The worst GTA mission ever made

GTA has always been known for two things: crazy random destruction and missions. Okay, there are also activities but that’s another topic. Point is people enjoy GTA because of its freedom to do whatever you want in a virtual city full of vehicles. But what about those missions? Some of them were pretty amazing like that bank robbery mission from GTA 4, but some were also difficult and annoying. And then we have Supply Lines from San Andreas which is by far the worst /most annoying GTA mission ever made.

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Blaze9291747d ago

lol good times. took me awhile to beat it. I was like 12 lol, I remember anytime a game was too hard - boy I got emotionally pissed. Tears flowed on this mission

DigiteX1747d ago

Same here, i totally hated this mission, i was so pissed!

TXIDarkAvenger1747d ago

I was able to beat it at a young age no problem, come back now and it was harder than I imagined. Still beat it but it was much harder then I remembered.

slimeybrainboy1747d ago

And the RC Helicopter, and the RC tank.

Fuck that nerd Zero.

Calvin_ISA1747d ago

And the one on the roof with the mini gun and you protect the towers. Horridly difficult, all of them.

TI_211747d ago

I did as well.
I forgot all about that mission but reading the article the memories are all coming back. It really was that annoying. I even recall landing behind the enemies to kill them conserving fuel. That limit was the most annoying part of the mission.

ATi_Elite1747d ago

YES that is ABSOLUTELY the worst Mission of any game EVER!

As soon as I seen that Red Bi Plane I got a Migraine Headache!

I outta Sue R* for that Broken Mission as it caused me pain and suffering.

UnwanteDreamz1747d ago (Edited 1747d ago )

I forgot all about this one but the picture was enough to remember my frustration. I was over 20 my first time playing these missions and I know I rage quit the whole game at least twice before I beat them. I might have skipped it had I realised I could.

I've never been able to quit playing a game because it was too hard or frustrating but there are games I never could beat. Battletoads I'm looking at you.

3-4-51747d ago

took me probably like 15 tries at least to beat this.

Thank you Rockstar for putting in checkpoints now.

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vivid831747d ago

I thought I was alone in despising this mission

RamsesNum11747d ago

I remember constantly having to restart that mission over and over. I was mouthing the cut-scene before hand like I was the understudy.

FogLight1747d ago

Oh man, I still also remember Vice City's Demolition Man (RC Copter)...Horrible memories right there too :'(

RBlue_Desire1747d ago

It wasn't that hard, after you got used to it.
But I never went past GTA SA, car dancing. (or whatever it is) mission via kb/m...........

I quit playing sa and now i can't even go back due to dated graphics, and controls.

Truth1747d ago (Edited 1747d ago )

I'm currently replaying it to get my GTA fix until Tuesday. If you're talking about the lowrider bounce competitions... Then all you have to do is hit the button right as its entering the circle. I get perfect almost every time now. The only thing that annoys me in GTA:SA is the aiming system.

TotalHitman1747d ago

Vice City's Demolition Man isn't hard. It was when I was a kid, but now I can even do it on a smartphone with touch controls.

DirtyMagician1747d ago

This is the only mission I gave up on and never returned to, still incomplete to this day.

LarVanian1747d ago (Edited 1747d ago )

When San Andreas first came out I struggled immensely with this mission! Seriously it was the hardest mission in the whole game!
I downloaded San Andreas on PSN earlier this year however and managed to pass it on my first go...with the help of an online strategy guide.

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