Battlefield: Bad Company Hits PS3, X360 on June 23

EA DICE's Battlefield: Bad Company (PS3, X360) will ship to North American retailers on June 23, publisher and studio owner Electronic Arts has revealed.

Based on the feedback surrounding the closed Xbox Live multiplayer beta, the studio dropped its plans to sell additional weapons as micro-transactions. Instead, players will be able to acquire those weapons by either buying the Gold Edition of the game or earning the highest level in multiplayer.

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kapedkrusader3715d ago

With everyone playing GTA4 and MGS4 both with amazing multi-player features, June 23 seems either too late or too soon to release the game.

Mr PS33715d ago

Have nothing to play this should come as a welcome game to them
But i'm sure i'll still be having plenty of fun with the AAA MGS4

CurlUpAndDie3715d ago

this game is going to flop. Dice, and EA deserve to suffer on this garbage game for butchering it to death. No conquest, no prone, or even parachutes. lame.

ForTheFallen3715d ago

NO prone??? Parachutes??? Really???

Wow. Those are BF's things...That's no good. I'm no longer getting this game.

Lord Vader3715d ago

I refuse to buy EA games. I will be enjoying MGS4, GTA IV, & NG2 instead.

Too bad, So sad.

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