Bobbya1984 Breaks Down the Call of Duty: Ghosts Trailer from Spaaaace

Ryan and IGN Call of Duty expert Bobbya1984 break down the campaign trailer for Ghosts. Riley woofs in approval.

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testo61718d ago (Edited 1718d ago )

don't get surprise if activision release a trailer with bionic fish taking down f-35s and aircraft carriers.... just sayin'...

EDIT: Im saying that because they really improve FISH AI.

LackTrue4K1718d ago

guns....gun use in space?!? "WHERE IS THE RECOIL?!"

LOL.....forget recoil, what about grenade throws?!

Vip3r1718d ago

When has recoil even been in a COD game before?

LackTrue4K1718d ago

i hate how they bring up ideas from other places in this video.

@ 9:00 uncharted dose this, now its cool cuz COD dose it..."maybe"?!

@11:00 "video specks for its self"

@11:50 even spider-man/Splinter Cell is getting ripped off?! lol

Chapter111718d ago

Call of Duty in space. If that doesn't smack of desperation, I don't know what does.

GentlemenRUs1718d ago

So like that scene in MW2?

Hmm, A little overused don't you think?

tdogchristy901718d ago

A couple things.

Is this trailer rendered from current or next gen consoles, it looked better than I remember cod?

Second, my first thought at shooting/explosions in space made me laugh. As anyone who knows starwars, or science, these things just don't happen in air....and shooting in space, come gravity.

With all that said, I will say I'm a sucker for a good single player story. I was done with mw after the trilogy, didn't really like black-ops 1 and didn't even bother with 2. I was just done with cod. But this story trailer has me curious at least. May have to pick it up cheap or something for the story.

starchild1718d ago

Jeez if you can't tell this is beyond the capabilities of current gen consoles then you really don't have a clue about graphics or the technology that powers those graphics.

This is CLEARLY a good leap over current gen console games.

Why should devs even bother making nicer visuals when so many gamers can't seem to tell the difference?

starchild1718d ago

To be clear I'm not saying it looks as good as other next gen games like Battlefield 4 or Killzone Shadow Fall, all I am saying is that it is a big step up from the current gen COD games and beyond the capabilities of current consoles.

FragMnTagM1718d ago (Edited 1718d ago )


If those are next gen graphics, then IW sucks at their job really hard.

If those are current gen, then they look fairly good.

I would say that they are current gen graphics.

Look at the monorail part. The train and the helicopter are detail, but the environment is really flat and blocky looking. The textures look alright, but they certainly don't look amazing or anything. I know that next gen is far more capable of doing better than that, even with lazy or less skilled developers.

Swiggins1718d ago (Edited 1718d ago )

Actually, believe it or not, guns work perfectly in space.

The oxygen needed for the bullet to fire is already self-contained in the shell. For that same reason a lot of guns can be fired underwater (though they'll likely jam because the water prevents the bullets from exiting properly.

Hell, because of the lack of gravity, guns might actually work better; no drop off. The lack of oxygen means that there's no wind resistance to screw with bullet trajectory either.

As for the explosions, well...I'm not so sure on that one.

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Hazmat131718d ago

damnit for me its always the storyline that drags me in. no joke.

6DEAD6END61718d ago

Same here, I swore to myself that I wouldn't get another COD but this one looks really good. Yeah I know that graphic suck but the gameplay for both SP and MP looks solid.

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