Battlefield 4 apparently granted MA15+ in AU

Player Attack: Hot on the heels of the system specs released yesterday, it seems that Battlefield 4 has been rated for release in Australia. We say "seems", because while a new game has popped up in the database, published by EA and developed by DICE, it's been submitted as Bionic Fighter Faction instead.

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urwifeminder1552d ago

Ha ha ha that will make for some unhappy kids nice.

GarrusVakarian1552d ago

Plenty of parents ignore those age restrictions and buy their kids BF and CoD every year.

iRocket1552d ago

I wonder if the PEGI rating will be 18 or 16 though. To this day EVERY Battlefield game ever released was PEGI 16, but adverts for BF4 so far have shown PEGI 18...

HeyImBen111552d ago

Of course its pegi 18... something else is for me impossible.

iRocket1552d ago

BF3 was first advertised as PEGI 18, but changed later to 16.

HeyImBen111552d ago

Oh really? I didn't know that BF3 is pegi 16. In my country BC 2 + BF3 were 18+.

xKugo1552d ago Show
ChipChipperson1552d ago

How about you make it R18+? I've encountered way more stupid teens bitching and moaning non-stop throughout a match in BF.