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inFamous: Second Son Preview | PSXExtreme

PS Extreme - inFamous is one of the best new IPs of the current generation, in my honest opinion. The combination of fast-paced superhero-esque action and open-world exploration is highly enjoyable; running around the city with such awesome power just never gets old. In the upcoming sequel, which will launch on the PlayStation 4 in February, we’ll visit the city of Seattle and you know, I get this feeling that the Space Needle could be in imminent danger. (inFamous: Second Son, PS4)

Mr_Danski  +   562d ago
A must buy on day of release.
darthv72  +   561d ago
So looking forward to this one. I have been playing Infamous 1 and 2 as of late to keep the flow going.
Lukas_Japonicus  +   562d ago
One of my most anticipated next gen games. Wish it was a launch game.
rustyspoon80  +   562d ago
I'm kinda glad its coming out in spring next year. That gives me time to spread out the games and not miss anything.
That said, day one for me when it does get here.
strickers  +   561d ago
First PS4 game I pre ordered..... Then I found out it wasn't launch. :-(.
My son and I have just replayed Infamous 2 in evil. Still so good.
Can't wait for this.
MizTv  +   562d ago
I think Kessler will be in this game
Love the whole time travel story
SynestheticRoar  +   562d ago
Yes baby. Tell your friends.
Xwin  +   562d ago
I dont like inFamous 1 and 2, because the gameplay is boring,
the graphics are ugly compared with that already existed when released and the story is told so boring.

But Second Son looks very interesting, the gameplay videos are fantastics and richness of detail is amazing, absolutely will be first purchase for my future PS4.
About the story, there is nothing to say until now, but I hope it will be interesting.
strickers  +   561d ago
Infamous 2 still looks great now. I was playing it yesterday. Physics are some of the best of the whole gen, animation is great and so much happens on screen.
Infamous doesn't hold up as well but it's getting on a bit now and was essentially a first gen PS3 game.

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