Reminder: 'GTA 5' Requires An 8 GB Installation On PS3 And 360

Forbes - We all know that GTA 5 is going to be a massive game in terms of what it brings to the market, but it’s also a massive game, literally.

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HolyDuck1654d ago

Wasn't aware the PS3 needed it.

Is this to help the consoles cope with what's in the game?

GarrusVakarian1654d ago

To make sure it runs as smooth as possible, yes.

Crazyglues1654d ago (Edited 1654d ago )

Hell they could have said 16 gb... for this game I will gladly give them whatever they want...

It also helps that I have a 500GB in my PS3 and 114GB of space left...

No worries GTA V... I'm ready..

||.........___||............ ||

TheFamous11653d ago

It would be cool if they could allow us to install more if we so choose to help increase performance or textures. I wouldn't mind a 16GB install if I got additional benefit from it.

inmusicutrust1653d ago


Hell I would install the whole game so I never have to worry about having the disc in and can hop in anytime, I'd get the digital version but its gta I need that map and guide and case in my collection.

On topic: getting the midnight launch but clearly won't play it that night w such a massive install abd I work tuesday...but I'm off wed and thursday so come tuesday night ill be playing till I work on friday!

JKelloggs1653d ago


Why get it midnight if you're not gonna play it? Get it from Amazon, if you're from the UK it's cheaper than anywhere else right now.

Plus, the install should only take about 10 minutes, if that.

Mikeyy1652d ago

I was about to say.. an 8GB install is large for a console but I wouldnt expect it to last past 20 mins, worst case scenario.

not the end of the world

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showtimefolks1654d ago

i have 200GB free space RS, let's get down to business

Omegasyde1654d ago

Sucks for me, now I have to make room because my PS3 has a nasty virus on it that makes it download "adult media". Now where am I going to stash my "quarantined" movies?

HammadTheBeast1654d ago

Is that the story you told her?

xKugo1654d ago

More than likely, this will mitigate extreme load times give as much of a smooth experience as possible. Just taking into consideration how massive this game is supposed to be, I'm honestly shocked than you even have the option to NOT install this to the hard-drive.

cyguration1654d ago

This is correct.

Most of the "standard files" will be loaded onto the HD for quick loading, like radio stations, vehicles, pedestrians and audio files, since that's what most players will be using the most or experiencing the most at frequent times.

Gentlemanlygamer19921654d ago

Does it count for the digital version??

vlonjati77vlonjati1654d ago

if im not wrong,anything you buy digital will be installed the whole thing.When I preordered GTA V on ps store ,in the descriptions it said that you have to have at least 36GB free of HDD.I could b wrong.

Persistantthug1654d ago

I'm still rocking an 80 gig Fat.

I'm gonna have to delete a couple things.

inmusicutrust1653d ago

My 60gig fat just got ylod a few weeks ago, perfect timing as it was when I was getting lots of overtime and upgraded to a 250gig slim. Gta I'm ready for you.

Side note I got the ylod playing TLOU factions, 30 seconds into a match, the ONLY time I've ever played in the downtown map. Still dunno why nobody likes that map as i havent actually played it :(

3-4-51653d ago

Hmmm, I'll barely be able to play BF3 & this.

Only have the 20 GB still, but it's really only like 14.6 or so.

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-Mezzo-1654d ago

I will clear that much space,...Gladly.

GreenRanger1654d ago

That's bigger than most games on the PS3 and 360.

shoddy1654d ago

The last if us is 16gb

GreenRanger1654d ago

The Last of Us isn't the only PS3 game.

HammadTheBeast1654d ago

Actually around 12 gb is roughly an average. But it's close, which is pretty amazing.

cyguration1654d ago

Most games are cut in half or "optimized" for the Xbox 360's limited disc space.

The average game before memory "optimization" is between 10 and 16 gigabyte, with higher-end games averaging between 20 and 30 gigabyte.

Max Payne 3 uncompressed is 30 gigabyte

MGS4 was 20 gigabyte

GTA IV uncompressed is 16.4 gigabyte

Assassin's Creed Brotherhood uncompressed was around 16 gigabyte

Saints Row 2 uncompressed is 11 gigabyte

So with the install plus the normal game, GTA V will be around 16 gigabyte, which is double the size of what GTA IV was on the Xbox 360, but then again it's four times as big as GTA IV and has more of everything.

thehitman1654d ago

I would say its only bigger than most multiplatform games... Most ps3 exclusives range from 20-50gigs.

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GarrusVakarian1654d ago

8 or 80, there is no space that can't be made available for GTA5 on my HDD.