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Deep Down Is An Online RPG, Western Release 'Under Discussion'

It seems that a western release of Deep Down from Capcom is still under discussion, "In other words, the game may only see the light of day in Japan". (PS4)

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nick309  +   620d ago
strifeblade  +   620d ago
I submitted this story because i feel most of the n4g community is not privy to this information and it seems to add up with related stories.

I think this is a ps4 exclusive because this game as of now has no plans for an EU or NA release. Sony needs a game to entice japanese buyers since neither killzone driveclub nor knack fits the bill.

Now if this game is a japanese only release then it makes perfect sense for capcom to release it only on the ps4 since the xbox does not sell in Japan.

Numerous interviews have been shown but the developers never confirmed its an exclusive, they only stated we have a playstation version and we do not have an xbox one version. This tells me that if this game sees the light of day outside of japan, capcom is open to putting deep down on xbox one, and why wouldn't they? Capcom is the developer and publisher of this title- and yes this is the same scenario as titanfall where EA is the publisher.

I found it odd that the game never made an appearance at E3 or Gamescom, but not to my surprise its here at TGS. These findings lead me to believe this game is slated for a japan only release and depending how its recieved, capcom may opt for a worldwide release and if it goes for a worldwide release, i believe capcom will put it on the x1 since they hold publishing rights to the title.
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ABeastNamedTariq  +   620d ago | Intelligent
1.) The game is co-developed by SCE. I highly, highly doubt it'll be going anywhere. At all. It's not the same as Titanfall. Respawn wholly develops that game -- not one of MS's first parties. Why would a game that's being co-developed by a first party have that game go anywhere else? That's why I don't think it's going anywhere else except PS4.

2.) If it's not coming to the West, then why would they showcase it at their PS4 reveal in New York? You know...America. A part of the West.

3.) Capcom is a Japanese company. It makes sense that they'd want to showcase this game in their home country.


4.) Also, the Japanese trailer is voiced in English. What's so important about that, you ask? Well, why spend all that time voicing things in English, if it's only coming to Japan? You know?

I'm very confident that we'll be seeing this in the West.
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strifeblade  +   620d ago

You forget the unveiling in new york was was the first unveiling to the world, they addressed everyone. I have seen game reveals in a console debut where they dont come stateside.

Take the wii for example. it debuted disaster day of crisis in english yet it never came stateside. What about the original mass effect, microsoft heavily funded that game and you know what happened there.

Sony could be best friends with the guys at capcom but the fact remains capcom are the publisher- I hope you know what that means.

Finally the link in this article, he asked the dev himself and he said its under discussion, if you don't believe me then believe him.

Unless Sony worked out a private deal with capcom that this game is exclusive (sony payed them), then capcom is free to do as they wish. However as of now i doubt a deal was struck because they are a little bit evasive on confirming playstation exclusivity, they can only confirm there is no x1 version in production as well as no NA/EU release. I find this intriguing.
ABeastNamedTariq  +   620d ago

The point I'm trying to make is, a part of Sony Computer Entertainment is actually co-developing the game. I'm not talking about funding or anything else, just the simple fact that Sony is using its employees to help develop the game. Why would Sony help develop the game, if it's simply going to go to a competitor's platform?

Also, I'm not familiar with the Wii's launch. Did they debut D: DOC at their reveal in America or at E3 (which very well may be the same thing, I don't know)? Also, Nintendo != Sony when it comes to localization of titles. They operate differently.

Regarding Mass Effect, I thought EA bought the license or something to the extent of that? I could be wrong, of course.

But still, to summarize, you don't typically help develop a game that will go to a competitor's platform. There's probably some sort of agreement occurring, methinks. I don't know what went up with MS, but Sony isn't them. If Sony is publishing a game, or in this case, helping out on one, I highly doubt it's going anywhere. But you make an interesting point.
Foliage  +   620d ago
This article is based on a misquote.

The only part of the Western release under discussion is the actual date; not whether it will happen at all.

Like mentioned by half the comments so far; they have already debuted the game on this side of the world; the game has also only been shown in English.

I mean... how can some of you be missing the obvious logic in all of this?
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Eonjay  +   620d ago
This story is complete speculation. Its been voiced in English. It is not Japan only. The "Under Discussion" refers to an unknown release date as of yet outside of Japan. Also, anyone who watched the demo on Tuesday knows that there is a single player mode because it was demoed. Multiplayer was also demoed.



Around the 3:00 minute mark the single player demo ends and he says "Okay now I am going to give you some of the online features"

From the mouth of the producer himself.
Is that good enough for you?

That is all.
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camel_toad  +   620d ago
Capcom will release this in other territories. There is no way they would want to miss out on the profits from other countries, especially with a title that shows what they can do with next gen hardware.
itBourne  +   620d ago
The game is coming across seas, if you dont think so you are delusional... the ps4 will have a tiny install base when it is released, to then limit that to only Japan on top of it, thats suicide in a business sense.
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Sci0n  +   620d ago
keep dreaming xbot, you aren't going to see deep down on the one. It will be released to the west in do time after all it is a PS4 developed game and all it would need is to be localized
RumbleFish  +   620d ago
No way they want to release this game to one country only.

How many PS4s will be in Japan when the game launches? And how many PS4s will be in the rest of the world at that time?

They make games for a Japan-only-release on the Vita but not for the PS4. I would go as far and say, the PS4 itself is not particular made for the japanese market.
AngelicIceDiamond  +   620d ago
The only thing that sounds some what viable is.

I reached out to Capcom, and all they could tell me is that a “western release for Deep Down is still under discussion.”

Everything else is based off of assumptions of gather supposed evidence that's based off some possible mis-quote. Everything else seems to be interpretation

A good interpretation at that but that's not good enough besides what Capcome apparently said.

If Capcome really said that I'm sure it would of caught fire among other sites.

Sorry I don't believe this article one bit.
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CGI-Quality  +   620d ago
You need to do more research.

OT: Wait, is this a realistic topic. The title is as misleading as it gets and no, it's yes, the dev DID confirm it is only for PS4 (that and SCE are actually helping with the creation of the project.

So no, PS4 only and it WILL receive a Western release.
AngelicIceDiamond  +   620d ago
@Strife I think this story needs to be taken down. Because if Capcome stated "western release for Deep Down is still under discussion." You would have the source of them stating it.

I searched other sites to find this supposed statement and nothing.

The article itself like I mentioned is assumptions, half truths and theoretic. Unless you have the source of them stating it directly then the article should be an opinion piece, not news.
strifeblade  +   620d ago

He is an author from Forbes, he stated he reached out to capcom concerning an NA/EU release and the stated its under discussion. His only speculation is under discussion could translate to a japanese only release. Correct me if i am mistaken but under discussion means "maybe we will, maybe we wont localise it" I do not see an opinion piece when this is what capcom states. If you don't like what they said, then talk to capcom. Forbes is a good source and i would not question their credibilty, going so far as to accuse the author of lying about what capcom said would put his credibilty on the line with Forbes lol.
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strifeblade  +   620d ago

I understand what you said and am aware of Sony's involvement but to what extent sony's involvement is not known. You still fail to explain why sony don't own publishing rights to the game. Msoft owns publishing rights to dead rising 3 so no sony is not in the same boat. I believe sony's helping because they believe this game will sell ps4 in japan. After that however its up to capcom since the developed and own publishing rights to the game.

Its not fair for me to discuss something so obvious, when you see numerous discussions going on about titanfall regarding the same issue/scenario?
Eonjay  +   620d ago
"western release for Deep Down is still under discussion" means nothing. It could mean release date, it could mean only certain "western regions", it could mean anything. To me it means that they haven't nailed down a release time window for the game. In fact, the producer stopped short of giving an official Japan release date. Apparently that is still "under discussion". The logic of this object would lead us to believe that any game without a concrete Western release date or schedule is in fact not ever coming.

Don't you think thats a bit unreasonable?
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cvflyboy  +   620d ago
Dude stop... just stop it. if you want the game just buy a ps4.Do better research next time that is all for now.
HelpfulGamer  +   620d ago
HiddenMission  +   620d ago

I don't think you understand what has really been going on with this title.

1. The game is being co-developed by SCE and Capcom...so it's not going to another console and being friends doesn't mean spit this is business.

2. The game has already been played in English which cost time and money from the budget...you wouldn't do this unless NA release was already planned.
FamilyGuy  +   620d ago
Should read, "release DATE under discussion..."
Forbe dude obviously had a bad translation.

Deep Downs newest trailer was made with english audio/voice acting with japanese subs for crying out loud. https://www.youtube.com/wat...

It's OBVIOUSLY coming to the west/u.s.

This news, marked Aug 1, 2013, is old and out dated.
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Sevir  +   620d ago
Honestly, this was one of the first 3rd party game announced with the world wide reveal of the PS4, which was announced in the US in New York, The game is coming to all Territories, if it were mitigated to a Japanese release only it would be far more quirky and would have been announced at the press conference in Japan only!

Also, The Home console market is shrinking in Japan and Asia so it's way to big a risk for Capcom to launch a big budget Ip on a console in one region that's greatly out sold by mobile and portable game experience. Case in point, this is a translation error.. Capcom is still discussing when the product of Deep Down will release globally.

Yoshinori Ono already said that we'll know more about the release date when the PS4 launches in Japan. So look for news in Feb.
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adorie  +   619d ago
I don't think you read your sources all the way through. It seems as if you read enough to justify an excitement that it could come to Xbone.

While it would be nice to have it enjoyed by as many as possible, this is a game that is jointly developed by Capcom and Sony software engineers.
I think they will heavily optimize this game and show what a 3rd party game can look like, if a 3rd party actually gives two shits.

Deep Down was also a factor in choosing PS4, and so far it's looking like I made a good bet on that factor. KZ: SF, Infamous: Second Son, the possibility of The Last of Us and the the visually-delicious indie titles I saw in Feb, during the reveal of PS4, the plan to cater to gamers without restriction, as well as so much more.

This was a system designed by a freaking game developer, input from other devs, gamer interests. Phew.. I can't even say any more. It's obvious. This is why I'm going to be an early adopter. We're going to have 3 PS4's in our home, at launch.

Also, before you say the reveal footage shown of Deep Down won't look as good, in-game, this game is still in early development and there is plenty of time to hit that target.
We're at least a year and a half off, but I'm sure Sony and Capcom were excited and ambitious enough to show off what their intentions are for this game.
RyuCloudStrife  +   620d ago
I hope to god it releases here in the US.
black0o  +   620d ago
it will
AngelicIceDiamond  +   620d ago
Well WTF....

I can see why they're catering to Japanese a little more than Westerners but come on...
PSVita  +   620d ago
I feel that this article was an poor attempt from a fanboy trying to kill the hype for this game. I could be wrong but I just don't understand how you can write an entire article based on assumption, which is easily proved wrong as a lot have already pointed out.
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showtimefolks  +   620d ago
is this game really being co-developed by sony/capcom?

anyway can't wait looks awesome, kind of demon soul/dark soul/assassin creed


remember one thing, sony didn't have confidence in demon soul so instead we had atlus publish it, i think after that sony learned a lot and will do all it can to make sure it comes to west

it was shown way back in February so sony has some sort of deal with capcom

would you rather get dead rising 3
or deep down?

maybe i am being a gamer, but i believe it would have been nicer if both came to all next gen platforms, 3rd party games should never be exclusives. but i believe this is the beginning, we will see many 3rd party publishers make exclusive games, and that's a big step away from this gen when mostly 3rd party games came out on all consoles


remember how ME1 was published by MS yet we have it on ps3? so it can happen but there maybe a long long wait for those who want to wait
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bjmartynhak  +   620d ago
It was not clear to me whether SCE is co-developing the game, the Panta Rhei engine, or both.

In any case, it strongly indicates that it is going to be an exclusive.

If it "only' co-developed the engine, Sony may get some part of the money if the game goes to other platforms... I guess (Edit, or the right to use the engine in first-party games)
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showtimefolks  +   620d ago

yeh very interesting to see where this game plus relationship with capcom goes

anyway game itself looks great
ZHZ90  +   620d ago
It's one of thegames I need to add in my video game collection! I really hope it'll be localized.
FamilyGuy  +   620d ago
This story is over a month old, who approved this crap?

Old info is OLD, besides it should read: "release DATE under discussion..." Deep Downs newest trailer was made with english audio/voice acting with japanese subs for crying out loud. https://www.youtube.com/wat...

It's OBVIOUSLY coming to the west/u.s.

This news, marked Aug 1, 2013, is old and out dated.
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LiQuiZoN  +   620d ago
I will probably completely pass if its "online only". The last thing I want or need is another wannabe MMO (DRUG) to lure kids into wasting their entire life in front of a screen.

Every since Ultima Online, I've been very Anti-MMO, also UO was pretty much the best MMO ever.
LOGICWINS  +   620d ago
Thats means nothing. If Capcom thinks that this game won't make a profit in the West, its not coming to the West. We know very little about this game. It could be one of those titles in which one hit could kill your character, something that Capcom MAY believe would not appeal to COD loving Western gamers.
torchic  +   620d ago
what? seriously?

other hardcore RPGs like Demon's Souls, Dark Souls & Dragon's Dogma performed reasonably well in the West in fact people protested like hell to get Demon's Souls over here. even super hard platformers like Cathrine found their way to the West and did well.

that "Westerners are CoD loving" argument is tired and lame.
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Muerte2494  +   620d ago
Then why did Ono fly all the way to New York on February 20th to showcase a game that won't arrive at this market. It's being co developed by SCE. Like I mentioned before Wii U got Monster Hunter, Xbox One received Dead Rising 3, and Ps4 gets Deep Down. Also the both trailers from then and now are in English. Didn't see that with other japanese only ps4 games like Ishin Yakuza.
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LOGICWINS  +   620d ago
"Then why did Ono fly all the way to New York on February 20th to showcase a game that won't arrive at this market."

Simple. To make the PS4 look good in conference that was about making the PS4 LOOK GOOD. The Deep Down "gameplay" shown was a graphical showcase for what the PS4 was capable of. No more, no less.

Forget the fact that the conference took place in NY for a second. It was the the DEBUT of the PS4. Of course SCE wants to show something at the conference that looks pretty...regardless of whether its gameplay(or even a game coming to the West) or not.

Look at Agent and Eight Days. These titles were shown at conferences and haven't seen the light of day. If Sony had the gall to show vaporware at their conferences, why is it so difficult to accept the possibility that Deep Down won't see the light of day in the West?
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Muerte2494  +   620d ago
Unlike 8 days or Agent, we have seen "actual" gameplay from them. It's going to be playable @ TGS. I'm sorry but they announced alot of games @ the reveal. Like you mentioned they showed the same demo @ E3. If it was just to make the ps4 look good then they could have simply waited until E3.
Why are you so adamant that this game won't come to the US? The same thing can be said about Dead Rising for Xbox One using your "logic". You fail to answer why other Japanese centric ps4 titles were in Japanese only. All of them except for Deep Down. Why dub it in the first place if Japan is the only country getting this. Why was the reveal trailer (Feb.20th) also dubbed in English? It just seems counter-productive.

Monster Hunter- Wii U - Capcom available in the US
Dead Rising 3- Xbox One- Capcom coming to the US

So why in the hell would capcom ignore the western market on PS4 when by all accounts it looks to be the system favorite? Your logic makes no sense financially and it's flawed. I don't recall you making this argument about Monster Hunters or Dead Rising in the Wii U or Xbox One threads.
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King-Prodigy-X  +   620d ago
It shouldn't have to be under discussion. They should already have it planned to be release in the West. If they don't, then I'll just import it.
#3 (Edited 620d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
DarkBlood  +   620d ago
they wouldnt have shown it in E3 then if it wasnt coming to the west
LOGICWINS  +   620d ago
The footage from E3 was the same we saw in February. Other than that, Deep Down was a no show at E3.

AceBlazer13  +   620d ago
WTF Capcom and or Sony.
Just f*** it nothing gained nothing lossed
Fireseed  +   620d ago
International release... nothing lost... you do know it costs money to produce things right?
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CrimsonStar  +   620d ago
God that was a dumb comment .
christrules0041  +   620d ago
You know some people buy both consoles to get the all the exclusives they want when they release. But when it's released somewhere else but not in the country your in and you really want to play it, it really does suck.
ziggurcat  +   620d ago
i certainly hope it does.
ziggurcat  +   620d ago
really? some idiot disagreed?
5h4h4b  +   620d ago
Bro, Butthurts praying that it shouldn't come to west disagreed with you. They can keep crying ;)
#6.1.1 (Edited 620d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(0) | Report
Sci0n  +   620d ago
crabs in a bucket mentality xbots are disagreeing, if they can't get it on the one they don't want nobody to have it. They are just as sad and pathetic as that scumbag company micrscam.
ZHZ90  +   620d ago
I am smelling Xbox fanboyism, if the game they want is on the console of their choice which is ok but if not then it should not be localized at all which is selfish.

Even if it stayed as PS exclusive but gets localized and maybe you, Xbox fanboy/girl, end up as PS4 owner as well as Xbox One you can still play the game.
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FlameHawk  +   620d ago
Why the hell would it be under discussion when they showed Deep Down in America to a majority of non Japanese viewers...
#7 (Edited 620d ago ) | Agree(11) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
Lboogieskells  +   620d ago
I think what's under discussion is a release date.
They need to factor in the best time to market and release the product. And this will only take place after the game is finished. The earliest we can expect to see this title is late 2014.

Capcom and SCEA wouldn't invest into a triple AAA title only to release in one region.
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5h4h4b  +   620d ago
Deep down will be amazing. Woohoo. Ps4 will shine with this title.
5h4h4b  +   620d ago
Some people must be praying that it doesn't come to the west. Sigh. I can understand they are jelly.
#9 (Edited 620d ago ) | Agree(10) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
Sharius  +   620d ago
extractly, now sony attemp to put as many JRPG to the west as possible and someone said febuary meeting, E3 and gamescom won't come to west and call it logic?
corvusmd  +   620d ago
Why? It may come to the XB1 in the west as well. It's never actually been said that it's an exclusive directly, just that they DON'T have it on XB1, not that they can't or won't...and whoever is spreading this rumor that SCE is involved in making the game is flat out wrong...it's Capcom alone all the way...they have an arrangement with SCE, and worked with them as far as getting it ON PS4. Even if it is exclusive right now, there is nothing holding it that way at all. That being said...the more I learn about this game the less excited I am about it. If it was more Skyrim like and the enemies kept the theme of the game it'd be amazing...but putting Resident Evil style enemies in this game just doesn't seem to fit to me. Not to mention that the gameplay looks good, but not nearly as great as the cutscenes made me think it did at first.
Sharius  +   620d ago
...and whoever is spreading this rumor that SCE is involved in making the game is flat out wrong...

Mr.Ono said that ON THE STAGE, dude, go and rewatch the whole press
porkChop  +   620d ago
They announced the game in February at the PS4 reveal in New York. They wouldn't have done that if they didn't plan on releasing the game in the west.
Bathyj  +   620d ago
I have no doubt it will come to the west, thats a given. Whether it will have single player or not is what I want to know.
5h4h4b  +   620d ago
If deep down happens to have SP, it will be amazing news :).
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Edi007  +   620d ago
is coming to the west the pre order for this game start in eu and the first trailer show in new york with english
corvusmd  +   620d ago
I have to admit, I thought based of the first trailer I thought that this game was amazing...first person online game that was about killing dragons....awesome. However the more that information about this game comes out, the less I like it. I don't like all the fake looking randomly generated enemies that are in it...this isn't resident evil. I know dragons aren't real, but this game would be so much better if they just kept it more straight forward...it's suffering from the same thing that started turning me off about the Order. The enemies (and weapons in Order) don't fit with the rest of the game. According to some previews I've read, the gameplay is also boring and uninspiring...I'll have to keep an eye on that...obviously I haven't played it myself. If you can play it in first person, especially like from the first trailer, which apparently isn't gameplay now, but cutscene. I still have high hopes for this game, its cutscenes look amazing, and the gameplay looks good as well.....I guess time will tell.
xKugo  +   620d ago
Wait, there are previews of the Order: 1886? If so , where did you read the preview? Who previewed it? To what extent did they see the gameplay? Links please!!
Edi007  +   620d ago
the pre order for europe gamestop fin http://www.gamestop.fi/Play...
KwietStorm  +   620d ago
Demon's Souls came to the west. That's all I have to say.
teezy  +   620d ago
If this comes out in the EU and plays how it looks then I will definitely be giving it a go.
ALARM-clock  +   620d ago
Then it's a good thing the PS4 is region free. The game has even already recorded English voice tracks, so it will certainly be worth the import if you're willing to navigate confusing menus.
deanobi  +   620d ago
Hmmm, it won't suprise me if this game never sees the light of day outside Japan. After all it'll have to compete with games like Ryse's graphics and game play, which will be
difficult consider deep downs recent poor game play reveal.
Lboogieskells  +   620d ago
Ryse and Gameplay should never be mention in the same breath.
wingman32x  +   620d ago
I can't see a situation where this doesn't come to the West. If Capcom passes on it for whatever reason, I'm sure Sony would at least offer to publish it for them. Kind of like what Nintendo had to do to get Bravely Default to the West.
Sci0n  +   620d ago
Deep Down Xbot fans are jelly and need to give it rest. You will never get as many quality games on the xbone. PS4 will have JRPGS, exclusives and multiplat lead dev support. You choose the one and you will always lose.
Tctczach  +   620d ago
You need to chill. It's just a game.
xKugo  +   620d ago
Oh wow; That would suck if we couldn't play it
UsernameOfTheDead  +   620d ago

It is coming to the US. Settle down everyone.
TheFamous1  +   620d ago
WHY! I have money. Other people have money. We want you to take our money and you give us Deep Down.
windblowsagain  +   620d ago
Never heard so much toffee.

Game is set in new york in the future, using memories from the past they can go deep down.

Vocals were in english as well.

It'll see both Japanese and western release.
No_Limit  +   620d ago
Online only RPG is not my cup of tea. So where is my Dragons Dogma sequel Capcom?
No_Limit  +   620d ago
Still looks good though.
#26 (Edited 620d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
fghtrer3fb5erg  +   620d ago
So M$ paid them to not to release this game in europe/north america since it was a brutal ps4 exclusive itd destroy all of M$ exclusives.
GamePeace  +   620d ago
It will! Its the first big Capcom game for Ps4, the Ps4 will not only sell out in Japan, but also in Europe and America, so Capcom will smell the potential of those markets. They are not stupid, only their DLC politics... Sony themselves will order them to release DD in Europe and America in order to sell consoles, if the Gamers consider DD as systemseller. You dont know how many devs and employee will read articles and comments on N4G to orient themselves of what their userbase is liking and thinking, so they can adapt their titles... if potential Ps4 buyiers want it in the western, so Sony will let them release the game in the western... and it will crush the shit out of Microsoft...
#28 (Edited 620d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
HmongAmerican  +   620d ago
If this game won't come to the west. Then how come they show us the trailer back during the PS4 revealed? My guess is that Japan get it first for a year before it localize.
tigertron  +   620d ago
This is a big came from Capcom. Of course it will come out in the west.
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