Konami The Metal Gear Online ID Clusterfu*k

"Unified account and access"? Isn't that what the PSN name is for? To recap: Your PSN name doesn't mean jacksnot in MGO. You must sign up for two other IDs - one gives you access to "various Konami products and services" and the other is your "GAME ID." Didn't think it was possible to make something sillier than Wii Friend Codes, but Konami has done just that. Congrats, Konami! Somewhere Microsoft execs are smiling and nodding." writes

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solar3809d ago

im confused. why does having to sign up a the konami website and creating a Game ID make MS execs "smiling and nodding"....for a sign up process?

wow4u3809d ago

Well, because MS is light years ahead of PSN and WiiFi. And, they'd be pleased to see Sony/Konami dropping the ball.

It is a competition.

And, MSFT is showing that this generation is all about software. And, this clusterf*ck just makes Konami/Sony look like epic failures.

solar3809d ago

so according to you...taking 5 minutes to signup online at a website is an epic failure? thats about as stupid as the "pre-ordering is a waste of time" arguement.

Syko3809d ago (Edited 3809d ago )

The reasons should be obvious. Xbox LIVE is a unified system. PSN is not.

I really need to stop getting so excited for PS3 games online, it only leads to disappointment every time. Examples being....

Hot Shots Golf - No in game voice chat. A deal breaker on a golf game where half the fun is to sit back and talk to others.

GT5:Prologue - No custom games options to play with friends. Not a deal breaker but full of suck IMO.

Now MGS:Online - Errrr...Getting tired of being excited for the PS3 games and getting bad news prior to release.

In fairness though comparing it to Wii Friend codes is ridiculous.

crck3809d ago (Edited 3809d ago )

is about reliability. Thats why MSFT has been dead last in every major region on the planet for the last 3 months. Wow it is fun to spin facts. I mean no one wants a 360 in Europe even though its cheaper then a Wii. Now that my friend is a epic failure.

cherrypie3809d ago

Its amazing that the Sony owners are trying to make excuses for this. You're 100% correct, and by the (dis)agrees your getting, its clear they agree -- and it really upsets them.

decapitator3809d ago (Edited 3809d ago )

When people are charged for this things, they b1tch, when people are needed to go through few process to get the sh1t for free, they still b1tch....*Sigh*....

If this is too hard to comprehend, dont fvcking do it and wait for the real thing then? After all, this is a beta not like the real thing releasing.

Feihc Retsam3809d ago

C'Mon... With an outfit this close to SONY, you'd think they could come up with the BEXT online experience available on the console... Instead we get this fragmented online identity issue again!!!??

Why is it SO HARD to get a unified ID on the PS3???

MikeGdaGod3809d ago (Edited 3809d ago )

so they want to run the beta the way they want. big f*cking deal.

now you're going to cry because you have to use a different name than your PSN tag. here's a hint: USE THE SAME NAME!!!

the only difference is the konami game ID has to be in lower case letters. example: my PSN ID is MikeG115, my konami game ID is mikeg115. its the same name.

[email protected] you people b!tch and cry about every single thing. if they didn't let you in the beta you'd be crying about that too.

it's called BETA TESTING for a reason!!!

@ the disagrees

what is there to disagree with?
did people not get in the beta for free?
can you not use your same PSN ID as i did minus the caps?
is this not a beta?

you people disgust me

jkhan3809d ago

Well I do agree that signing up at Konami website is bit of chore but we are getting beta for free. Secondly its just 5 min. It isn't like OMG Sony fails, Sony is doomed. Well Sony is pulling stuff together, so just wait and hopefully we will be enjoying a premium online service for free.

dan-boy3809d ago

an example of why the psn is free, and the things live users take for granted are not so prevalent on the psn!

@ decapitator

i see your quite angry at people complaining about sony? are people not allowed to voice their opinions if they are'nt good when sony and ps3 are mentioned?

sonarus3809d ago

I have to admit the konami id thing is nonsense. But i don't see why everyone is blowing things out of proportion. Developers obviously aren't ready to take things like custom games and in game voice chat into their own hands so it is really up to sony to make that happen.

Marceles3809d ago (Edited 3809d ago )

good comment decapitator, there's alot of unnecessary trolling going on in here as well, not enough Splinter Cell news I guess...

The Lazy One3809d ago

If you don't know why people are blowing this out of proportion you should leave N4g ;).

There were like 200 comments saying that sony announcing a GTA4 bundle that's more expensive than the 360 and game seperate was going to be a 360 killer.

This hurts sony way more than that is going to hurt microsoft.

It's bad because Sony has been trying to make PSN a unified service since the beginning. Their biggest title this year, and probably in the life of their platform, pretty much said "screw ur system, we'll use ours." Sony's really dropping the ball with PSN. They needed to do one thing to make PSN bigger than XBL (as it is now), that was release pretty much a carbon copy of XBL v1.0 for free. A unified service across all games. Their biggest game deciding not to do that is going to hurt them tremendously.

I would have had a hard time arguing with PSN if it offered the features of xbl 1.0 for free. It had everything a GAMING COMMUNITY needs, then it built on that strong base. The fact that PSN isn't a unified service almost 1.5 years into the PS3's lifetime is a slap in the face as far as I'm concerned.

Gandhi693809d ago


I will be very upset if I'm playing Call of Duty, and inviting my friends to play with me using the friendly to use PSN interface... but then I want to switch to metal gear online, and now I have to go to some konami site to sign up and have a completely different set of friends just to play that game... Lame.

fallfast3809d ago

Well, we know that MS gives everyone free repairs. We also know that MS fixed the hardware's heat issues. That was like in mid-2007.

You know, MS acted quick and took care of its customers. When my PS2 blew up, i couldnt even get my local Sony-rep or help-line to return my calls.

But this Konami/Sony game isnt even RELEASED yet, after all this time, Sony's done nothing to get PSN up to speed. Its still just broken compared to LIVE.

I really suggest you try using an Xbox 360, you'll understand what I mean. Sit down at a buddy's house and put down the fan-glasses.

You'll be pretty suprised. Unlike me, I was suprised when I got my launch PS3, I'd already played on friend's Xbox 360's, and I knew what it was like.

After all this time, they're still delivering these kind of cobbled-together clusterfu*ks? Thats just sad man. I loved my PS2(s) -- and I havent got any love or hate for either Sony or MS really, but there is no doubt at all that Sony is getting schooled.

And this cluserfu*k is just another example man, time to be honest with yourself. I'm buying an Xbox 360 soon, you should think about it too.

sonarus3809d ago (Edited 3809d ago )

@the lazy one. Are you fvkin kidding me. It will make sony look bad in the eyes of who?? Consumers or fanboys???. Understand i am in no way supporting this konami id nonsense but this is being blown out of PROPORTION. This isn't as big a deal as everyone thinks.

This will not make sony/konami look like epic failures. If anything it makes Msoft look like epic failures because somehow they failed to get one of the biggest 3rd party releases of the yr on their system. I think that makes microsoft look more like "epic failures" than a fvkin konami id's.

Anyone who has PES2008 the UK version anyway remembers doing something similar. Its not that big a deal and it takes like 1min to set up and you only set it up once? You set it up from your ps3 and its a done deal. A day after playing the beta is anyone going to remember the "pain and struggles" they went through to get konami id's.

This in no way shows sony service is inferior this is in fact the reason why a lot of developers seem to prefer the psn to xbox live. Its because of the freedom given to developers. Sure konami has taken such freedoms to an extreme and i am not supporting them in anyway but recognize that this is KONAMI's decision and not sony.

I seriously hope they change this. I don't want to have to use two services to get online and i don't want to have to pay for add on content from any source but sony and the psn store. However, these are just wants and my NEED to play MGS far surpasses my wants.

jwatt3809d ago

What are you guys talking about, every game so far on the ps3 has been unified. Yes the psn is not as smooth and unified as live but you guys are trying to find something to bash.

It's a beta and we are getting in for free, Konami wants to get people to sign up for them. Similar to how Ubisoft wants you to sign up for there games like Vegas 2 so you can get exclusive maps. Yes I played Vegas on live but I had to register seprately to ubisoft.

Xbox is better than psn but not light years head like some people claim it be. Every online game I played on my ps3 has been unified, stop trying to find something so small to hate on.

MikeGdaGod3809d ago (Edited 3809d ago )

"Well, we know that MS gives everyone free repairs. We also know that MS fixed the hardware's heat issues. That was like in mid-2007."

are you a comedian or something? i don't even know what MS or the 360 have to do with this thread but ok, i'll play ball.

from the beginning, MS hasn't fixed the heat issues. they've been improved but i think its silly to say they've been fixed.

next, they will only repair your system if it RRoD's. if it scratch disks, cuts off by itself, or makes extremely loud noises you're on your own. this is why people that have issues with their 360's, besides RRoD, try to get it to RRoD by wrapping it in towels. that way MS will cover it under warranty. i have a 360 thats getting traded in for store credit for another PS3. i doubt i'll ever get another 360 until they really fix the issues.

you're other comments about the PSN are even more comical. what does the PSN have to do with the way Konami runs their beta programs? i could see if all the PS3 online games were like this, but this is the first like this i've seen.

i had a 360 and to me, Live wasn't the greatest thing ever (maybe because i have real friends and don't count on my video game systems to introduce me to people). but thats just me. the only thing i wish the PSN did that Live does is cross-game talk.

this is a beta people. if there are things we don't like you can always let them know. all this fire and brimstone is for nothing.

EDIT: see ya online ATLRoAcH. i hope i'll know who you are since ATLRoAcH and atlroach are such a HUGE difference. sarcasm

ATLRoAcH3809d ago

The Konami ID is just for the beta. Read the fine print (not all that fine) on the piece of paper your beta code is on and it says the Metal Gear Online Beta does NOT use the Playstation Network for online play. PSN settings may not apply. See I read every word and had already figured this would be the case. MGO will use the PSN for the full game. I'm sure of that.

@ scottie/Mike

Just like you I just used my PSN ID as my Game ID so its atlroach. See you online.

SeNiLe9113809d ago

not as much of a pain as what UBISOFT did with Vegas 2. The day Vegas 2 came out there was two new maps to download or unlock making half the people that don't have a brain cell not have them and be kicked from the game when switched to either map. To download one of the maps you had to sign up and link your gamer tag with UBISOFT, the other you had to get the cheat code to unlock the map already on the disc in the first place. Hopefully developers will see this is a failure and not do this crap again.

fenderputty3809d ago

Arguing over a 3 min procedure. Epic Fail This is about as bad as the "PS3 consumes more engergy" threads.

At least I got a good laugh at how some of you try to twist this.

Free Beta for a great game ... check
Free online service ... check
Five minutes of hassle to remove caps ... check
Doom and Gloom and Epic Fail ... only if you're a fanboy of the greener console.

Grasping at straws much?

The Lazy One3809d ago

"look bad in the eyes of who?"

I'd hope anyone with a PS3. Otherwise you guys are worse off than I thought. Do you think if bungie decided to make their own service to host halo 3 with a new gamertag it would have been a good thing for XBL? It's the same concept.

You people are all looking at the sign up as the bad thing, that's not it. It's the fact that you're going to have many people with potentially different tags making friends under those different tags that don't carry over the service that's supposed to be a unified experience. It's not just a forum sign up. It affects gameplay, and it's stupid.

You know what I had to do to play halo 3 online? nothing. Forza? nothing. PGR, GoW, Vegas, Cod4, Shadowrun? nothing.

This is exactly what I'm talking about. It's not ok to be dissatisfied with the service. This "it's ok because..." mentality is ruining your experiences not mine.

pukka_p3809d ago

You are signing up to help iron out bugs before the software is launched.

You are doing Konami a favour.

They owe you nothing, whether that is a working game or easy access to the service. You owe them your gratitude, if you're that fussed, for the pleasure (however unpleasurable it may be) to play a game before it's released...

If I were a developer ther is no way I would do an open beta. Just imagine the bug reports. "This doesn't work, I can't believe it! I'm never buying your products again!"

wageslave3808d ago


All Beta's are free. Demos are free.

This is neither, it is part of MGS4, which you must pay for.


Take Random Game X, if Random Game X let you download a portion of the game *AFTER YOU PAID FOR IT*. Would you say it is "free"?

No. This isnt free. It is part of MGS4. Which you must pay for to play.

dantesparda3808d ago

While i agree that this sucks and would rather not have to do this (have to register). Its still better than having to pay $60 for Crackdown to get the Halo 3 beta. In comparison to that, this is a small prize to pay for this beta. And dont forget all the bullsh!t you had to go through to get on that Final Fantasy MMO on the 360. And to all the Live/PSN comparers, i rather fill out a few registration forms every once in a while and get a free service than have to pay $50 a year to not have to.

As for the multiple names/IDs, i agree, but we dont know for sure that this will be in the final version. Now continue on hating haters, peace!

Milky3808d ago

this is only for U.S isnt it ? because it only states the u.s beta.

Delive3808d ago

1: This is a Konami decision, and so far, I don't like it. My PSN ID is 6 characters. The Konami ID has to be at least 8. The Konami ID and Game ID cannot be the same. THis makes it more annoying.

2: This is more fuel to the "MSG4 is not coming to Xbox" fire. MS would not allow this. Unless....... FFXI has it's own logon credentials I think. You log out of live and onto their service. Maybe this could happen on Xbox after all.

Tomdc3808d ago

this has nought to do with PSN vs Xbox live, everyone knows xbox live is better (the extent to which it is, is generally what is argued over). But this is a stupid complaint really... I mean who cares! you have to create a new ID on a website wow... hardly news worthy. Plus its one your only going to use like once because when you get the beta you won't need to use it again.

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Alcohog3809d ago

Not sure I see what the fuss is here...I had no problem with it and was happy to use a different handle other than my PSN. I think this is going to be used for some interesting web integration into the game. Think stats, clan controls, etc.

3809d ago
Alcohog3809d ago

I don't think you guys really understand whats going on here...This wasn't necessary by any means. Its just a decision by Konami to integrate THEIR database into MGO. Japan has been using the Konami ID for years, and it is now opening to other regions. This has nothing to do with any inadequacies of the PSN or anything of that nature. If anything, the backlash here of MS fans, or whatever you naysayers want to be called, is a testament to your desperation to find any 'flaws' with anything Sony as your ship continues to sink. This is not a decision by Sony, this is Konami and for their game and THEIR online community.

Feihc Retsam3809d ago

Microsoft had no problem integrating all of the XBOX LIVE member accounts for or
This is a shining example of how Microsoft is still setting the standard with onlien console gaming... A seamless, unified online experience.
The Xbox Live gamertag system allows players to get invested in one identity, and it builds a sense of ownership

Alcohog3809d ago

You're not getting it. That isn't the issue here. Resistance had integration to the PSN ID. This is a CHOICE by KONAMI and its not a big deal at all. This is a BETA, maybe they want it for an ease in reporting bugs and other issues. I just don't see what all the fuss is about just because Konami wants you to sign up through their system. Its for their benefit, not to make your life easier. If they wanted to use your PSN ID then they would.

solar3809d ago

nice reply alco. other games use the psn id integration just fine. Konami has their motives why not to. and all this nonsense is being blown outta proportion. ill play my free beta.

Gandhi693809d ago


Why should we care what Konami wants? I'm pretty sure EVERYONE on PSN would rather have just one ID and one friendlist, instead of of a bunch of different ID's and friends for different games...

If this becomes a trend, it could be one of the worst things to happen to PSN.

The Lazy One3809d ago

No, you're not getting it. I go on xbl I have my gamertag. I go on it's the same gamertag(not a different gamertag linked to that gamertag). I'm amazed at how readily you support this.

This is the reason you don't have cross game messages and invites. This is the reason you'll have a hard time keeping up with any friends you meet online.

I mean christ, it's ok to be upset with something Sony does or something they're not doing. It's how they get stuff changed. It's why I don't get sony consoles anymore. They build everything on promises, and nobody demands that they fulfill them. they jsut accept them. Sony doesn't have to perform, because they don't need to to keep their fans. Microsoft might have messed up in their console design, but they deliver, and they keep their fans happy. They extend warranties, they give free gifts when they mess up and sometimes just because, and most importantly they provide a serivice that delivers everything their fans want.

solar3809d ago

its still a "BETA". we dont know if the final game will be released like this. everyone needs to calm the eff down. if its like this when the final version is released then im in the same camp as thinking its nonsense. christ.

fallfast3809d ago

Exactly! The two machines are roughly the same in hardware (the PS3 has a BR drive for movies...which would be cool if I didnt use Digital Distribution (bt anyone?) for all my movies... but thats about it).

These two machines have about the same amount of horsepower, so, what does that mean? Its all up to the *software*.

And, up to this point. The Xbox 360 exclusive games have been head-and-shoulders better. I've had only Uncharted and R&C that I thougth were good enough to buy. While I watched the Xbox 360 get all these great new games, I've been *hoping* for Sony to pick up the pace.

They havent.

The differences in the "extras" are astounding too. Where is my Free DLC Sony? MS has free DLC all the time. What about Casual and Arcade games Sony? My PS3 model has b/c -- where are my PS2 downloads Sony? Dont even get me started on the Guide features that the PS3 lacks.

I'm buying an Xbox 360 Elite soon (with confidence now that they fixed the heat issues and gave everyone an awesome warranty), the question for me is: Do I sell my PS3 or hold on to it?

meepmoopmeep3809d ago

@ above

why would you sell it? the games will come sure enough. i can understand your frustration and all, but i would keep the PS3 and buy the 360 if you can afford to. you don't want to shoot yourself in the foot later on when things get sorted out.

my advice would be to keep it if you can.

sonarus3809d ago (Edited 3809d ago )

LOL @fallfast. Seriously speaking if you are so unhappy with the service sony provides then GTFO. Go buy your elite and enjoy the better exclusives and the digital distribution. At the end of they day it is always your choice stop talking like sony Fvkd you in the a$$ when you bought your playstation. If you aren't happy with your purchase then sell it and move on. Hate fvkin whiners. Seriously don't just buy an elite do us all a favor and sell your ps3 while you are at it.

Alcohog3809d ago

I give up, you guys are idiots and will complain about anything. This is the equivalent of me having to sign up on a forum somewhere and not being able to use my PSN ID, and as a result labeling the whole system as ****ed.

WTF, why can't I sign into my online banking with my PSN!? Broken online ID system! Quick, tell the Internets!

Gandhi693809d ago


No, if you going to simplify it down like that, it would be better to say this: What if whenever you met someone who wanted to contact you by e-mail, instead of asking for your current e-mail address, they asked you to go to their own e-mail server and sign up for theres. You would end up with like 20 different e-mail address and you would have to check like 20 different inboxes just to keep in touch with everyone...

Now, we are not sure what the final metal gear solid online will bring, but that seems to be what they are implying in the article, Konami asking us to go sign up for a new e-mail address (or gamertag if you will) on their own system, when we already have one.

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Tempist3809d ago

There's probably a deeper reason for this in the end. We'll probably know more in the coming weeks.

cherrypie3809d ago

Perhaps they'll patch it or something? Personally, I'd rather they just delay it instead of shipping this half-assed stuff.

jwatt3809d ago (Edited 3809d ago )

It's a beta so how is it half baked? MGS4's single player alone is going to own.

jiinn3809d ago

Thats crap. Utter crap. Sony better get their stuff together, I dont want to have to keep a paper with a dozen passwords and account names next to my PS3.

Hey Sony; try and get up to speed please.

cherrypie3809d ago

Exactly. What were they thinking?

mindedone3809d ago

Why wouldn't you use the same id and password?

40cal3809d ago

Your Konomi ID is just for the MGO beta. If you dont want to play the beta then dont sign up for one, if you want to play the beta then sign up for one. Easy as one two three.

Feihc Retsam3809d ago

Wish I was cool enough to own one and put pictures of it online... Maybe someday

Gandhi693809d ago


If you were being sarcastic, your an ass...