'Sexy time' the basis for GTA 5 Online character creation

GTA Online's character creation tool is based on the real life principles of making kids, Rockstar North president Leslie Benzies has told Game Informer.

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ThatEnglishDude1681d ago

"I've always felt character creators in games to be a bit wacky - pulling the ears and noses to change the way they look seems wrong," explained Benzies. "That's not how humans are made in the real world. Normally it involves a man, a woman, and some sexy time.

"This is the basis of how we do it in Grand Theft Auto Online: Choose your mum, dad, and grandparents, then out pops your character."

"You then spend time choosing your lifestyle, making choices about the kinds of things your character spends time doing, whether they spend more time partying or sitting on the couch or doing criminal activities than sleeping and being athletic - and your character is complete,"

Wow. This sounds really...original. o_O

NarooN1681d ago

Grand Theft Auto V: The Real Life Simulator

paul-p19881681d ago

That sounds pretty damn sweet! GTA meets the Sims, i like it!

BattleTorn1681d ago (Edited 1681d ago )

Except you can't delete the ladder once they're in the pool :P



Oh, can't I? They had confirmed some level os destruction on environments and I have a rocket launcher... Let's see how that pool ladder holds on.

ajax171680d ago (Edited 1680d ago )

after reading that about the character creation:

ATi_Elite1680d ago

a lot of GTAV articles but I have yet to hear about the most important feature of GTAV.....The Hookers!!

Have the Hookers been upgraded? Gamers every where wanna know!

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CaptainPunch1681d ago

Haha sounds awesome, going to have to do some experimenting then.

MacTastic1681d ago

All this great new info about the game just makes it harder and harder to wait 6 days. Rockstar just keeps making this game better and better.

BattleTorn1681d ago (Edited 1681d ago )

Rockstar: Character creation is based on "heritage."

N4G: Characters creation based on "sexy time."

RE_L_MAYER1681d ago

Well I will be waiting for the best looking breeders out there so I can make a hot mamasita

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