Pictures of the New PCH-2000 PS Vita Model Show New LCD Screen, Comparison with Old PS Vita and 3DS

Pictures of the new PS Vita Model exhibited in stores in Japan are appearing on twitter, putting its form factor and the new LCD screen in direct comparison with the old PS Vita model and even a 3DS XL.


Added another comparison shot using Uncharted: Golden Abyss

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Abriael1714d ago

the new LCD is definitely a little less bright and a bit more with a yellowish tint, but it's still WAY better than a 3DS...

1714d ago
Vitalogy1714d ago (Edited 1714d ago )

I've said in other thread and still think this new model has a cheaper plastic look :\ also, don't you guys have the impression that its like 3 separatted pieces put together? The display borders make it feel like that for me.

Also we can barely notice any size difference between them.

bunfighterii1714d ago (Edited 1714d ago )


Agree the OLED looks way better, but the LCD is a cost cut, plain and simple. They need to start selling these things in respectable numbers, and make money off them at the same time. If you weren't holding the original and the slim side by side, you wouldn't notice.

A friend once said to me a while ago, when it comes to Sony hardware, always be an early adopter. Sony make high quality hardware, and always pull out the stops when they introduce a new product. Glad I got my launch day Vita with it's beautiful OLED :D

SilentNegotiator1714d ago (Edited 1714d ago )

They should have dropped the price to $180 if they're going to go LCD. Then they could have competed all the better with 3DS. Then again, I'm sure the $50 price cut was already in preparation for this move, so they probably can't afford to slash it another $20.

Man, OLED sure blasts LCD out of the water in terms of color.

abzdine1714d ago (Edited 1714d ago )

OLED screen quality is on another level..
i'm happy i'm a first gen owner.

But i am not sure i can notice a difference if i dont have the same game running on both SKUs at the same time, which is something no one ever does.

Second model is also cheaper, so it's a win win situation.

Ritsujun1714d ago

Did you just mention Nintendawg's 3DSinker?

N4g_null1714d ago

price isnt the problem! games are! come on sony the vita tv was greatbp but this is just bad!. so now we are gonna have to play dual screen on the ps4 with this crap! wtf!

please sell both oled and lcd... so when sony starts their gamepad plan we have better hardware.

dont be so desperate that you hurt sales... pull a 2ds and sell both ok.

UltimateMaster1714d ago

They had no other choice but to drop the OLED because it was too expensive to make.

But I think they're going to keep both models for a while, but I'm not entirely sure about it.

So, you'd better pick a Vita up before it's too late!

swice1714d ago

I love the screen on my 3DS XL. It's comforting to the eyes

guitarded771714d ago

The new screen looks good, but the original OLED has better color. I don't think the new screen looks bad, and most people will be happy with it. But the new design looks cheaper... especially the start and select buttons, and the power buttons on top if the Vita. But you do what you gotta do to cut the cost. I think if anyone is gonna get a Vita, they should do it while the OLED models are still available. I'm thinking about picking up a new one since I have a scratch on my screen. It's not a bad scratch, but it bugs me that it's there sometimes.

gpturbo811714d ago

looks wont do shit. it'll still sell less

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Raccoon1714d ago

The contrast, color saturation and detail is a lot better on the original psvita, the new model has a yellow hue and the image looks blurred when compared....

Thisisjuju1714d ago

I prefer the old vita in about every way. Looks more stylish, better screen and I actually prefer a device with a weighty feel.

However I must admit I do envy the extra hour of battery life on the new vita :X

itBourne1714d ago

I thought the same thing seeing the ragnarok ace screen, but its taken with a camera at an event, look at the Uncharted comparison, you would not even be able to tell which was what. Would like some more comparisons before I go blasting the screen to hell...

tigertom531714d ago

am sure they dropped oled because of the cost..

Underworld1714d ago

Just bought a Vita. Very happy with it so far.

Is this model supposed to replace the older one, or are they both going to be sold side by side?

TwinDad1714d ago

It will be side to side for a few months or until the old stock is sold out. Then it will be the new model going forward. Look to the PSP for sales guidance on availability.

user55757081714d ago

yea its a shame though the OLED looks much better than the LCD. I really didn't think it mattered that much until i saw the pics.

however better battery life, 1GB memory and usb data port are pretty nice

seems like they abandoned 3g all-together

hkgamer1714d ago

well... didnt really drop oled since it never really had oled.... they had samsung amoled screens which were kinda cheap compared to oled....

amoled is full off over satuated colors.

i'd like to see the lcd screen in person. probably a better screen than the original vita tbh....

i like my xperia z screen more than my vita. but thats a personal choice.

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come_bom1714d ago

Sony is doing with the Vita the same thing they did with the PS3.

- PS3 slim is better then the PS3 slim(er) latest version.

- PS Vita (older) is better then the latest PS Vita.

Instead of improving their hardware, they release "cheaper" versions of their hardware with less quality...

Shame on you Sony.

FullMetalTech1714d ago

You cant blame them if they want to reduce cost and invest that money they save on LCD.

Blastoise1714d ago

This way though, they can appeal to a broader audience (due to lower price) and not have screwed over the original Vita fanbase with a new Vita that's better in every way

It's the same as the 2DS, it's all about making it cheaper. Except this isn't quite as drastic a change.

Let's be honest the OLED screen is definitely better but to a random consumer the cheaper one with a slightly less vibrant screen will look more appealing.

warczar1714d ago (Edited 1714d ago )

your right about sony releasing "cheaper" versions of there hardware, your wrong about the first slimline PS3 though. That version of the PS3 was a total piece of shit. It's the only PS3 that I've seen fail. My friend had one that refused to play NBA 2k, that's right, it would play everything under the sun but when we tried to play 2k it said fuck that.

Now if your talking the original 600 dollar PS3 then yes, those things are tanks. It's just too bad it didn't have that unified pool of ram, then maybe it would have outsold the 360 and then we wouldn't have these cheap assed versions of the PS3 we have today.

thereapersson1714d ago

Shame on Sony for releasing great hardware that nobody buys namely due to cost so they cut costs to reduce the price and get more people to buy?

ziggurcat1714d ago

@ blastoise:

"Let's be honest the OLED screen is definitely better but to a random consumer the cheaper one with a slightly less vibrant screen will look more appealing."

vibrant does not necessarily mean better. because vibrant usually means boosted contrast.

i would kill to be able to calibrate my vita screen to get it closer to D65.

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3-4-51714d ago

Hopefully I can grab a first gen version at some point in the next 2-5 months. The colors on that OLED screen are noticeably sharper or more true I guess.

xtremeimport1713d ago

What I like most about the new Vita is how the bubbled the Start, Select and PS buttons. I find them rather annoying to click. But it looks like they took away the back lit feature of them.

I love my original vita, the only thing i would change for is the different colours..other than that I am content with my OLED version.

Xer0_SiN1713d ago

i agree. after seeing them side by side, i cant help but feel fortunate i grabbed mine on black fridays amazon lightning sale.

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josephayal1714d ago

imo the lcd screen looks 3x better

Abriael1714d ago

You must like yellow :D

ziggurcat1714d ago (Edited 1714d ago )

actually, it's warmer, not "yellow".

i don't know if you've ever calibrated your TV, but it's supposed to look "warm" with a lower contrast, not bright or "cool". the problem i have with these devices is the fact that they're not properly calibrated (often high-contrast, that results in colours "popping", but the reality being that it shouldn't be that way).

i really wish there was a way i could calibrate my vita screen, honestly.

edit: so to me (based on the photos in the article), the newer LCD screen looks better because it looks closer to what a nice, calibrated screen should look like.

Khronikos1714d ago (Edited 1714d ago )

That is debateable. It looks actually warmer than D65 in that shot. Who knows though? The OLED should have been able to be calibrated as that looks much too cold.

The thing for me is that LED/LCD only works when you have full backlighting and local dimming. Otherwise their blacks are generally quite mediocre. We will see though. Small screens are easier to make darker.

3-4-51714d ago

It seems like Sony stuff always has a yellow tint to it.

I noticed a decent amount of playstation games that have a yellow tint to it when it should be more clear or white.

Wonder if it's just the tech.

The new Vita still does look awesome though.

strifeblade1714d ago


Never calibrate videogames similar to tv settings. That D6500 is meaningless and all you are doing is taking the color right out of the videogames.

In reality videogames should be a neutral/ slightly cool settings. Lastly movies obey the same color code thats why generally d6500 works but videogames have no set color code and vary wildly between developers therefore you will never get color accuracy and in using the 6500 you will be even more inaccurate. i made the same mistake once upon a time.

I have a lot of experience calibrating for videogames on samsung, lg, sony, sharp (some experience for movies), most important is to nail the contrast and brightness settings cool picture preffered (depends on videogame if deadspace go neutral, if bright and colorful like far cry go cool.)

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sobotz1714d ago

If you means better than 3DS's LCD, then yes. But if you means it's better than Vita's gen 1 OLED, you must check your eyes

CRAIG6671714d ago

The colour on the new one look ok but rubbish in comparison to the original

Cryptcuzz1714d ago (Edited 1714d ago )

Not liking the fact that it has a yellow ish tint to the colors. I am wondering if its do to one being set to a higher brightness setting and the 2000 was not?

Need more accurate comparisons to make a final judgement on whether to get the new one or keep the original one. I like how the new one is thinner, lighter, an hour longer battery, and has better start and select buttons.

Abriael1714d ago

a slightly yellowish tint is a characteristic of LCD screens I'm afraid, so that's most probably an accurate shot.

Cryptcuzz1714d ago

The site just added a new image with Uncharted: GA

It doesn't seem to have much of a difference on that picture for some odd reason...must see more in depth comparisons.

If I were to get one, I am contemplating on getting either a white one or one of those newer brighter colors.

Abriael1714d ago

I'm "The site" lol :D

The yellowish tint shows there as well. It's just harder to see because the scene is fairly yellow as well.

That one is a good comparison for definition, since the scene is complex, and the LCD behaves quite well there.

WhiskyWhiskers1714d ago

LCD is looks better. If you seriously are going to say the OLED looks better than the LCD in UC, you are lying to yourself.

Just look at that.

narked1714d ago

Ye with the flash from the photo it sure does. OLED is better full stop.

strickers1714d ago

Rubbish. Motion will be worse on LCD too.

moparful991713d ago

Except the flash from your camera ruined the clarity of the photo.. Amateur.

PsychOff1713d ago

Why would the flash change the entire color of the OLED? Are you people dumb or something, all the flash would do is reflect off the screen which is exactly what it did.

Last time I checked a white flash does not produce green images.

Funny when the LCD looks worse, no one mentions the flash then but when its looks better.. "NO, IT'S THE FLASH!"

narked1713d ago


Cause the flash is not reflecting on the LCD. Look at the full pictures, the flash reflects on the OLED screen cause it's positioned above, hence the reflection and loss of colour in the image. Check out the actual images first and you'll see where the flash is reflecting.

I mentioned already in another page that the Vita has terrible visibility in light, and the flash ruined the photo, you just can't compare.

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NioRide1714d ago

It looks like a tablet with a controller box strapped around it.

Seriously, you can get a better current vita for $9 more right now.

Vita + 4GB card + The Walking dead for $199.

Edi0071714d ago

yep i will get one now the price of old one drop at 199e , 189e the 3g with game and 4gb here in finland normali here the consoles always 50e more expensive than rest of eu and the games 10 e ps4 is 450e and xbox one 550e ex

Vitalogy1714d ago

"It looks like a tablet with a controller box strapped around it." I wouldn't describe it better, and here I thought I was the only one thinking this XD