M16A3 removed from Battlefield 4 multiplayer, DICE confirms

M16A3 removed from Battlefield 4 multiplayer, DICE confirms

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pandehz1924d ago

Uh oh DICE not supporting noobs anymore.

ovnipc1924d ago

I think its a M16A4 or I may be wrong, M4A4 its the new standard Carbine Of the US Army they stop production of M16 long time ago. I wish they would add an AK 47 russian folding stock wook and black, no camo no ak blah blah, no just ak 47 color black ith wood, simple. My all time favorite and the G36.

b163o11924d ago

Sad to see it leave, I know I killed a lot of people with mine, but I've moved to the AN-94, and I keep hearing "too much recoil" but I've learned to master the recoil and I wouldn't swap it for another for the time being

BF4 bundle!!

HeavenlySnipes1924d ago

The gun wasn't even that good lol
I primarily used the F2000

titletownrelo1924d ago

I'm okay with them taking away the m16a3, as long as they replace it with a new gun... how about the xm8??? :D

ATi_Elite1924d ago

"M16A3 removed from Battlefield 4 multiplayer, DICE confirms"

Throws kb/m across the room "That's Bullcrap, what am I gonna use now"?

turns head and smiles at M4 "Your my baby now" LMAO

omi25p1924d ago

Il stick with my L8 Assault rifle

KazHiraiFTW1924d ago

G3A3 is so beast f**k the M16A3.

7.62x51mm is for real men anything smaller is reserved for pussies

T21923d ago

Meh I use A91 , acwr, mtar, p90 , aek, m40a5 , m7 , anything u put in my hands ... Never used that gun, dont care . I hear its so good but never noticed I got killed by it consistently so therefore dont care

MRMagoo1231923d ago

I am gonna just stick with what ever gun i have on , i play engineer and sniper so i dont think i would have even used a m16 lol

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MWong1924d ago (Edited 1924d ago )

I don't get the controversy. Yea, the M16A3 was the best all around gun in BF3. Then it got patched along with the M416 and the M416 crushed it in every aspect.

I agree, but take it a step further allow stocks to be customizable for all weapons. I wonder how they are going to handle the G36 since they nerfed it's ROF.

Kleptic1924d ago

what? The m16A3 was one of the only guns in the game to not get drastically messed with through out BF3's life span...

Its not even a debate...if you ever played a platoon match on an infantry-centric map (bazaar, Seine,...metro...)...there was NO alternative to the M16A3 after the last bit of patching...of course there were the rogue guys that thought there were being cool by using something else, but if you followed symthic and knew the fundamentals of the actual weapons instead of intangible 'feel'...the m16A3 was, by far, the most advantageous weapon in multiple situations...with very few draw backs...

least recoil, highest accuracy, 2nd to longest range, in the top for bullet speed, and in the top 3 for cadence...Shortest in AR reload time, which was faster than some pistols...Its time to kill was a few ms lower than the famas, aek, and f2000...but far superior accuracy, recoil, overall ease of use...that was never a tangible con...

THEDON82z11924d ago

SKS ALL DAY FOREGRIP, Holograpghic SCOPE, and silencer...garanteed killsALL-DAY....Approaching 15,000 kills and counting!!!!!

JetsFool35001923d ago

Ive seen the lastest build on bf4 & the m416 looks like its better the m16a3

awi59511924d ago

Its BF2 all over again players bitched about the M16 back then and got it removed.

3-4-51924d ago

I mainly used the M416 anyways.

I don't like the M16 in any FPS game. Just not my style.

I'd rather manually burst fire and control my own shots than have the gun do it for me.

More more variety that way.

Gigaguy7771924d ago

Taking out a versatile weapon means they don't support noobs. Totally makes sense, like making a fish and drywall sandwich.

brich2331923d ago

They are removing it, but it will come back as dlc i Bet

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GodGinrai1924d ago

I use the M416, because I thought it was better than the M16. Im suprised to hear that people thought it was over powered.

HeyImBen111924d ago (Edited 1924d ago )

Suprised? Lol. The M16 is the best allrounder weapon in BF3 and is one of the most used weapon in the whole game. It wasn't OP, but it was good in any situation. The last 10 games i played, 70% of the whole enemy team ran around with this weapon :(.

Trunkz Jr1924d ago

Bad Mistake DICE. It used to be the top tier weapon but The new OP weapon is the M416. Why? Kobra, Foregrip, Heavy Barrel and shoot it in bursts of 5 = No Recoil gun.

GodGinrai1924d ago

lol, that sucks. Usually I get killed by snipers or tanks...cant say I have any problem dealing with most infantry regardless of what weapon they have..unless of course its a sniper picking me off from a distance where my M416 cant return the favour.

@Trunkz I have to dissagree about the M416 being overpowered..maybe its lag but I still have to put quiet a few slugs in enemy players to put them down.

Trunkz Jr1924d ago

@ The realness


Thats my friend in a TDM. I'll tell you right now once you try it and figure out the feel to the 5 shot bursts you'll understand.

GodGinrai1924d ago your freind that marlborough guy? If so, that is a very impressive K/D...and your gonna hate me for saying this...but thanks for the tip!I am intruged to tey that lay out now!

I usually just go with grenadelauncher/foregrip and red dot sight. I keep it fully auto but fire in bursts.and squad suppress fire perk.

please dont be mad at me! but you know how it goes on battlefield. ;)

3-4-51924d ago

@ Trunks- Using the forgrip on the 416 actually makes it worse and less accurate.

How don't you know that?

theContortionist1923d ago

It is the default weapon so it makes sense that it is more common people start unlocking attachments right away and they stick with it instead of having to start over with a new gun.

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xReDeMpTiOnx1924d ago (Edited 1924d ago )

As a top clan in bf3 on ps3 the op guns were as followed

First it was the Famas being horribly op then it went to laser pew pew m16 then to the bullet spewing Aek


Dice needs to learn to stop balancing and tweaking guns that never needed to be touched in first place. So what if not everyone uses it.

I stopped playing the game when I was maxed out and they made that m416 op

pandehz1924d ago

Aek is my fav gun in BF3.

xReDeMpTiOnx1924d ago

Aek was perfectly fine. They shouldn't of even touched it from the initial stock aek.

The only guns I really got annoyed about was the m26 dart and Famas.

I remember being the guy that started the dart thing lmao way back on ps3 when no one knew lol

fossilfern1924d ago

Famas wasn't OP the thing went everywhere but if you knew how to use it then it was a beast. It's was fantastic for close battles

Kleptic1924d ago

if you're saying the Famas was never OP, you simply never used it when B2K came was patched just a month or so later, so its reign didn't last as long as something like the usas w/ frags did...but at B2K's was simply ridiculous...

grip, holo, looking back...DICE even admitted there was a recoil reduction bug, as well as a damage bug with the above set up...the FAMAS didn't have a decrease to bullet speed, or distance, and therefor the damage modifier in place when using a suppressor...1000 rounds/min out to 980 meters with pinpoint accuracy...all with nearly complete silence could drop anyone without trying, the only time you'd ever get killed when carrying one was because of the 4 second reload...

SnotyTheRocket1923d ago

RPK-74M is the best gun in BF3, hands down.

TekoIie1924d ago (Edited 1924d ago )

Since the M4 is a universal class weapon it shouldn't bother anyone too much :)

Kleptic1924d ago

that the burst fire variant...its in bf3 already, too...just no one uses it...