Top 5 Original Xbox Games for the 360

Trustygamer writes:

"Here are my top 5 original Xbox games that can be played on the 360. Some people may not have had the original Xbox and may have missed out on these beauties. Some may poo poo these older games as relics and not worthy of the mighty 360, but I fully disagree. These games are great and worth a second or even a first look. Some of these can be downloaded via Xbox Live, but at $20 I would do some bargain bin hunting first."

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topdownshooter3870d ago

The list should have Baldur's Gate.At the very least the 1st one the 2nd one was meh! but give a little love.

CNIVEK3870d ago

...since 2 aren't even platform exclusive. My "Fav Five" (not just BC games) are:

-Thief: Deadly Shadows
-Crimson Skies:HRTR
-Chronicles of Riddick
-Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath

*Honorable mention for Voodoo Vince. :p

Lord Vader3870d ago

Chronicles of Riddick = awesome

They also missed Ninja Gaiden, much love for KOTOR !!!

Grown Folks Talk3870d ago

the GOTY edition of Morrowind compatible I'd scoop it up in a second. Still great in & of itself, but why not use the 1 with the expansions?

gambare3870d ago

I loved Jet set radio for the Xbox

TheKungFool3870d ago

Check your updates bro, the GOTYE Edition of Morrowind definately works on the 360, provided you have a current update.

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Marceles3870d ago

Ah of the most underrated games ever, that game was amazing

IntelligentAj3870d ago

Jade Empire was f***** awesome and is one of my favorite games of all time. I'm gonna get Psychonauts from Gamefly though.

Grown Folks Talk3870d ago

the story really didn't change much for the different characters. Other than being flirted with by a guy/girl, they were generally the same. I did love it though. Apparently there is a sequel in the works for the 360. I wouldn't mind the Shenmue series to be made for the 360 as well.

IntelligentAj3870d ago

Hell i'd definitely buy that for my 360. And Shenmue is long overdue for a sequel...

meepmoopmeep3870d ago (Edited 3870d ago )

Halo 1 (not 2) & Panzer Dragoon Orta were my favorite games last gen on Xbox.
"IMO" Halo got stomped on by CoD4 though and i'd like to see another Panzer game this gen

Grown Folks Talk3870d ago

Halo is some people's mother. Don't be talkin bout their momma. Quickest way to get ignored or to lose bubbles is to badmouth the Halo series or the Playstation brand. = }

meepmoopmeep3870d ago

lol, yeah you're right. i'll edit it to include "IMO".

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