8 PS4 games that need a Sony Oculus Rift virtual reality headset

OPM: With on going rumours of Sony working on an Oculus Rift style headset we lay out eight next-gen titles that could make interesting use of virtual reality on PlayStation 4.

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Mario181110d ago (Edited 1110d ago )

The Evil Within

'Nuff said

I would probably poop waaay past my pants if I played this on the headset

XtraTrstrL1110d ago

Oh God, Evil Within O-R support would cause heart conditions.


Mirrors Edge is a no brainer, I agree. Would be super cool being at such high elevation and running 'n jumping roof to roof while fully immersed in the environment and free to turn your head and look anywhere as you move.

HeyImBen111110d ago

evil within is 3rd person, which is not that good for oculus

I_am_Batman1110d ago

I'd say Outlast instead of the evil within.

dredgewalker1110d ago

Definitely but I'm sure that game with an occulus is a sure fire way to destroy your living room :)

Brix901110d ago

I see the oculus working more for First person games some of the games mentioned are third person.

starchild1110d ago

3rd person games work surprisingly well in the Rift. I know this from first hand experience with the dev unit. But here is a video to give you some idea of how it works.

Brix901110d ago

Nice vid thanks. Definitely gave me a better perspective of how it would look.

IamGeralt1110d ago

VR headset worked more on 1st person game.

MisfitsInc1110d ago

i can see Mirrors Edge causing some major motion sickness

starchild1110d ago

Mirror's Edge already works on the Rift on PC using the Vireio Perception drivers, and it feels amazing.

It can take some getting used to just like any fast moving game in VR, but it works quite well. I didn't get sick playing it. But I'm not very prone to motion sickness. It might bother some people that are more sensitive.

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