Rockstar warns against 'inevitable' GTA 5 leaks

With less than a week to go until Grand Theft Auto 5 hits stores, Rockstar Games has warned gamers of the "inevitable game info and asset leaks" expected to hit the net in the run up to launch.

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Hydrolex1686d ago (Edited 1686d ago )

I would not want to even look up anything leaked a week before lunch... Can't you guys just wait ? Leaks do nothing other than ruining the game

minimur121686d ago

Well, I'm off I'm not touching the internet untill I've completely finished GTA V - Cya later guys!

luisvideogames1685d ago

"minimur12 later posted a comment"

Lord_Sloth1685d ago

I did this the moment MGS4 started having leaks and didn't sign in until I had completed the game. That said, I won't do this for GTA because spoilers don't concern me here.

sak5001685d ago


Yes y dont you just switch off all the lights in your mom's basement and don't come out from your hiding so that you don't accidentally read or see on tv anything spoiling GTA V. Let your mom bring you your pancakes/sausages/eggs for your breakfast and just sit tight. It's not like anything else in the world is any important than a video game.

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FunkMacNasty1686d ago

As long as the leaks aren't plot spoilers, I don't really mind. Other than that, this game is literally all I can think about and I'm hungry for details!!

3-4-51685d ago

Yea It's about time to shut it down for the week and pick back up with the hype on monday.

lsujester1685d ago

Plot leaks don't bother me with GTA. The plot is irrelevant to me, I just want to go through the city causing as much mayhem as I can.

TheSaint1685d ago

I'm pretty much on a media blackout, not even watching adverts on TV just in case of spoilers.

Batzi1685d ago

Agreed but it is too hard not to look. I already saw 3 short off screen gameplay footages.

showtimefolks1685d ago (Edited 1685d ago )

i hate leaks but if someone spoils the ending or something it just doesn't bother me, i am still gonna play and have fun

but i understand many hate seeing leaks


take it easy internet tough guy

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5h4h4b1686d ago (Edited 1686d ago )

Here is the map :P
Http:// -theft-auto-5-map-released-aft e r-initial-leaks-from-brady-gam e s-guide/

minimur121686d ago

'beware of leaks and game info'

here's the map!!!

danowat1686d ago

New type of piracy protection on the 360 disc?, there will be a shed load of people complaining that their xbox's / copies of GTA V don't work come the games release, happens every time the disc protection changes.

Bathyj1686d ago

The only leak I'm concerned with is when I wet myself at the midnight launch.

ravinash1686d ago

You need one of those adult nappy things.
Problem sorted.

Would also help when playing as well!

kingPoS1686d ago

What about the lady friends, won't they get all hot & bothered. lol

sak5001685d ago (Edited 1685d ago )

With comments like that you'd think bathyj would have lady friends? The only friend he's gotten laid with is his right hand.

I dont care about leaks or anything it's a game not a real life. I work hard for money to meet my expenses and wife helps me out as well. I play games to relax and destress not LIVE to play games. I guess i've joined the older generation now after started my gaming back in 1986 with commodore 64. At that time most of you were still swimming around.

WitWolfy1686d ago

To be expected... MAss Effect 3's ending leaked in HOURS after release.

aLucidMind1685d ago

It actually was first leaked months before launch and BioWare then changed a bunch of crap while removing a lot of things that weren't complete to make up for the time spent doing what amounted to barely any changes in the ending prior to launch. Then it was leaked again a couple days prior to launch lol.

WitWolfy1685d ago

That was the original ending, im talking about the RGB endings.

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