Microsoft Made a Mistake Scheduling the Xbox One’s Release After PS4

Microsoft Made a Mistake Scheduling the Xbox One’s Release After PS4 details why Game Tangents thinks Xbox One should be scheduled for release before the PS4.

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HolyDuck1554d ago

I really don't think it matters.

I can't imagine too many people, if any cancelling their pre order because of a week difference in shipping dates.

This XB1 Vs PS4 thing is getting really boring, why can't we just be gamers and get over the fact that both consoles will sell REALLY well.

Hatsune-Miku1554d ago

Microsoft made a mistake by scheduling the xbox ones release

theBAWSE1554d ago (Edited 1554d ago )

if we honest considering all the back peddling... And I mean 180s to a degree that has never been seen before on a console Ms made a mistake with the xbone in general..

hence there non-stop damage control ever since

Godmars2901554d ago

So they should have done everything they could to get out ahead of Sony?

JokesOnYou1554d ago

No 1 week doesn't matter at all. Next?....

Kuse1554d ago

This is the problem with gamers, this simple minded immature drudgery.

UltimateMaster1554d ago

No they did not.

1 week if utterly irrelevant.

What WOULD have been a mistake would have been to release it on the same day!

Now I can already see a bunch of Youtube Fanboy fights all over the internet...

Angeljuice1554d ago

I don't think it's a big mistake not to release ahead of Sony. Both companies will want to get their systems out to the public as soon as is feasible, but they also want a smooth and successful release. There are so many factors involved with contractors, distribution, manufacturing etc that it was never going to be a case of just picking a date that sounds good.

It is obvious that both companies are working as hard as possible to get everything set for release, and they both seem to be pushing it to the wire. If Sony were physically able to, they would have launched simultaneously in all regions, if Microsoft were able to they would have launched before Sony.

There is only one territory where Sony will release ahead of Microsoft (albeit a very important one), but only by a single week, the exact same duration that the Xbox one will have the advantage in the other (disputed) territories.

Essentially both manufacturers are releasing their respective consoles simultaneously, so any advantage garnered from this will be miniscule.

mistertwoturbo1554d ago

It should be

"Microsoft made a mistake by _____(insert anything)______"

UltimateMaster1554d ago

If this is another doom and gloom of the Xbox One.
This 1 week difference may as well be the lamest excuse of them all.

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Pope_Kaz_Hirai_II1554d ago

Ryse will change the world and when the world ends we will play ryse in heaven.

xxShadow-Shockxx1554d ago

Can we please be serious, ryse looks terrible. And I have a question for everyone, what's all the hype with titanfall IMO I really don't think it looks that great is it just because its something different.

gaelic_laoch1554d ago (Edited 1554d ago )

I am pretty sure God plays the PS4 in heaven and if you are naughty you get Xboned in Heck by Old Nick!

Raf1k11554d ago

Titanfall is basically CoD with mechs and jet packs. The gameplay itself doesn't look much different. It still has maps with a fairly limited size but with verticality adding some needed depth to combat.

It does look pretty fun but it does seem like it's being blown up more than it should be.

I'm going to need to play it for myself to see if it's really worth the hype it's getting.

Jdoki1554d ago

@AnthonyF123 and Raf1k1

I agree, I don't know why there's so much hype for Titanfall.

Everyone on N4G has been bashing CoD and EA for years - don't they realise the studio making this is headed up by the two guys most responsible for CoD and it's going to be published by EA!?

I'm keeping an eye on it, but no way is it a Day 1 purchase. I need to know more about it and how it plays. (Same thing with Destiny)

LiQuiZoN1553d ago

Titanfall is online only...ewww. Leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Kind of like duck liver mixed with honey.

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agree... the 360 came out almost a year ahead of the ps3, didn't stop the people who wanted one going for one and even with the head start the ps3 is still leading in sales world wide. a few days is not going to make that much of an impact.

PunisherRevenge1554d ago

@Dark.....why do you Sony fans keep saying the PS3 is leading in worldwide sales when there are no numbers from Sony, Nintendo, or Microsoft to support that claim?......and don't give me no bs no name website or VG charts crap.

n4rc1553d ago

They are both at ~80m worldwide... And both losing to Nintendo.

Clive_Bixby1553d ago

If you take Japan out of the equation 360 has outsold ps3 everywhere else. They stopped selling 360 in Japan years ago because it did so poorly.

vigilante_man1553d ago (Edited 1553d ago )

@Clive_Bixby: Sorry, but The US is the only region where the 360 outsold the PS3. In Europe (UK being the exception) and the rest of the world the PS3 is way ahead in sales than the 360.

And the PS3 has outsold the 360 for at least the past 4 years. Its just a fact. The wii has outsold both but it does not mean the wii is better than 360/PS3 - it is just a fact.

Facts are facts. Outside of the US the PS3 rules by quite a bit and now has sold more worldwide than the 360. Does not mean you get a better experience, it just means it has sold more.

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gaelic_laoch1554d ago

"I can't imagine too many people, if any cancelling their pre order"

That ship has sailed! those souls that have the XbONE pre order and are stuck with an equivalent of a Ticket for the Titanic!

jackanderson19851554d ago

now this could just be me but i have a crazy reason people are pre-ordering or buying these consoles for the games that are coming at launch and the expected games down the line... basing your purchase on an old, and now redundant. reason such as 24 hour check in online or mandatory connected kinect would seems a bit ridiculous.

yes they could bring back in the 24 hour online jazz but if you're buying a next gen console for the offline only experience then you're going to miss out on some serious games like The Division, Titanfall and Destiny (deep down maybe but dunno if that is always online)... also if you did happen to buy it for offline only then you'd never have the need to connect it to the internet and they could never force an update (after the first one) on you to bring it back should they decide to do so down the line and so your console will remain offline capable.

personally for me the PS4 launch lineup doesn't interest me but infamous and the inevitable classics from ND are the reason I'm getting it. Ryse and DR3 interest me for the X1 so that's why i'm also getting that.

also final point. if you pre-order something you can always, before you pick it up, cancel that pre-order for a complete refund

gaelic_laoch1554d ago

@ jackanderson1985

I would suggest many people backed the XbONE yet may then have swayed towards the PS4. Now they would need to wait until the new year if they only pre ordered a PS4 now.

So many would rather stick to their guns and get the XbONE at launch and justify their purchase in terms of it being superior to the PS4 and not truthfully in that they did not want to feel left out at launch!

H0RSE1554d ago (Edited 1554d ago )


Their really isn't much needed for those who are getting X1's to "justify" their purchase. They are getting X1's because they want X1's - the reasons why are irrelevant. For me, it comes down to 3 factors:

- I can't stand the DS controller
- I'm not a fan of PSN
- My friends are on xbox.

Notice no mention of hardware or price or "forced/mandatory Kinect." Why? Because they are non-issues. people like myself, would rather pay more for something they actually want, than pay less for something they don't, even if the opposition can be considered "better."

The PS4 could be running SLI gpu's with an OC'd i7, but it still uses that awful controller, an unappealing online service, and my friend's are nowhere to found on it. I also have a high-end gaming PC, so buying a console based around hardware specs (which virtually nobody does in real life) was moot since I beat both of them. As for games, exclusives do little for me, since I spend most my time playing multiplats, so neither system has that as a selling point.

There is zero justification needed, and in my case, even more so, because getting a PS4 was never even going to be an option. The only case where justification would've been need, is if I decided to get a PS4.

PunisherRevenge1554d ago guy are funny. Who's to say the PS4 is not the equivalent of the Titanic this time around seeing neither console has been released yet? It funny how you guy spit so hate at Nintendo and Microsoft that you acctually start to believe what you say and try to pass it off as truth. It's so sad....LOL

n4rc1553d ago

Gaelic... Retarded fanboyism as usual from you huh?

Horse.. Well said.. Echoes my feeling exactly.. I don't need to justify my decisions to ranDom nobodies in a comments section.. especially when theyve shown me their opinion isn't worth paying attention to.

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JsonHenry1554d ago

I don't see it making a bit of difference. People who want the PS4 will buy the PS4. People who want the Xbox1 will buy the Xbox1.

People who want both will buy both. :)

firelogic1554d ago

You're right. It doesn't matter. It's funny reading about the launch day "race." Even with a year's head start at a much cheaper price-point, PS3/360 are neck and neck 7 years later.

It's ridiculous to think that 7 days either way would make or break the next-gen which is going to last at least 5-10 years.

Same goes for the launch lineup debate. The launch lineup doesn't matter. These consoles are going to be in the market for 10 years+.

deviouslight1554d ago

True but because of the ps4 selling one week earlier it mind get more of the mind share, and that could possibly overshadow the XB1 release date.

TheGreatGamer1554d ago

for hardcore gamers this could be a deciding factor

GT671554d ago

@ holyduck

tooooooooooo late now.

AngelicIceDiamond1554d ago

I can say 1 week isn't the end all MS console. If 360 and PS3 launches taught us anything.

redcar1211553d ago

you can not say that on here its a sin

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lifeisgamesok1554d ago

I don't think they have. What's a week longer wait to play the games you want

cleft51554d ago

It's not about the week longer wait, that really doesn't matter. It's about how long will it take for them to restock after the initial shipment.

Sony now has 2 weeks to restock after their initial shipment before Black Friday, whereas Microsoft has less than a week, Thanksgiving is a holiday so no shipping will happen those days, to restock before Black Friday.

You combine this with the momentum Sony has, the $100 less price tag, and now 2 weeks to restock their supplies before Black Friday and you have a potentially disastrous situation for Microsoft. Both companies initial stock is sold out so that's not really the battle.

The battle is going to come down to who can move the most units in the next three months. After that companies will decide on what will be the lead console platform for their games based off of that initial three months. Whoever wins that battle effectively wins the next-gen war.

n4rc1553d ago

Microsoft said they are holding back preorders to ensure stores have stock for walk ins..

Think I saw the same from Sony..

rajman1554d ago

It is coming out 1 week before the PS4 in EU, which comes with Free Fifa 14...which is also a huge franchise over there and so it will sell. But it will only be available in 7 European countries and so the PS4 should sell more

jackanderson19851554d ago

if you compare the sales for the regions the PS4 are launching with the 360/PS3 sales you can see that MS won't lose out much... i think the countries they did cut out from the original 21 and those that didn't make even that original list, made up a small % of the 360s overall sales.

is it a risky move yeah but say for example MS has 2 mil stock in the UK and sony only have 1mil (purely hypothetical numbers for ease of example)... people might not wait the 3 or 4 weeks it might take Sony to restock the UK especially in the lead up to christmas so MS might shift those extra million copies of their console if they weren't already sold out

cleft51554d ago (Edited 1554d ago )

Thats very true, but even if that is the case because Sony is launching in so many more European countries than Microsoft it pretty much negates this week advantage. Importing stuff in European countries can be costly and the Xbox One is already expensive there so people are going to be willing to wait instead of importing a Xbox One just to have a next-gen system a little early.

I am sure their would be some wealthy people that will import the Xbox One, but odds are that they where going to do that anyways. The average person is going to just wait.

firelogic1554d ago

Europe is predominantly "pro-sony" and I think they're smart enough to realize that a going Sony means PS4+FIFA+$40 to spend on something else, vs. an XB1 with free FIFA.

sAVAge_bEaST1554d ago

Xbox mad a mistake (with) the Xbox Ones' Release. *fixed

Octo11554d ago

I think that the XBone launching a week later will make both MS and Sony's marketing into overdrive. Sony will try its all to prevent the XBone from stealing the PS4's thunder and MS will try to hard to have the spot light on their new machine and on nothing else. Get yer popcorn kids.

jairusmonillas1554d ago

Xbox One is digging on its own grave while Sony is just watching them and helping them dig deeper.

ravinash1554d ago (Edited 1554d ago )

Xbox One is digging it's own grave, Sony will just help by filling it in once Xbox lies down.