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Pictures of the New PCH-2000 PS Vita Model Show New LCD Screen, Comparison with Old PS Vita and 3DS

Pictures of the new PS Vita Model exhibited in stores in Japan are appearing on twitter, putting its form factor and the new LCD screen in direct comparison with the old PS Vita model and even a 3DS XL. (3DS, PS Vita)

Update Added another comparison shot using Uncharted: Golden Abyss

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boybato  +   618d ago
Dat OLED. :p
Abriael  +   618d ago
the new LCD is definitely a little less bright and a bit more with a yellowish tint, but it's still WAY better than a 3DS...
The_Infected  +   618d ago
Man the OLED Vita looks way better than the new LCD Vita. Dropping OLED was a stupid idea.
Vitalogy  +   618d ago
I've said in other thread and still think this new model has a cheaper plastic look :\ also, don't you guys have the impression that its like 3 separatted pieces put together? The display borders make it feel like that for me.

Also we can barely notice any size difference between them.
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bunfighterii  +   618d ago

Agree the OLED looks way better, but the LCD is a cost cut, plain and simple. They need to start selling these things in respectable numbers, and make money off them at the same time. If you weren't holding the original and the slim side by side, you wouldn't notice.

A friend once said to me a while ago, when it comes to Sony hardware, always be an early adopter. Sony make high quality hardware, and always pull out the stops when they introduce a new product. Glad I got my launch day Vita with it's beautiful OLED :D
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SilentNegotiator  +   618d ago
They should have dropped the price to $180 if they're going to go LCD. Then they could have competed all the better with 3DS. Then again, I'm sure the $50 price cut was already in preparation for this move, so they probably can't afford to slash it another $20.

Man, OLED sure blasts LCD out of the water in terms of color.
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abzdine  +   618d ago
OLED screen quality is on another level..
i'm happy i'm a first gen owner.

But i am not sure i can notice a difference if i dont have the same game running on both SKUs at the same time, which is something no one ever does.

Second model is also cheaper, so it's a win win situation.
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Ritsujun  +   618d ago
Did you just mention Nintendawg's 3DSinker?
scissor_runner  +   618d ago
price isnt the problem! games are! come on sony the vita tv was greatbp but this is just bad!. so now we are gonna have to play dual screen on the ps4 with this crap! wtf!

please sell both oled and lcd... so when sony starts their gamepad plan we have better hardware.

dont be so desperate that you hurt sales... pull a 2ds and sell both ok.
UltimateMaster  +   618d ago
They had no other choice but to drop the OLED because it was too expensive to make.

But I think they're going to keep both models for a while, but I'm not entirely sure about it.

So, you'd better pick a Vita up before it's too late!
ShinMaster  +   618d ago
Screen looks good:
swice  +   618d ago
I love the screen on my 3DS XL. It's comforting to the eyes
guitarded77  +   617d ago
The new screen looks good, but the original OLED has better color. I don't think the new screen looks bad, and most people will be happy with it. But the new design looks cheaper... especially the start and select buttons, and the power buttons on top if the Vita. But you do what you gotta do to cut the cost. I think if anyone is gonna get a Vita, they should do it while the OLED models are still available. I'm thinking about picking up a new one since I have a scratch on my screen. It's not a bad scratch, but it bugs me that it's there sometimes.
gpturbo81  +   617d ago
looks wont do shit. it'll still sell less
Raccoon  +   618d ago
The contrast, color saturation and detail is a lot better on the original psvita, the new model has a yellow hue and the image looks blurred when compared....
Thisisjuju  +   618d ago
I prefer the old vita in about every way. Looks more stylish, better screen and I actually prefer a device with a weighty feel.

However I must admit I do envy the extra hour of battery life on the new vita :X
itBourne  +   618d ago
I thought the same thing seeing the ragnarok ace screen, but its taken with a camera at an event, look at the Uncharted comparison, you would not even be able to tell which was what. Would like some more comparisons before I go blasting the screen to hell...
tigertom53  +   618d ago
am sure they dropped oled because of the cost..
Underworld  +   618d ago
Just bought a Vita. Very happy with it so far.

Is this model supposed to replace the older one, or are they both going to be sold side by side?
TwinDad  +   618d ago
It will be side to side for a few months or until the old stock is sold out. Then it will be the new model going forward. Look to the PSP for sales guidance on availability.
user5575708  +   617d ago
yea its a shame though the OLED looks much better than the LCD. I really didn't think it mattered that much until i saw the pics.

however better battery life, 1GB memory and usb data port are pretty nice

seems like they abandoned 3g all-together
hkgamer  +   617d ago
well... didnt really drop oled since it never really had oled.... they had samsung amoled screens which were kinda cheap compared to oled....

amoled is full off over satuated colors.

i'd like to see the lcd screen in person. probably a better screen than the original vita tbh....

i like my xperia z screen more than my vita. but thats a personal choice.
come_bom  +   618d ago
Sony is doing with the Vita the same thing they did with the PS3.

- PS3 slim is better then the PS3 slim(er) latest version.

- PS Vita (older) is better then the latest PS Vita.

Instead of improving their hardware, they release "cheaper" versions of their hardware with less quality...

Shame on you Sony.
FullMetalTech  +   618d ago
You cant blame them if they want to reduce cost and invest that money they save on LCD.
Blastoise  +   618d ago
This way though, they can appeal to a broader audience (due to lower price) and not have screwed over the original Vita fanbase with a new Vita that's better in every way

It's the same as the 2DS, it's all about making it cheaper. Except this isn't quite as drastic a change.

Let's be honest the OLED screen is definitely better but to a random consumer the cheaper one with a slightly less vibrant screen will look more appealing.
warczar  +   618d ago
your right about sony releasing "cheaper" versions of there hardware, your wrong about the first slimline PS3 though. That version of the PS3 was a total piece of shit. It's the only PS3 that I've seen fail. My friend had one that refused to play NBA 2k, that's right, it would play everything under the sun but when we tried to play 2k it said fuck that.

Now if your talking the original 600 dollar PS3 then yes, those things are tanks. It's just too bad it didn't have that unified pool of ram, then maybe it would have outsold the 360 and then we wouldn't have these cheap assed versions of the PS3 we have today.
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thereapersson  +   618d ago
Shame on Sony for releasing great hardware that nobody buys namely due to cost so they cut costs to reduce the price and get more people to buy?
ziggurcat  +   618d ago
@ blastoise:

"Let's be honest the OLED screen is definitely better but to a random consumer the cheaper one with a slightly less vibrant screen will look more appealing."

vibrant does not necessarily mean better. because vibrant usually means boosted contrast.

i would kill to be able to calibrate my vita screen to get it closer to D65.
3-4-5  +   618d ago
Hopefully I can grab a first gen version at some point in the next 2-5 months. The colors on that OLED screen are noticeably sharper or more true I guess.
xtremeimport  +   617d ago
What I like most about the new Vita is how the bubbled the Start, Select and PS buttons. I find them rather annoying to click. But it looks like they took away the back lit feature of them.

I love my original vita, the only thing i would change for is the different colours..other than that I am content with my OLED version.
Xer0_SiN  +   617d ago
i agree. after seeing them side by side, i cant help but feel fortunate i grabbed mine on black fridays amazon lightning sale.
josephayal  +   618d ago
imo the lcd screen looks 3x better
Abriael  +   618d ago
You must like yellow :D
ziggurcat  +   618d ago
actually, it's warmer, not "yellow".

i don't know if you've ever calibrated your TV, but it's supposed to look "warm" with a lower contrast, not bright or "cool". the problem i have with these devices is the fact that they're not properly calibrated (often high-contrast, that results in colours "popping", but the reality being that it shouldn't be that way).

i really wish there was a way i could calibrate my vita screen, honestly.

edit: so to me (based on the photos in the article), the newer LCD screen looks better because it looks closer to what a nice, calibrated screen should look like.
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Khronikos  +   618d ago
That is debateable. It looks actually warmer than D65 in that shot. Who knows though? The OLED should have been able to be calibrated as that looks much too cold.

The thing for me is that LED/LCD only works when you have full backlighting and local dimming. Otherwise their blacks are generally quite mediocre. We will see though. Small screens are easier to make darker.
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3-4-5  +   618d ago
It seems like Sony stuff always has a yellow tint to it.

I noticed a decent amount of playstation games that have a yellow tint to it when it should be more clear or white.

Wonder if it's just the tech.

The new Vita still does look awesome though.
strifeblade  +   617d ago

Never calibrate videogames similar to tv settings. That D6500 is meaningless and all you are doing is taking the color right out of the videogames.

In reality videogames should be a neutral/ slightly cool settings. Lastly movies obey the same color code thats why generally d6500 works but videogames have no set color code and vary wildly between developers therefore you will never get color accuracy and in using the 6500 you will be even more inaccurate. i made the same mistake once upon a time.

I have a lot of experience calibrating for videogames on samsung, lg, sony, sharp (some experience for movies), most important is to nail the contrast and brightness settings cool picture preffered (depends on videogame if deadspace go neutral, if bright and colorful like far cry go cool.)
sobotz  +   618d ago
If you means better than 3DS's LCD, then yes. But if you means it's better than Vita's gen 1 OLED, you must check your eyes
Ritsujun  +   618d ago
CRAIG667  +   618d ago
The colour on the new one look ok but rubbish in comparison to the original
Cryptcuzz  +   618d ago
Not liking the fact that it has a yellow ish tint to the colors. I am wondering if its do to one being set to a higher brightness setting and the 2000 was not?

Need more accurate comparisons to make a final judgement on whether to get the new one or keep the original one. I like how the new one is thinner, lighter, an hour longer battery, and has better start and select buttons.
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Abriael  +   618d ago
a slightly yellowish tint is a characteristic of LCD screens I'm afraid, so that's most probably an accurate shot.
Cryptcuzz  +   618d ago
The site just added a new image with Uncharted: GA

It doesn't seem to have much of a difference on that picture for some odd reason...must see more in depth comparisons.

If I were to get one, I am contemplating on getting either a white one or one of those newer brighter colors.
Abriael  +   618d ago
I'm "The site" lol :D

The yellowish tint shows there as well. It's just harder to see because the scene is fairly yellow as well.

That one is a good comparison for definition, since the scene is complex, and the LCD behaves quite well there.
WhiskyWhiskers  +   618d ago

LCD is looks better. If you seriously are going to say the OLED looks better than the LCD in UC, you are lying to yourself.

Just look at that.
narked  +   618d ago
Ye with the flash from the photo it sure does. OLED is better full stop.
strickers  +   618d ago
Rubbish. Motion will be worse on LCD too.
moparful99  +   617d ago
Except the flash from your camera ruined the clarity of the photo.. Amateur.
PsychOff  +   617d ago
Why would the flash change the entire color of the OLED? Are you people dumb or something, all the flash would do is reflect off the screen which is exactly what it did.

Last time I checked a white flash does not produce green images.

Funny when the LCD looks worse, no one mentions the flash then but when its looks better.. "NO, IT'S THE FLASH!"
narked  +   617d ago

Cause the flash is not reflecting on the LCD. Look at the full pictures, the flash reflects on the OLED screen cause it's positioned above, hence the reflection and loss of colour in the image. Check out the actual images first and you'll see where the flash is reflecting.

I mentioned already in another page that the Vita has terrible visibility in light, and the flash ruined the photo, you just can't compare.
NioRide  +   618d ago
It looks like a tablet with a controller box strapped around it.

Seriously, you can get a better current vita for $9 more right now.

Vita + 4GB card + The Walking dead for $199.
Edi007  +   618d ago
yep i will get one now the price of old one drop at 199e , 189e the 3g with game and 4gb here in finland normali here the consoles always 50e more expensive than rest of eu and the games 10 e ps4 is 450e and xbox one 550e ex
Vitalogy  +   618d ago
"It looks like a tablet with a controller box strapped around it." I wouldn't describe it better, and here I thought I was the only one thinking this XD
MasterCornholio  +   618d ago
I'm keeping my launch WiFi Vita.

Motorola RAZR i
Abriael  +   618d ago
Me too, definitely, my 3G/Wi-Fi isn't going anywhere.
moparful99  +   617d ago
Gah I pray I never need to get another one.. My Early Edition Vita is one of my prized possessions.. Especially now that I have Killzone: mercenary and with Borderlands 2 as well as Batman: Blackgate coming.

Had a scary moment the other day, used some hand sanitizer to clean my screen off and the touch screen stopped working.. I began to panic thinking I'd have to buy another Vita. I restarted my Vita and it hasn't had a problem since.. Heart was pounding though :0(
bjmartynhak  +   618d ago
I'm giving an extra value to the OLED screen now. The difference is clear as day...

Hopefully they keep both models available.
Good for the ones tyat are on the fence to drop money on Vita, even after the price cut
H4all  +   618d ago
i will grab one more OLED vita..
then i will grab PS4 and PSVita TV
mt  +   618d ago
you sir seem to have alot of $$$$$$ could you pre-order me PS4.
Dmagic  +   618d ago
am i blind? the one that has the yellowish tent is the oled what are you guys talking about? nevrmind i am blind
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Abriael  +   618d ago
No. In the direct comparison shot the one with the yellowish tint is at the bottom. And that's the new Vita. You recognize it from the round start and select buttons that are round instead of oval.
tubers  +   618d ago
In the UCGA comparison the OLED VITA has a yellow/green cast all over the screen but the Original VITA's screen does have horizontal and vertical color shifts.

IMO, we need more zero angle comparisons (direct-front).

BUT, I am still thankful of the one who shared the images.
andibandit  +   618d ago
Why are they changing from the OLED screen? the new LCD looks like crap.
mushroomwig  +   618d ago
Mainly to cut down costs.
FortKnight  +   618d ago
I kind of like the look of the new screen. I have a fondness of LCD screens, so the yellowish tint, slightly lower image quality, I like it. And considering the fact that it adds to the battery life, it's definitely worth picking up.
The body also looks more "plasticy", like the PSP 2000, which I really like as well.
Lolrus  +   618d ago
think the best time to buy a vita is now. Real shame because I needed teh upgraded battery and lighter profile but that LCD takes away one of the main selling points of the vita
WitWolfy  +   618d ago
That yellow color in the LCD really bugs me...
Gamesgbkiller  +   618d ago
Is it me or the buttons look a bit bigger ?

looks better to me :)
WitWolfy  +   618d ago
The select and start button are circular this tiema round....
plmkoh  +   618d ago
Fairly obvious what the differences will be without any comparison. By now that real pictures have surfaced it just confirms the natural qualities of OLED and LCD.


If you look at that the OLED colours are simply wrong, there is the typical blue tinge on everything and black crush is evident on the walls, meaning you can't see a lot of the details. The HDR lighting on Nathan Drake's jumper clearly confirms OLED can't do white properly without resulting in blue tinge again, LCD is much more accurate here.

The results are clear: OLED will give you pop/colour saturation that will have you that 'gamey' feel however LCD will give you a much more accurate representation of the artists intention. 'Accuracy' is not necessarily what people like or prefer when gaming, which is why it is not an advantage and really due to what you prefer.
Khronikos  +   618d ago
Well, to be fair the LCD will have worse blacks which does make a difference but who knows if it will on such a small screen.
bjmartynhak  +   618d ago
In fact, it seem indeed that the LCD has a small advantage in realistic games, but for games like Rayman Legends, I'm all for the OLED bright and saturated colors
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tubers  +   618d ago
So there's only 4 of us that I've seen all over the net that noticed black crushing on the VITA BUT, I don't actually see it here in these comparisons.

In the UCGA comparison, the blacks are actually deeper on the LCD than the OLED but these aren't zero angle shots.

We need more and better comparisons but this is a decent start.
PsychOff  +   618d ago
Agreed. I actually think the LCD looks better, I don't think a shot of a menu compared to an actual in game shot.

Looks way better actually. Still I also agree people are still picking a winner way to early, these aren't the best comparison photos.
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imt558  +   618d ago
OLED has better black color, LCD has better white color. But OLED is far better solution. LCD can't match OLED's high contrast ratio.

Look this picture :

YoungPlex  +   618d ago
Damn dat OLED! I wish they would've kept the OLED, still a good choice for potential entry level Vita owners.
Lykon  +   618d ago
LOL @ 3ds
browngamer41  +   617d ago
While the big N laughs all the way to the bank...
Lykon  +   617d ago
i would actually like a 3ds i was just bored and trolling...plus i feel tired and bitter today
devwan  +   618d ago
Not judging anything off those photos, especially ones where the two units are not in the same frame at the same time.
g-nome  +   618d ago
Deep blacks and contrast on the OLED kills the LCD.
MotherLight  +   618d ago
The blacks are darker in the LCD in the UC comparison, the reds are brighter, the wood is more naturally colored and doesn't have a greenish hue.

Yes the last photo the OLED looked better but in the UC photo the LCD looks better. How about we wait for some legitimate comparisons, not one with different variables.
tubers  +   618d ago
RO Comparison = OLED decimates
UCGA = Green cast on OLED

Needs more zero angle tests IMO.

Thanks for the comparison though.
feraldrgn  +   618d ago
The Uncharted comparison is interesting, there's definitely a hit on colour quality, but not so much that new customers should notice.

The square border around the screen & the lack of circle pattern around the buttons makes it look a little less appealing.

But if it can help reduce build costs & lower retail price, it's not a huge sacrifice.
I guess the OLED burn-in was enough of a problem for them to switch displays, I just wonder if there are better LCD solutions out there than what they picked while still staying within profit.

couldn't they have chosen LED rather than LCD? or does LED still have more burn-in issues than LCD?
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despair  +   618d ago
I don't thin OLED burn-in is that big a thing or was in any way a deciding factor in the changing of the screen. I mean as long as you don't leave your screen on for hours on the same image you should be fine. In fact I haven't heard of many instances of it happening.
GribbleGrunger  +   618d ago
It's nothing to do with 'burn' issues in the OLED models, it's for cheaper manufacturing. I don't think the difference is that big myself and I've yet to meet a Vita owner that doesn't reduce the brightness anyway.
#21.2 (Edited 618d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
feraldrgn  +   618d ago
Nevermind that edit, it is using LED in the new model apparently.


Still an issue that they would have wanted to fix.
GribbleGrunger  +   618d ago
No one is saying it isn't an issue that they wouldn't want to fix. Myself and others had a long conversation with a dev on LBPC about OLED burn on Vitas. He said he DID get burn but he'd left it on nearly all day for over three months while he was designing a level. This was leading up to the release of LBPVita, so he'd been working flat out for that time too.

So yes, it has a problem but it's not a problem that occurs that regularly unless you go all out crazy and play it 12 - 16 hours a day as the LBPVita dev did; and remember, there are graphics in create mode that are there all the time, like the thermo (which is what caused the burn in this case). Sony have changed it because of manufacturing costs. That's not to say that in meetings when deciding on the right thing to do, someone didn't also point out the benefits of LCD over OLED of course.

Sony will probably have saved themselves around $50 on Vita manufacturing with this change and I highly doubt that they'd accept a slight quality hit for something that very few people complain about if it saved them nothing.

It's the same as the dead pixel problem on the PSP or the thermal paste problem on the PS3 ... they both fall under the 'normal' or 'acceptable' failure rates for a product, so there wouldn't be any need to drastically alter a product for those things alone.
#21.3.1 (Edited 618d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report
feraldrgn  +   617d ago
Not saying that the burn-in is the sole reason for the change, just an additional benefit/reasoning of downgrading on top of costs.

What the article needs though, is a comparison using the OG & new vita at factory settings, in the same frame & on a level surface.
GribbleGrunger  +   617d ago
Oh, I misinterpreted, sorry. I've got a feeling there will definitely be a difference and it's almost certainly going to benefit OLED. The thing is though, the difference will only really be of significance when directly compared and anyone buying the new Vita won't even consider that difference. What I'm hoping is that Sony leave both of the models on the market, one at $199 and the new one at $150. I can't see that happening though to be honest.

Here's a recent video. It's not helped by the fact it has a pale blue background but it looks pretty good to me. Having said that, I'm going to be buying the VTV so that I can play Vita games on the TV instead. I have a couple of JRPG from PS+ I want to try out.

#21.3.3 (Edited 617d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report
despair  +   618d ago
For people who never had or used a vita it should be fine, but for those of us who are accustomed to the OLED it might be a bit jarring.
slivery  +   618d ago
UC GA looks better on the LCD, alot compared to the last shot. I am even using an OLED TV to look at this.

The blacks are darker, the barrels have bright colors, look at the red barrel. Its much more red on the LCD and the grey in the other barrel is much more accurate also. Look how on the OLED, everything has a almost greenish hue and believe it or not the blacks are more faded out than on the LCD.

It isn't as accurate as the LCD but like I said these a pretty poor comparison but an in game shot I will take over one that isn't. This isn't a crappy LCD by any means obviously, so its going to be small differences just like I said it would be.
#23 (Edited 618d ago ) | Agree(9) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
imt558  +   618d ago
Problem on LCD will be a AA. Look the shadows on Uncharted LCD.
Otoshigamisama  +   618d ago
why are they comparing screen with 3ds? thats stupid everyone knows that vita's screen is better than 3ds lol can't stop smh and 3ds is a diferrent system that comparison is very irrelevant.

ps:this is not hate cause I own both systems and love em both
WhiskyWhiskers  +   618d ago
LCD wins for me. Thanks Gribble.


Anyone saying the OLED still looks better is crazy. They are too similar and in UC it looks a bit better actually.
JackVagina  +   618d ago
Uncharted and that screenshot is such a poor representation of what the OLED is really capable of

If there were comparison shots of Rayman, murramassa or dragons crown, OLED would wipe the floor with LCD
Snookies12  +   618d ago
The OLED looks much better on the Ragnarok screenshot comparison.

Though the LCD isn't bad from what I can tell. A rather good compromise if it helps to sell more Vitas.
zero_gamer  +   618d ago
OLED shot has a huge glare, causing distortion, thus throwing any validity out the window.
imt558  +   618d ago
Look this then


OLED is better solution like it or not. The best TV screen in the world is one of Sony's TV - 4K OLED TV presented at CES 2013.
#25.4 (Edited 618d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
PiperMCFierceson  +   618d ago
Glad I got my PS Vita when I did.
zero_gamer  +   618d ago
Oh well, people that really wanted an OLED Vita now is their chance to buy it. Like the PS3 models with BC everyone complained about the price and didn't buy one.
Snookies12  +   618d ago
I still have my BC PS3, and will certainly keep my OLED Vita around too. :]

I've just always liked the first generation of Sony consoles best.
#27.1 (Edited 618d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
zero_gamer  +   618d ago
Yep, my 20GB and 60GB PS3s still going strong.
Cam977  +   618d ago
"I've just always liked the first generation of Sony consoles best."

PSP 1000 is an example - it was always the easiest to hack.
abusador  +   618d ago
For ppl that can splurge Vita oled is better of course and welcomed, but Sony dropping price and giving an lcd option is the best move they can do. It wont look as good, but will have more ppl buying it and if it breaks its way cheaper to repair!

When it comes to Sony buying Launch day consoles is your best best, they do always add great things to launch just like 80 gig phat was better than every ps3 since with its touch controls, sleek look, bc, more usb, etc.....
Evil_Ryu  +   618d ago
lcd looks gross compared to oled
Kidmyst  +   618d ago
Yeah I'll keep my original Vita.
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