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Submitted by Lavalamp 810d ago | news

Xbox One: Microsoft 'Meeting With Japanese Developers'

The head of Microsoft Game Studios, Phil Spencer, will be meeting with Japanese developers while in Japan for Tokyo Game Show. (Industry, Phil Spencer)

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GreatGamePlay  +   810d ago
Meeting With Japanese Developers could be a Lost Odyssey, may they, Dead or Alive, get Extreme, the 3rd time.
Minato-Namikaze  +   810d ago
Last time the met with japanese developers and got exclusive games they almost killed japanese development single handidly. Any wonder why namco isnt bothering giving them tales anymore?
abzdine  +   810d ago
let's see what comes out of it.
when is their TGS conference starting btw? is it next week?
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breakpad  +   810d ago
..i dont know if you mean what i mean but totally agree...that is the reason for which all the multiplatform Jpanese games sucked(ff13,RE5,6,remakeDMC, their exclusive RPG, lost planet 2 (1 was good) etc etc)
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UltimateMaster  +   810d ago
Xbox 360 was not a system seller in Japan.
They're more into portable gaming instead.
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rainslacker  +   810d ago
I doubt MS is going to pay for Japanese exclusives for the X1 this time around. The fact it did nothing for them this gen points to that. The fact that it didn't help Japanese developers sell their games means they probably aren't too eager to jump on the X1 ship again.

This kind of meeting is to just discuss these Japanese developers porting their games to the western market, and to help facilitate getting popular games onto the X1. Let's face it, MS doesn't have the best track record trying to get those unique niche games out on their system in the west.
badz149  +   810d ago
Here it comes! Let's splash the cash!!
FamilyGuy  +   810d ago
I doubt Phil speaks Japanese so he's probably just there with a check book as money talks and speaks many languages.
Sucks too, MS should just stay out of Japan, everything they touch gets downgraded IMO.
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Magicite  +   810d ago
MS is like cancer
ThanatosDMC  +   810d ago
I hope they dont go to a meeting in which they get pointed and laughed at... that would be awkward.
Kayant  +   810d ago
Hmmm. Maybe we will hear about that exclusive game from platinum games that CBOAT rumoured about some time ago.
AsimLeonheart  +   810d ago
MS has been "meeting" with Japanese devs for the past decade. First for the Xbox, then Xbox360 and now for Xbone. We all know when they say meeting, they actually mean paying. :-/ They stole all the PS3 exclusives and JRPGs at the start of this gen and killed the JRPGs in the process as each of them flopped on an alien western console; never to return. It did them no good before and it wont do them any good now. Money cant solve everything.
Tapani  +   810d ago
Sitdown  +   810d ago
So these games were set to launch on the ps3, and then Microsoft made them release them for there system only? I had no idea, can you link to an article so I can further read up on this debacle...
FamilyGuy  +   810d ago
They made exclusives go multi, devs who focused on the PS were swayed to making 360 ports. FF13 was the biggest but many got moved. The first xbox stole Dead or Alive from PS and kept it for a long time. They bought that Square Enix title Lost Odessy. They got Konami to release Metal Gear Rising. Tekken used to only be on PS, lots of stuff changed this gen.
Shinox  +   810d ago
M$ Job from the start is to kill the gaming Industry including the Japanese one but people these days are too ignorant and stupid to realize that

Japanese games DOES NOT belong to M$ , get it through your stoned head people
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Software_Lover  +   810d ago
That is the dumbest, and funniest, thing I have read today thus far.

Thanks for the laugh
Death  +   810d ago
I agree that people these days are too ignorant and stupid. Not sure about the rest of what you said though.
Magicite  +   810d ago
Thats the reason I hate Xbox and will never own it. They ruined my favourite genre with their cheap hardware and ill mentality.
rainslacker  +   810d ago
I think MS assumed that JRPG was the only genre the Japanese cared about. They assumed that western gamers who loved JRPG on the PS2 would flock to their system because they had some big ones.

I'm fine that they want to get exclusive content, but the fact they didn't realize that it's not just JPRG's that many people like, but the Japanese style of games as a whole that they like.

It was a wasted effort on MS part. MS didn't kill JRPG, it's still alive and kicking.

Unfortunately, Japanese publishers feel they have to make their games for a predominately western audience, and that is killing JRPG's. I'm hoping with the strong sales of games like Ni No Kuni, Persona, or Tales of Xillia, that Japanese publishers realize that their games should be what they are, and not made to cater to a audience which isn't it's target.

Otherwise, we can always rely on the mobile gaming space to provide us with plenty of great JRPG's. So far MS hasn't gotten their grubby hands on that market yet.
YNWA96  +   810d ago
They could make an NRA sanctioned hunting game... will sell well on both sides...
ThanatosDMC  +   810d ago
As long as it's not like all those Cabela's games.
jairusmonillas  +   810d ago
It's pointless cause everybody already knows whoever they paid it's just going to be timed exclusive.
N4GBeVerySmart   810d ago | Spam
Shinox  +   810d ago
This blind exclusivity deals from M$ on Japanese devs pissing me off a lot
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EXVirtual  +   810d ago
Not to mention the money bags for making games multiplats. They'll just hold back the Japanese games as well.
N4GBeVerySmart   810d ago | Spam
DEEBO  +   810d ago
epic fail,they are not going to buy the xone in japan.really MS?what do they think is going to change.oh we are going give sumo live t.v,only on xbox1.
CRAIG667  +   810d ago
wow ignorant not to mention inadvertently racist.
DEEBO  +   810d ago
it's not that serious dude.i love all's the character of you're personality not the color of your skin that defines you.
RytGear  +   810d ago
Not really racist seeing as Sumo Wrestling is a widely watched sport in Japan and very similar to American Football in America and Football in Europe.
SynestheticRoar  +   810d ago
Japanese man. RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!
jonboi24  +   810d ago
I can't see any reason a Japanese development should make a Xbone exclusive game. At least PS4 has much more global and domestic appeal than Xbone. Unless MS makes it rain cash and we all know they will try then I advice them to stick with multiplat games.
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Foxgod  +   810d ago
Now that MS got a japanese 1st party developer (MS Osaka) the communication and quality assurance for third party deals should also be a lot better.
Minato-Namikaze  +   810d ago
But still nobody in japan wants a Xbox........
Foxgod  +   810d ago
Believe it or not, but people in the west also enjoy playing J-rpg's.
Now who could create rpg's for the X1?
Obviously the Japanese.

So does it matter if the Japanese dont want the X1? no it doesnt, as westerners have plenty of interest in RPG's.
Minato-Namikaze  +   810d ago
I enjoy J-rpg's more than any other genre. Which is why I go with Sony and nintendo consoles. I'm in the USA BTW
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Foxgod  +   810d ago
Then you missed a lot of rpg's, as there where plenty on the 360.
rainslacker  +   810d ago
Unless he brought every single one, he probably missed out on even more JRPG's on the PS3. If he doesn't have a 3DS he is missing out on a lot as well. MS JRPG support was great at the beginning, and almost made me get one, but since then, where exactly is that JRPG support he's missing out on?

MS believed that JRPG support would have the Japanese flocking to their system. The fact they got exclusive games from SE, and got FF13 on their system shows that they believe just throwing out a few token gestures would sell their system.

That's a huge difference than actually focusing efforts on Japanese gaming as a whole, because I would wager, like Minato, Japanese gamers also play more than just JRPG's. When MS starts catering to every taste, by offering all those unique genre's with as much fervency as they did JRPG's, then maybe Japan will take them seriously.
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Minato-Namikaze  +   810d ago
I play more games than Jrpg's, its just that they are my favorite. 360 had a couple but nothing that made want to run out and buy system. Plus coupled with the game support they had the last 4 years, and wanting to focus heavily on media and kinect next gen, i dont feel as though i'm missing much.
breakpad  +   810d ago
Xb 360 and its need for japanese games destroyed current -previous generation of japanese made games...Japanese developers off course couldnt let big IPS go exclusive to XBOX but they made them to have appealing for xbox fans so they destroed them(AKA RE5,6,DMC,all exclusives Jrpg for XBOX,FF13,Lost PLanet after the first, Everdead, etc etc
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FullMetalTech  +   810d ago
After seeing this weeks 360 numbers in Japan at 201 units sold i would rethink the strategy going in with Japan. Sony and Nintendo have a strong foothold on that region and im not sure they will take to the X1 as much as the other consoles.
True_Samurai  +   810d ago
Maybe they want to try some Japanese titles for the x1 I miss jrpg
baodeus  +   810d ago
How have JRPG fair outside of Japan compare to just in Japan?
How J games (especially JRPG) exclusive to PS doing outside of Japan?
Which platform get more support in J, PS or Nintendo?
Do u think J developers themselves dont want to expand their demographic?
Do you think J developers are behind western dev in software (graphic engine) development for HD gaming?
You guys don't think that the gaming industry has shifted toward more western (including RPG department, which Japan was known for) due to western development EFFORT within these recent years?
you dont think that game genra has also shifted toward more FPS, which Sony themselves gravitate toward with their large FPS library (kz, resistance, MAG, that stupid game made by UBISoft, etc...)?
If Sony want to support Japan developer, why didn't they support them in develoPing JRPG in the beginning of the gen or even now (most JRPG games dont tend to localized outside of Jpan) and support in exposing those games to a broader audiences rather than just in Japan?

Do people on here ever try to put thing into perspective or use their brain for once instead spewing bias BS on a daily bases?
EXVirtual  +   810d ago
I don't know why they're evn bothering.
Tales of Vesperia did so badly on the 360 (before Japan started showing more interest in the mobile market as well), that Namco had to make it on PS4. Not to mention the moneybags they've been pulling with the XBO. Barely anyone is gonna buy KH3 and FFXV on PS4.
bligmerk  +   810d ago
Talk about too little, too late. So far, MS has stated their Tier 1 countries for the XBone launch, then adjusted the launch for Tier 2 countries and Japan isn't even in that Tier 2 list. Right now, there isn't a Japan launch being talked about at all. So now, they are shopping for Japanese devs for the XBone? Shouldn't this have started two years ago, so they would have titles in progress? Now, if they make any kind of deal, it is at least two to three years before there are finished games ready for retail. Guess MS has to do something, but this really seems like a limp effort. What a contrast to all the crowing and smirks when they were making a big deal about winning Japan with the 360 launch. By the time MS launches the XBone in Japan late in 2014, nobody is going to care.
izumo_lee  +   810d ago
Again Microsoft is gonna try & try again to win over the Japanese market but no matter how many times they attempt to do so, in the end it will be a lost cause. Simply put the Japanese market just isn't too fond of the Xbox brand. The Xbox in Japan is like the Vita in a sense, a system for the niche audience with a dedicated fanbase.

Microsoft is gonna try to 'acquire' big name titles to sway Japanese gamers to their system like they did with the XB360 however they will find out again that it will once again be a waste of their time & resources.
rainslacker  +   810d ago
I doubt these meetings are to get that exclusive content again. It did nothing for them the first time. This is about getting the bigger Japanese developers to get their games stateside, possibly as exclusives/timed exclusives. I doubt highly they're going to focus on a single genre as a all-in-one solution.

To put it in perspective, think about how they had Kojima on stage for MGS5 at E3, or had a huge reveal for FF13 on 360 a while back. It's token gestures, and misleading PR to try and sway those that care about Japanese games to buy their system. I think MS only cares about the big games. They aren't going to throw money at the smaller games which have no big name behind them like they did with the 360.

To those that already care enough, they know that for the most part, any game of major "importance" will be multi-plat, and that exclusives will likely stay on PS3 or Nintendo, since those systems are much more adopted in the home country where they're being made.
#18.1 (Edited 810d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Ripsta7th  +   810d ago
You guys are idiots ,if Japanesse developers went multi is because they wanted that extra cash,now we see MS being blamed? Wtf is wrong w u guys? Seriously
XboxFun  +   810d ago
Good news, I hope MS is able to get a lot of Japanese devs on board.

It doesn't matter if the Xbox doesn't sell in Japan what does matter is that the Xbox One gets a lot of great Japanese games for all to enjoy.
walkincarpet  +   810d ago
hope to hear good news. While Xbox had few games from Japan Lost Odyssey was the best JRPG this gen and will be a timeless gem.
strickers  +   809d ago
Xbox " We are talking to devs"
PlayStation " Here are another 15 games we've arranged months/ years ago with devs we've SPOKEN to"

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