeling about the new one. Time will tell

Grown Folks Talk3895d ago (Edited 3895d ago )

what you are disagreeing with. If you are talking about the last sentence, I mean the Sh*t, as in it's good. It's my favorite game. I'm hyped for the new 1. It opens up replayability so much. You have more options to deal with a situation. & if co-op returns, I'll be even happier.

I Call 9MM3895d ago (Edited 3895d ago )

Not only is it (sometimes but often) cheaper to buy the games in the store, they don't take up space on you HDD (come on Microsoft, 5400 RPM 250 Gig laptop drives go for around $100.00 CDN, make them available to us for a decent price) and you can lend them out to your friends or borrow them from them when they're done. Me and my friends are always hesitant to go and download a game when we know we could probably find it in the store. Only rare games get the download treatment (like Indigo Prophecies).

Chaos Theory was damn good too, by the way.

Here, too quick links for cheap HDDs (as examples)


Note, these are 5400 RPM, not 7200 RPM. Those do cost more, but the 360 (and PS3) only use 5400 RPM. Try convincing me the 120 gig currently available is worth over $200.00 CDN.

I Call 9MM3895d ago (Edited 3895d ago )

It would be nice if, for some of these games that came out on multiple platforms (i.e the PC), that they would port the PC version over to the 360 instead of emulate the Xbox version. The emulator has to be tweak anyway to properly play the game right, so why not put that programming effort into porting over a superior version. Not that Chaos Theory on the Xbox looked bad or anything, but the PC version was prettier. Even has support for controllers. That way, we could get true widescreen (on games that don't have it), true 720p (maybe 1080p, doubt it), higher resolution textures, better framerates (easier then emulation on the hardware if the code is native). I'm not saying remake these games or add new content, I'm just saying if the better assets are there, use them.

A few off the top of my head here that fall into this category

Prince of Persia (all 3)
Beyond Good and Evil
Doom 3 and Resurrection of Evil
Halo 2
Brothers in Arms (both
Deus Ex: Invisible War
Dreamfall: The Longest Journey
TCOR: Escape from Butcher's Bay (already being done, but will be retail?)
Splinter Cell series (1-3, and Double Agent but that is already 360. Xbox version a different game though, and not bad either)
Max Payne 1,2
etc... (lots more)

It all comes down to what is easier I guess, porting the Xbox version or recoding the PC version. At least the Xbox versions don't have Starforce "security" on them (Chaos theory did).

Grown Folks Talk3895d ago

more so than the 360 version. A lot longer, & with the ability to still use your skills during the JBA missions. Co-op as well. Deus Ex is 1 of the few games left I wish was compatible. I still have all of the Splinter Cells (favorite series), & NFL 2K5 is compatible now. I've played the original Dreamfall on PC, but mainly I only play card games or stuff like Law & Order on PC so I can't compare the versions.

I Call 9MM3895d ago (Edited 3895d ago )

For a lot of games, it is probably a lot easier to port over the PC version then attempt to properly emulate the Xbox version AND get a decent framerate at the same time, Deus Ex being one of the key games there.

Heck, and why does it just have to be old Xbox games too, why don't developers go ahead and try porting some games that never came out on the Xbox? Why not port the Devil May Cry series over to the 360 as a download, or Metal Gear Solid series (ooh, Sony fanboys would sh#t themselves over that one), the Mega Man X series from the PS2, some more old Dreamcast games, some GameCube games, some PC games (original Call of Duty wasn't too bad, MoH: Allied Assault even), some more PsOne games, anything really. And that doesn't just go for XBL either, PSN and PC download services could get these too. I'm just saying, I haven't played a lot of games that have come out over the years, I wouldn't mind trying some out too on the console that I own.

Grown Folks Talk3895d ago

groups like Sega & Atari would jump on the chance to make some extra $ from Sony, Nintendo, & Microsoft. Maybe some day it will open up. A lot of actual arcade games could come too. I know I would pay for that X-Men side scroller if they did it justice.

I Call 9MM3895d ago

That X-Men game was damn good. Well, I remember it being good anyway, who knows how it compares to something newer but the nostalgia is always there. 400 MS point quick port would suffice probably, not worth a remake.

One more thing, it wouldn't be too bad of an idea either to try and port some of the games being remade for the hand helds to the respective download services as well. Mega Man X (the original) has been remade for the PSP, why not release that on the other services. And there have been several other examples too (like FFIV on the DS). I don't mind each respective system having their own, original content, but when it comes to remakes of classic games, they should spread those around on as many systems as possible, like with Bionic Commando: Rearmed.

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socomnick3895d ago

Chaos theory is better than all the mgs I have ever played. I have played every single mgs and Chaos Theory blew them away.

Obama3895d ago

While this is your opinion, most gamers would disagree with you. I have played chaos theory and it is nothing compared to mgs games. I am not going into the details but it is a pretty boring game with a boring story.

Grown Folks Talk3895d ago

I agree. Every Splinter cell is better than MGS to me, not just Chaos Theory. I actually get to play Splinter Cell instead of watching it. Chaos Theory being the top of the line.

ben hates you3895d ago

"While this is your opinion, most gamers would disagree with you. I have played chaos theory and it is nothing compared to mgs games. I am not going into the details but it is a pretty boring game with a boring story."

that is also your opinion also, and others will say vice versa

so don't go around telling everyone what you think is fact

rucky3895d ago

Well both games obviously has their own approach on the stealth-action genre. Splinter Cell to me took the game to a more serious and realistic story whilst MGS has a more crazier one yet funny but more interesting one. My issue with Splinter Cell is that the game feels more trial and error based. All in all MGS entertained me more than the other.

JasonXE3895d ago

the first metal gear solid (on ps1) and splinter cell won me over. Both with different approaches but great games none the less. The rest of the metal gear and splinter cell series has so far disappointed me, including choas theory. Not saying there weren't good games but just disappointed me with the development of the series from the last. Just my opinion.

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blade2063895d ago

poor man's mgs that's all it is

Ureval3895d ago

Call me a pauper then, Ill take SC over MGS any day.

heyheyhey3895d ago

the last good Splinter Cell

Conviction will suck too, they've changed the formula too much and lost the SC magic- shame

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