WalMart Canada Anniversary Sale Starts Friday: 500GB PS3 Bundle $200, BioShock Infinite $15, More

There’s always the off chance that the deals for the rest of the country will be different, but thanks to WalMart Canada’s Quebec flyer (which starts tomorrow), we know the really good gaming deals that will go live on Friday everywhere else in the country. - PSLS

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Relientk771650d ago

BioShock Infinite for $15

omg amazing price, well worth it

trickman8881650d ago

If only this was Walmart USA -_-

Tenac871649d ago

Now you know how us Canadians feel 90% of the time. It sucks, and I know exactly that feel your feeling. But I think it's about time that Canada finally got some sick deals, even if only from Wallmart. You don't know how many articles I have seen with amazing sales and they are almost always from the USA.

SeraphimBlade1650d ago

Buy yourself Bioshock Infinite, and don't worry about the debt.