GTA IV getting Indian release on April 29

How often have Indian gamers have waited for a long time to lay their hands on their favorite titles. Games are usually released in India days/weeks and sometimes even months after they are launched in North America and Europe. But gamers in India will NOT have to wait for Grand Theft Auto IV as it will release on the same day it releases else where.

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SPARTAAN3843d ago

this is awesome news for me i cant believe this is true but sadly i have to pay more than 360 owners :(

Vip3r3843d ago

Good that near enough the whole world will be getting GTA4 on the same day.

OpiZA3843d ago (Edited 3843d ago )

Also getting it on the 29th in South Africa, the PS3 version (Standard Edition) appears 2 be more expensive here too... only around 8% more, but still.

360 and PS3 do however use different distributors here.