Argentina selling PlayStation 4 for over $1000 USD

Argentina just found out the price of the PlayStation 4 there...

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iamnsuperman1687d ago

I know Brazil prices are much higher mainly because of piracy so I wonder if that is a reason too (along with tax)

nick3091687d ago

It isnt because of piracy. Its because of shippment costs and taxes. How does piracy have anything to do Lol.

theWB271687d ago

If that were the case wouldn't America's prices be just as high? I'd think who's pirating a full system(Hardware)and from where?

I want to know how to pirate hardware!

BlindGuardian1686d ago

I’m from Argentina and I already preorder the ps4 and while the numbers on this article are correct the situation is a little more complicated and in the end the actual cost is around 750 dollars or so

What’s happening is that the official conversion rate is around 5,59 and that’s what gets you to around 1170 but no one can buy dollars ate that rate, it,s just a bogus rate that the government keeps artificially low in order to pay less of foreign debt but banks won’t sell to anyone at thAt rate

The dollar that can be bought is called blue and it’s like a black market and that,s what’s. used to calculated the cost of any imported goods and that one is around 9,30 right now, so 6500 divided by the real dollar rate is like 730 or so depending on the day, for me that’s like 3 weeks pay

3-4-51686d ago

@ Blind - Thanks for actual knowledge. Didn't know that happened.

Nekroo911687d ago

what are you talking about?! its all about taxes and shipment.i think the minimum wage in brasil is 600 reais and a ps4 will cost 2200 , its even way higher than the medium wage.

with those prices who can actually afford piracy? even a system to actually pirate something

Stsonic1687d ago (Edited 1687d ago )

I would have thought that no more than 5% PS3 consoles have been modified with custom firmware to allow piracy (probably less)

So your knowledge on this subject is wrong. Sony make it extremely hard to hack there consoles these days. The ps3 was hacked through one weakness in firmware 3.55 and was quickly patched.

On the other hand you could buy any Xbox and hack it with a PC. Then they turn around and say piracy is killing us when in actual fact they are not putting up the security required to prevent these measures.

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Bakkies1687d ago

In South Africa it's $600, it's because of import tax and middlemen, such as Ster Kinekor. My condolences to Argentina, get payed less and expected to pay more.

Animal Mutha 761687d ago

Ouch. Another reason the Falkland islanders wish to remain British!

God save the Queen!

sweendog1687d ago

Here here! The falkland Island bellonged to britain before argentina even existed!

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