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New gameplay video for Beyond Two Souls

A new video gameplay was published today. So, enjoy it, and open your eyes for Beyond Two Souls (Beyond: Two Souls, PS3)

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fooltheman  +   502d ago
This is exactly the kind of game I have been wanting. A true interactive, cinematic experience. It's a shame that so many people won't give this game a chance simply because it's not heavy on action and has a lot of cinematics and quick time events. QTE's work well in these kind of games in my opinion. I will be getting this day one.
Ju  +   502d ago
I wouldn't say that. Heavy Rain sold exceptionally well. I expect this to be the next (Sony) blockbuster after The Last of Us. I have no doubt this game will sell in the millions. It appears there is a market for excellently executed cinematic games. Beyond Two Souls is one of those.
I see so many people say how boring the game looks or oh look David Cage is making another film err I mean game. I also see tons of people say if this is like Heavy Rain they aren't going to buy it. I see comments like those and am just astonished by how many people are not interested because it doesn't have a ton of action. I know for a fact that I will absolutely love Beyond:Two Souls and I know there are plenty of people excited for it but this kind of game is pretty niche by comparison to other kinds of games unfortunately. Heavy Rain only sold a little over 2 million games over 3 years time which is not that much but I am hoping that David Cage and his team get the money and the praise that they deserve for all their hard work.
Ju  +   502d ago
Yes, it sure is a niche. An "expansive" niche, because I believe Heavy Rain sure did not sell those numbers to the "n4g" crowd. And neither will Beyond Two Souls. But among those 78M PS3 customers there will probably be some "adults" which are not posting on n4g..."the so many people who did not like Heavy Rain"...let me guess...online forum?
No I just see people online in general say those things. I am one of the adults that is going to get Beyond the day it comes out.
Ju  +   501d ago
Well then. Then you are one of those on the internet who contradict your own opinion ;) Most verbal people are often not the majority...
Edi007  +   502d ago
story and gameplay look awesome but gameplay :s look boring u just press x press o ....
fooltheman  +   502d ago
I think you need to play to fully understand the philosophy behind the gameplay.
Edi007  +   502d ago
Ryder49  +   502d ago
You obviously don't understand the polygons.

Polygons is emotions.

Emotions = Brilliant game.

Gameplay is irrelevant.
Edi007  +   502d ago
U just want to talk hhhhhhh i imagine how u look like
Ryder49  +   501d ago
And the joke goes flying over...
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GrandpaSnake  +   502d ago
this looked pretty awesome and twisted
NeloAnjelo  +   502d ago
Cannot Wait!
Super_ike  +   502d ago
this looks really good and if you think about it, "ivan" is actually YOU...the player.
MidnytRain  +   501d ago
I thought his name was Aiden.
Dripsavvy  +   502d ago
David Cage cameo at the gun training
sprinterboy  +   502d ago
This was one of my last games to play other than gta and puppeteer but no longer have my ps3 due to other reasons, looks I will have to watch my first complete walkthrough to get my emotional experience with the story/game fix
Ju  +   502d ago
If this video isn't touched up, then this game has been polished to the limits. Makes you think why we need next gen...we do - but it amazes me how QD can squeeze this out of the PS3.
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