Xbox One: Microsoft 'Meeting With Japanese Developers'

The head of Microsoft Game Studios, Phil Spencer, will be meeting with Japanese developers while in Japan for Tokyo Game Show.

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GreatGamePlay1552d ago

Meeting With Japanese Developers could be a Lost Odyssey, may they, Dead or Alive, get Extreme, the 3rd time.

Minato-Namikaze1552d ago

Last time the met with japanese developers and got exclusive games they almost killed japanese development single handidly. Any wonder why namco isnt bothering giving them tales anymore?

abzdine1552d ago (Edited 1552d ago )

let's see what comes out of it.
when is their TGS conference starting btw? is it next week?

breakpad1552d ago (Edited 1552d ago )

..i dont know if you mean what i mean but totally agree...that is the reason for which all the multiplatform Jpanese games sucked(ff13,RE5,6,remakeDMC, their exclusive RPG, lost planet 2 (1 was good) etc etc)

UltimateMaster1552d ago (Edited 1552d ago )

Xbox 360 was not a system seller in Japan.
They're more into portable gaming instead.

rainslacker1551d ago

I doubt MS is going to pay for Japanese exclusives for the X1 this time around. The fact it did nothing for them this gen points to that. The fact that it didn't help Japanese developers sell their games means they probably aren't too eager to jump on the X1 ship again.

This kind of meeting is to just discuss these Japanese developers porting their games to the western market, and to help facilitate getting popular games onto the X1. Let's face it, MS doesn't have the best track record trying to get those unique niche games out on their system in the west.

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badz1491552d ago

Here it comes! Let's splash the cash!!

FamilyGuy1552d ago (Edited 1552d ago )

I doubt Phil speaks Japanese so he's probably just there with a check book as money talks and speaks many languages.
Sucks too, MS should just stay out of Japan, everything they touch gets downgraded IMO.

ThanatosDMC1552d ago

I hope they dont go to a meeting in which they get pointed and laughed at... that would be awkward.

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Kayant1552d ago

Hmmm. Maybe we will hear about that exclusive game from platinum games that CBOAT rumoured about some time ago.

AsimLeonheart1552d ago

MS has been "meeting" with Japanese devs for the past decade. First for the Xbox, then Xbox360 and now for Xbone. We all know when they say meeting, they actually mean paying. :-/ They stole all the PS3 exclusives and JRPGs at the start of this gen and killed the JRPGs in the process as each of them flopped on an alien western console; never to return. It did them no good before and it wont do them any good now. Money cant solve everything.

Sitdown1552d ago

So these games were set to launch on the ps3, and then Microsoft made them release them for there system only? I had no idea, can you link to an article so I can further read up on this debacle...

FamilyGuy1552d ago

They made exclusives go multi, devs who focused on the PS were swayed to making 360 ports. FF13 was the biggest but many got moved. The first xbox stole Dead or Alive from PS and kept it for a long time. They bought that Square Enix title Lost Odessy. They got Konami to release Metal Gear Rising. Tekken used to only be on PS, lots of stuff changed this gen.

Shinox1552d ago (Edited 1552d ago )

M$ Job from the start is to kill the gaming Industry including the Japanese one but people these days are too ignorant and stupid to realize that

Japanese games DOES NOT belong to M$ , get it through your stoned head people

Software_Lover1552d ago

That is the dumbest, and funniest, thing I have read today thus far.

Thanks for the laugh

Death1552d ago

I agree that people these days are too ignorant and stupid. Not sure about the rest of what you said though.

Magicite1551d ago

Thats the reason I hate Xbox and will never own it. They ruined my favourite genre with their cheap hardware and ill mentality.

rainslacker1551d ago

I think MS assumed that JRPG was the only genre the Japanese cared about. They assumed that western gamers who loved JRPG on the PS2 would flock to their system because they had some big ones.

I'm fine that they want to get exclusive content, but the fact they didn't realize that it's not just JPRG's that many people like, but the Japanese style of games as a whole that they like.

It was a wasted effort on MS part. MS didn't kill JRPG, it's still alive and kicking.

Unfortunately, Japanese publishers feel they have to make their games for a predominately western audience, and that is killing JRPG's. I'm hoping with the strong sales of games like Ni No Kuni, Persona, or Tales of Xillia, that Japanese publishers realize that their games should be what they are, and not made to cater to a audience which isn't it's target.

Otherwise, we can always rely on the mobile gaming space to provide us with plenty of great JRPG's. So far MS hasn't gotten their grubby hands on that market yet.

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YNWA961552d ago

They could make an NRA sanctioned hunting game... will sell well on both sides...

ThanatosDMC1552d ago

As long as it's not like all those Cabela's games.

jairusmonillas1552d ago

It's pointless cause everybody already knows whoever they paid it's just going to be timed exclusive.

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