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Submitted by pat_11_5 886d ago | interview

Microsoft discusses what features set the Xbox One apart from the PS4

Snap multitasking and video offerings are what separates the Xbox One from the PlayStation 4 in terms of features. (Xbox One)

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ABeastNamedTariq  +   886d ago
Doesn't the PS4 have some sort of multitasking too? That requires a double tap of the home button? I don't know if it works exactly like the Xbone but, I'm just saying.

To me (yes, this is my opinion), the only thing that really separates it is the TV integration. And exclusives and stuff, but that's already implied.
TomShoe  +   886d ago
Hmm, I'm surprised no one's yelled "TEH CLOUDZORZ" into my ear yet.
Ezz2013  +   886d ago | Well said
is it me or MS talk about ps4 more than they talk about xbox1 ?!

every songle article i read about MS they have to bring up ps4
p0tat0stix  +   886d ago | Funny
...says the PS4 fan about an XB1 article ...

Pure irony.
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-Foxtrot  +   886d ago
Cloudzorz...sounds like a planet full of sheep people
gamertk421  +   886d ago | Well said
Bring up PS4? He was asked directly to compare features of the two. Do you even read the articles???

this was for ezz
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YNWA96  +   886d ago
No Tom but you probably hear Dicks head a lot...
crxss  +   886d ago
I like the 360 in the picture...
JokesOnYou  +   886d ago
Ezz2013, Its just you because like many you comment without reading the article.

He was asked directly what sets them apart in regards to features.

Edit lol guess I should of read all the replies, gamertk421 already covered this.
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user5575708  +   886d ago

actually the Microsoft rep doesn't mention ps4 at all. if you notice when most reps answer questions they answer about the console they are trying to market and act as if their console is the only one that exists with the features and games they mention
P0werVR  +   886d ago
Well, I've seen more Sony fanboys mention the cloud than Micro fanboys.

But I'll say it, Azure is going to be an incremental progress once it launches and is taken advantage of.

TV integration and more, using other apps that are always been introduced. If Xbox 360's apps isn't a testament to it's potential, imagine use on it along with snap on Xbox One.
UltimateMaster  +   886d ago
They can both multi-task...
What kind of nonsense is this?

Obviously, both have unique interfaces with unique features.
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P0werVR  +   886d ago

We all know that, the difference is Xbox One's snap feature. He stated it clearly.

Xbox One will have a better and seamless UI, IMO so far of what has been shown by either company.
GT67  +   886d ago
i think SONY and MS was in the same investor meeting
coming out with close multitasking features in consoles. you would think 2 seperate companies would have 2 entirely different features and offers than anything close to offer as it is.

they both have spies working in each companies.
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paul-p1988  +   886d ago
@GT67 The spy is double agent Phil Harrison! We all knew this, and now the truth is out, he's passing the multi-tasking information between the 2 companies haha
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BallsEye  +   886d ago

Nidia cloudlight demo. Same computing MS is advertising. How about that..hmm? 500 ms still looks amazing.
Ritsujun  +   886d ago
Not hard enough, Xbosh, try harder and harder.

Whrz da pAwAA of tEh ClOudz?
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come_bom  +   886d ago
"Hmm, I'm surprised no one's yelled "TEH CLOUDZORZ" into my ear yet. "

Actually, Microsoft hardly talks about the cloud. It's Sony fanboys that are always yelling "TEH CLOUDZORZ". Just take a look at all X1 news in N4G and see for your self, starting with this article (for example you!)... just saying.
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HiddenMission  +   886d ago

I did read it and one of the points he said makes MS stand out from Sony is Blu-Ray...yeah didn't MS and it's fanboys say that it wasn't needed and now it's what helps to have them stand out.

Last time I checked PS4 still plays Blu-Ray disks...
Ritsujun  +   886d ago
Awwww cum_pom's mad.
theWB27  +   886d ago
Pretty much yeah. I don't think it's to the extent of the X1..but I think you could be playing a game on PS4...go to the store buy a game and still continue to play the former game while the new one downloads.

It's the snap features that's not known if the PS4 does like...

PS- This article title implies it was another interview of Micro comparing the two when it's not the case at all.
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mithril  +   886d ago
PS3 and Xbox 360 already do multitasking. receive message text while playing is multitasking. The only difference between Xbox One and PS4 in multitasking is: Xbox one use 3 OS instead of one. but it's not rely an advantage because more resources is used to doing this king of multitasking.
xxV0rschlaghammer  +   886d ago
That's why MS is using 3.5GB RAM for their non-game OS and Sony is using 4GB? lol?
LoydX-mas  +   886d ago

The X1 has an additional 8 gigs of flash memory.
Remember 8gb of ddr3 AND 8gb of flash.
Sarick  +   885d ago
Having these capabilities can be both good or bad it all depends on how "YOU" want to use "YOUR" system. How much are we willing to sacrifice in performance to get these added toys.

Think of it like a paycheck. You get paid and it's your money to manage. Think of that money as CPU. How you spend it is dependent on needs and luxuries. With a console having a bunch of background features do take resources.

If this amounts to a lot of overhead then it can affect performance. When I buy a console the investment is for games. I'm not interested in the cable TV hookup, twitter. Yes, I want an entertainment device but it shouldn't sacrifice the core reason for buying the console IE:gaming.
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n4rc  +   886d ago | Well said
As I understand it... Both will do multitasking.

But x1 is essentially multiple systems.. Running a game and you can open a video and not lose any performance in the game... Whereas ps4 i think has to share resources between tasks...

Tv integration is huge for me..
strickers  +   886d ago
Oh dear. TV integration is huge for you? I feel a bit sad that you NEED all the junk , meaning you HAVE to buy XB :-)
waltercross  +   886d ago
PS4 can Multitask, but the way Sony sees it is if you're playing a game you won't be watching a movie and in a way that's so true. Besides I have a DVR.
ShinMaster  +   886d ago
Cable TV, something that you already have and pay for, is huge?
Kryptonite42O  +   886d ago
I was looking forward to the TV integration as a nice perk. im a bit dissappointed that it won't be available in Canada at launch..

"Q: With the Xbox One’s TV features, I’ve heard a lot about what’s going to be available in the U.S., but what about Canada? What kinds of apps and services will we be getting?

Jeff Rivait: We haven’t specified our complete app line up but HDMI TV out will work, they’ll just be those Xbox interactive layers on top of that. We continue to be focused on making sure that the best and most used apps on the Xbox 360 are going to come over first and the rest will make their way over time"

Well you would sure hope the HDMI OUT works at launch..
n4rc  +   886d ago
I still don't get how people cant understand this...

Yes I already have cable.. What's your point?
I like the idea of watching TV while still having access to everything on my Xbox.. I can watch TV in the snapped screen, perfect for when I want to watch a hockey game but friends want to play..

And how exactly is it not going to work? Its hdmi-in... Your location doesn't affect that... Some things will be us only at first, yes... But not the core feature..

It integrates, not replaces...
Shake_Zula  +   886d ago
I think too much weight gets put into the current generation in regards to future predictions and influence on next-gen hardware and software features. Too often do we gamers neglect the fundamental concepts powering gaming technology.

Here's the key word: Virtualization

The Xbone (forgive the laziness; I actually like the name) is obviously a HEAVILY modified core version of Windows 8 running a specialized implementation of Hyper-V. On the PS4 side of things, we have a custom FreeBSD Linux OS running an optimized hypervisor with a shared database backend that is contained within the OS.

Now, if you look at virtualization technologies in the IT world between Linux's VMware and MS's Hyper-V, VMware wins out everytime with respect to performance. MS has been playing the catch up game for quite awhile. But, these are server-grade technologies where you might have dozens of virtual machines simultaneously at a time. The PS4 and Xbone may be running 5 simultaneously at the most. So, UI switching or ambient feature sets will likely be the same with maybe a slight edge to the Xbone in terms of app closing times.

Aside from the APU difference in favor of the PS4, the real dealbreaker in preference lies in the difference in RAM usage. Both systems have it's pros and cons.

The eSRAM chip in the Xbone will act as a fast lane for textures, and it is faster than GDDR5. The drawback is that it is only 32MB, which means that while the "in your face" textures will load up quickly and smoothly from eSRAM cache, long draw distances will probably victim of texture pop loading from DDR3 cache flushes and migrations. Think graphical nearsightedness; DirectX with draw distance integrated is probably what makes it all look good after all is said and done.

The PS4's unified GDDR5 setup will load the same "in your face" textures marginally slower and less smoothly, but the large memory pool allows for higher definition textures and better quality high draw distance. So, no murky horizons, and quite a bit more development flexibility.

In my opinion, overall high graphic fidelity at the expense of a few frames per second is better than short range high graphic fidelity with high frames per second.

As for everything else, the Xbone has HDMI In, but Sony practically has it hands in everything production media, so IPTV will likely be on the rise soon, especially wit the push for 4K video support.

The ironic thing is that mechanics-wise, the Xbone resembles the PS3 more than the 360, and the PS4 resembles the 360 more than the PS3. All in all, PC gamers ultimately win in about a year or two with the innovations that these consoles are pioneering, especially with DDR4 right around the corner.
brianunfried  +   886d ago
Cable TV is DEAD!
cell989  +   886d ago
I already have a cable box, the xbone would only add more clutter on my home theater system
UnHoly_One  +   886d ago
Agreed, N4rc.

The thing that kills me with all the Sony trolls is that it is like they have no idea what kind of advantages these features bring to the table.

They just say "I already have TV" or "I can switch back and forth to TV with 2 button presses on my remote", but they are failing to understand the whole point of the thing.

The fact that it is all integrated together is what makes it great. Yes, I can press 1 button right now on my surround sound receiver's remote and switch from TV to 360 or PS3, but guess what, after I do that, I'm completely blind to what is going on on the input I'm not watching.

Being integrated means you can do and switch between whatever you want without giving up anything. I can watch TV while I'm waiting for my buddy to come online, and I'll know the instant he pops on, without having to keep switching back and forth to look for him, because I'll still get that notification over the top of whatever I'm watching.

THAT is the beauty of it.

Yes I already have TV. Yes I can easily switch between that and a game now. But what I can't do is both at the same time. And that is what XB1 is going to do that is going to be amazing. Everything is going to be integrated into my Xbox experience, and it's going to be sweet.

That's what people don't understand about why we like Xbox so much. The user experience, the ease at which you can do all the little things that make your gaming more intuitive, is MILES ahead of PS. Remember, MS is a company that makes Operating Systems. That's why the 360's OS is MILES ahead of Sony.

Look at how easy it is to send and receive invites on 360 vs. PS3. It's 2 button presses to accept an invite to join both a party and play multiplayer with somebody.

Game updates take 5 seconds instead of 10 - 15 minutes, regardless of how old the game is and how many updates are out for it.

It's night and day difference, guys, and unless you spent a lot of time with both consoles I get why you don't understand that. You quite literally don't know what you are missing out on.

So you can have your "30% power advantage". If it even makes any difference at all in multiplats I'll be surprised, but I'll happily give up a few frames per second to have a much better overall experience.

And I would imagine that just like this gen, I'll play the occasional PS exclusive, be amazed at how great it looks, then go back to my Xbox and thank the gaming gods that I only have to deal with Sony's UI once every six months or so when I want to play a game I can't get on Xbox.
Bolts  +   886d ago
I'm tempted to get the Xbox One based on these features alone. I'm really sick of how slow and cumbersome my Dish guide is and I wish that there's a seamless way to get to the channels that I want without having to remember what channel Games of Thrones is on.
xKugo  +   886d ago
I think Sony PS4 multi-tasking and streaming are handled with a secondary chip on the main SoC, meant to avoid the restriction of resources from games. Basically, it ensure that games aren't "robbed" by apps, video streaming and other secondary functions to ensure that PlayStation gamers get the maximum performance out of their games.
XB1_PS4  +   886d ago
The question that was asked, had PS4 directly mentioned in it.
trywizardo  +   886d ago
its more than that you can play game pause it go to internet back to the game pause it watch a video (like a walkthrouh) then continue , same goes to movies
and for the people who says MS talk about PS4 more than X1 obviously you've missed PS4 the early day witch sony was talking and trolling X1 more than talking about PS4 and they forgot even to show games
and if you wanna argue with me just bubble me cause this damn site won't give me nough bubble
boing1  +   886d ago
Yes, PS4 will have multitasking.
TheGrimReaper0011  +   886d ago
Yes, they confirmed this
The big difference between is that with XBox One, you have snap feature, where you see 2 things side by side. For instance 75% of the screen you see the game and 25% of the screen (left or right) you see Skype or something like that. Ever seen Windows 8? It works exactly like that.
PS4 doesn't use a snap feature, but you can run multiple apps on it and you switch between them with the ps button and touchpad. They havent really showed this off, but im gonna take a gues and say it works a bit like the vita, where you can open like 4 different things, press the ps button to go home and use a different app, while the others are still working in the background
Honestly though, I dont know if im gonna use multiple apps at the same time
I just turn on my gaming console to game
cell989  +   886d ago
Yeah I imagine it will be just like the Vita but more sleek and advanced, turn off system and resume gameplay when boot on again. Open multiple apps and switch in between them, install while playing etc etc
phosphor112  +   886d ago
"We can't actually think of anything unique, so we'll list of things the PS4 has."
Sarick  +   886d ago
"Doesn't the PS4 have some sort of multitasking too?"

Yes. You can hook it up to a TV that has multiple HDML connections including a laptop or TV box. Just switch between the TV inputs and it doesn't cost the PS4 a single CPU cycle. I assume it can do multiple things like background downloading while playing a game. This is great! I wouldn't want it running a bunch background services that use up a lot of system resources. I'd rather the developers have more development potential.

As for the feature to watch for "match is ready!" If the controller has a decent speaker and rumble one can watch TV until the controller is notified. I did this ALL the time while mufti-tasking online games. would switch from Netflix, TV, MMO (PC), MMO (PC) and internet using a SINGLE TV.

As far as I can tell most of these multi-tasking features could be done using a decent home media setup. These things are cool and all but I'm a gamer and all this OVERHEAD designed into the console means to utilize the full potential something must be sacrificed.

It's like people who want BC and people who say just hook up the real device and forget BC. The same could be done for consoles. Let the consoles be designed to play the games at full potential. If someone wants to watch TV that's why we have multiple Input devices and picture in picture TVs.

We all know how when you buy a new name brand PC most of the time you need to either reinstall everything fresh or flat out clean house. If we don't want all that BLOATware on our PCs we shouldn't want it running in the background on our consoles either.
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MEGANE  +   886d ago
$100 and inferior hardward set both apart, enough said!
CrossingEden  +   886d ago
Inferior hardware yet ps4 has no games that run at 1080p and 30fps while xb1 does. Hmmm.
Are you stupid? Infamous SS And Killzone SF say Hi.

Edit: Why all the dissagrees? Killzone Shadowfall runs at 30 fps at 1080p for single player and 60fps at 1080p on multiplayer. I believe Indamous is also 30fps at 1080p. I'm not sure at that one.
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TKCMuzzer  +   886d ago
Considering no games are complete yet it's probably best not to make this kind of comment, wait a couple of months first.
#2.1.2 (Edited 886d ago ) | Agree(10) | Disagree(7) | Report
CrossingEden  +   886d ago
meant to say 1080p 60fps
Again. Killzone Shadowfall runs at 1080p at 60fps. Name one game on Xbone that runs at 1080p at 60fps. Forza doesn't count because its a racing game with Pre-baked lighting, horrible backgrounds, etc. drive club is 1080p 30+fps and they are still trying to shoot for 60fps locked.
dantesparda  +   886d ago
How many games run at 1080/60fps on X1? Forza? and dont say Titanfall cuz they said that they are aiming for it (as in not guaranteed yet). Here's an excerpt from a DF article:

Digital Foundry: Will it run at 60 frames per second?

Drew McCoy: We're not talking about it [laughs]. I'll say that the guys who are doing it are really smart and they're doing a good job on it. We're fairly hands-off on it. We're not telling them what to do but we have calls about it, we see it, we sync our Perforces... it's not going to be its own separate crazy off-shoot game with different content. The goal is to have the same gameplay experience.

Digital Foundry: 1080p60 on Xbox One?

Drew McCoy: We'll see how performance goes. Frame-rate is king.

And btw, everything you've seen of Titanfall so far has been on the PC not the X1. So thats not a guarantee, so what else? And the only reason Forza does it is because they sacrificing graphic quality for framerate
ShinMaster  +   886d ago
Ryse runs @ 24 - 26fps
pyramidshead  +   886d ago
you better hope nothing happens to forza in development lol. it's the only game left on the XB1 that was touting 1080p60fps.
phosphor112  +   886d ago
-Killer Instinct is running at 720p @ 60fps.
-Titanfall isn't 1080p, but it's also 60fps.
-Forza 5 looks nice and pretty at 1080p @ 60fps... but it features static baked in lighting and no weather, while the competitor GT5 and 6 feature both of those... one generation behind (granted, I'm sure Turn 10 has the power... but they are just rushing this thing out the gate)
-Ryse is 1080p(?) at 30fps and we've all seen footage of that... downgrade from initial reveal is just crazy. Maybe it's just the MP that looks bad, but really the SP looked so much better. It doesn't even make sense.
-We've seen ZERO multiplat games demoed on Xbox1, including BF4, which Xbox fans have attacked Sony for because a preview came out saying it looked rough. Where is the X1 version? Seriously?
-KZSF is 1080p at 30fps in SP and nearing 60fps in MP with plenty of dev time to go...
-Infamous Second Son is 1080p @ 30fps.
-Driveclub is 1080p @ 30fps with goals for 60fps (we have yet to see anything above 30 though) but it features fully dynamic skyboxes and clouds with fully dynamic day/night lighting and dynamic atmospheric effects with the inclusion of weather somewhere down the line.

Seriously dude. You're trying too hard.
cell989  +   886d ago
Nothing in your xbone looks better than Killzone Shadowfall and that one runs 1080p 60fps in multiplayer, Forza is all smoke n mirrors
Ezz2013  +   886d ago
dude you have no idea what your talking about
and what sad is that you believe your self
#2.1.10 (Edited 886d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(0) | Report
corvusmd  +   886d ago
You sound like a mindless monkey when you say ignorant crap like that....get your facts straight already. You may have yourself fooled, but anyone that actually pays attention just realizes how foolish you look.
Fireseed  +   886d ago
So is your studio going to be taking advantage of the "50%" extra power?
abusador  +   886d ago
Infamous already looks better thn anything nxt gen on either console so I guess thts a start.
ExCest  +   886d ago

That's very much arguable. Graphical fidelity of exclusives usually depends on the skill of the developers (or a hugely significant difference in specs; and don't say "Oh, 50% moar dat's signifcant." Or both).

We'd have to compare multiplats to "prove" that the PS4 will look better and be "taking advantage of the '50%' extra power".
Omegasyde  +   886d ago

"My studio" (I own Sony stocks so I own .000001% of naughty dog and .000000000001% of Santa Monica Games) will prove you otherwise once their next gen titles release.
waltercross  +   886d ago
@ ExCest

What???, No Exclusives prove the power, not Multiplats.

EDIT: You take a Exclusive from XB1 and compare it to an exclusive from PS4, everyone knows this so no Idea why you made that comment.
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NatureOfLogic  +   886d ago
50% weaker Xbox One performance and Sony quality exclusives is what really sets the the two apart.
corvusmd  +   886d ago | Well said
Why would you name yourself nature of logic, when you clearly don't have any. Please, explain to me which game on PS4 looks 50% better than ANY game on XB1....don't worry I'll wait. (and answer honestly, just saying Deep Down or KZ shows that you only see what you want to see) know what...say whatever you want, I've already lost all respect for your clueless opinion....I won't even check what you say.
#3.1 (Edited 886d ago ) | Agree(24) | Disagree(27) | Report | Reply
Ittoryu  +   886d ago
He didn't say they look 50% better he said ps4 has 50% more power. We don't know what the games will look like on either system as M$ was running PC's with Nivida cards at E3 and Sony has shown everything on dev kits. Another thing someone said they will only out put 1080p. Why would they need to out put anything over 1080p unless you're playing on a giant tv ( I mean like 55" or 65") your eye cannot tell the difference between 1080p and a higher resolution unless the screen size is bigger than 42". It's like saying well they don't put out 4k so I don't want it. Who cares? You can't tell the difference anyway.
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Belking  +   886d ago
yea, but ps4 games like killzone and drive clubs are the ones that are struggling with That is what sets them apart. xb1 games aren't struggling. We already seen how battlefield turn out on ps4. 720p 60 will be 1080p 60fps on xb1.
abusador  +   886d ago
Lol hahahaha dead rising and crap rysensay hello, dead rising is struggling hard just to get 30 fps lol so stop lying man your embarrasing. Both Drive club and kznsf mp are aiming for 60 fps when inirially tht wasnt the target so thts not struggling.
GiggMan  +   886d ago
Don't you think Dice would have shown off the Xbox One version if that was the case? Hmmmm....
TheSsus  +   886d ago
1080p 60 fps? On XB1? Never go full retard... 720p son.
Darkfire369  +   886d ago
DICE never said X1 was going to look better than PS4. If anything, both versions will have to be close to each other, so if PS4 is worse (apparently to you), the X1 version will have to look like the PS4 version in the end.
Ittoryu  +   886d ago
BF is a shitty game anyway so who cares also your forgetting when you saw it on Xbone at E3 it was running on a Win 7 PC with a Nvidia card and not an Xbone dev kit. What you saw on PS4 was on a dev kit not a gaming PC rig.
Tooly  +   886d ago
actually killzonz is locked at 1080p 60 fps locked its not struggling lol and driveclub has dynamic weather and it lookin better everytime they present it
ShwankyShpanky  +   886d ago
XB1 games aren't struggling? Is that why Ryse dips to 20fps multiple times, and even 18fps at one point?

(yes, I know it's an older build, but it's what's been analyzed at the moment)
#3.2.7 (Edited 886d ago ) | Agree(7) | Disagree(3) | Report
ziggurcat  +   886d ago
"but ps4 games like killzone ... are the ones that are struggling with framerate..."


pyramidshead  +   886d ago
@to the guys above me.

know when to spot a troll comment guys, you didn't have to feed him :p
saint_seya  +   886d ago
Belking its that better 1080p 60fps with the secret dual gpu, i mean i thought u could be delusional a bit, but now saying that an inferior hardware can do more for no reason.. Oh wait maybe an isider told you that the xbox one has a crossfire setup? or is it a new 790 gtx, was it a titan ? maybe its just rocket science..
Kid stop spreading so much BS... I wonder how you dare to show your face here again after all that secret sauce fiasco #I know, panelo doesnt know nothing/its under a dna/ its a sony troll..
abusador  +   886d ago
Ps4 does all tht and more and even has a more robust sharing feature and best of all the real feature tht owns all, remote play of almost all ps4 games on vita!!!!!! Best feature imo out of all nxt gen consoles.
Jyndal  +   886d ago
It's not the specs that influenced my decision to go with Sony for my next-gen.
It's not the games, because I mostly enjoy the multi-plats anyway.
It was the constant flip-flopping, reversals, and "explanations".
I can't trust MS.
A year from now, when everything MS went back on is re-instituted, and playing a game costs more than your internet bill, I think I'll be glad that I went with Sony over MS.
stuna1  +   886d ago
Don't say that!!!! Unless you want to labeled part of the tin foiled hat brigade! Even though Microsoft have stated that this their plan. I guess it really is true that some people can't see two feet past their nose.
Ittoryu  +   886d ago
Except they have come out and said the Digital resale and sharing features will return at some point meaning the DRM will come back with it.
Ctiboi2010  +   886d ago
@ Jyndal or anyone who'd like to reply

Honest question so please don't think I'm being rude:

It's pretty much a known fact that in the future the current physical forms of media are going to phase out and everything will be digital. When that happens there will need to be some type of way for record labels, film companies, and video game developers to verify where their media is going, who's using it etc.

When this happens what do you think your stance will be about the video game industry in particular? Again I'm not trying to be a jerk, its a simple question. With all the backlash Microsoft has been getting for their previous policies I wonder sometimes if it was all necessary.

In my opinion Microsoft jumped the gun a few years on trying to be the first completely digital console. I didn't agree with their stance on the 24 hour check in and the DRM checks for physical discs. It didn't make sense and their comparison to Steam wasn't exactly correct.

But are they guilty for being anti consumer and evil, or simply acting too soon? I think a lot of the rhetoric about Microsoft has gotten out of hand and this console war is very comparable to the way very liberal and conservative people debate politics lol. What are your thoughts on what the future of the game industry in a completely digital world will be like? Do you think Sony will never go down this path, even the next gen after the PS4 and the Xbox One? What will your opinion on Sony be if that happens?
#5.2 (Edited 886d ago ) | Agree(7) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
MicDude  +   886d ago
I think if both MS and Sony did the whole 'Digital Only' route it would be more accepted. I do agree that the gaming industry will follow this route. It may be a few more years, but it's going to happen. It makes more sense business wise also. What with cutting out all of the manufacturing costs of physical media; also cutting out the middleman aka retailers. This would also ensure that devs receive all of the profit that's deserved for their software.
xxV0rschlaghammer  +   886d ago
Honestly I think Sony had the same plans to go the same route for digital and DRM and whatever else, but they waited it out til MS came out and said something and then seen the backlash and decided to be the white knight of the gaming industry, I don't think Sony had intentions on not doing it until they seen all the good PR they could get from it.
xxV0rschlaghammer  +   886d ago
But to answer your question, me personally, I was fine with the original X1 system after I realized that most things are heading that way anyways.

I mean honestly, people can complain about it all they want, but all they did was delay something for a few more years, in the end digital and DRM will be what runs the industry.
Megaton  +   886d ago
More TV, more sports, more traditionally-free things behind the paywall.
ma1asiah  +   886d ago
Only one Gold account is required per every xbox 1 the rest reap the benefits right across the board for free.

So yes you are correct, there is a paywall but ONLY for one persons account to be Gold not for every profile that exists on an X1 to have to be Gold to enjoy the benefits.

Beats X360 hands down. Which for those upgrading from the X360 to an X1 that is a positive not a negative.
TheSsus  +   886d ago
PS+ defecates on Gold.
Megaton  +   886d ago
More like it's the decent thing to do, and users were getting royally screwed on the 360. Seems like Microsoft only gets applause for mercifully deciding to not totally bone their fanbase for another few years.
ShwankyShpanky  +   886d ago
Huh... all the accounts on my PS3 can use the free PS+ games from my master account.
ma1asiah  +   886d ago
@ ShwankyShpanky ummm so can any of the profiles on my X360 in respect of digitally downloaded games, playing games regardless of if you have Gold or not has never been a problem.

It was more to do with the fact that if you wanted to play multiplayer on your profile and not just as a guest account on someone elses profile, then you were required to have Gold this also applied to all of the apps.

So not really sure what your point was.

We also already knew that you didn't require PS+ for multiplayer etc.

My original point was the fact that not every profile that co exists on the X1 is required to be Gold to enjoy the benefits of Gold. The minimum requirement is one and that profile does not even require to be online at the time.

It was simply a plus for those with an X360 not wanting to jump ship and who want a reason to move up to the X1.
#6.1.4 (Edited 886d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(1) | Report
redcar121  +   886d ago
X1 is the one ps4 is just a low end pc with no features
Jyndal   886d ago | Bad language | show
Brix90  +   886d ago
Stop snorting crazy pills you sound stupid!
Tooly  +   886d ago
We have everythinq yall got except snap mode technicallly we got tv streaminq
JeffGUNZ  +   886d ago
Who is "we"? Are you working for Sony? Jesus, some of you people make this sh*t sound like it's a team. You don't work for Sony, so stop saying "we", it's "Sony has this..."
Tooly  +   886d ago
@JeffGunz We As In playstation Nation/fans.Its goin to be on my playstation system when i purchse it key word "my". So yes" We" Derp. As In We Are Goin To Have This Feature On Our playstation.Next time dont reply Off Topic Ass.
JamieL  +   886d ago
Well Jeff I agree with YOU, Tooly you just keep living in your "playstation Nation", just know how patetic you sound.
tigertom53  +   886d ago
I use to be a PC Gamer a long time ago, just something nice to sit down in front of the couch and play a game. No need to worry about specs of the computer, bugs, patches and a unified system. but really its all just someone opinion...
ImG2theB  +   886d ago
You should try sitting ON the couch. Much more enjoyable.
Thehyph  +   886d ago
Exact same boat here.

The hours that I used to spend in front of a PC monitor were too many.

The couch is where it's at. I'm currently addicted to Diablo 3, and the console version seems to have been made with the full console experience in mind. (Specifically, the wonderfully executed couch co-op)

I've been down the PC road, I just don't have time for it anymore. Full time work, girlfriend, much more of a social life than when I was a PC guy, etc.

I can't wait to get my ps4 on the TV stand. Convenience is a big thing. I even plan on getting a larger hard drive so I can go the digital purchase route, and I will also get the charging stand for the controllers. No stack of games around and no usb cables to charge will be a beautiful thing.

OT: both Microsoft and Sony will be trying to make every possible feature available while a game is open. Obviously, not everything will be available. (Like two games being open)
JamieL  +   886d ago
@ Jyndal
Like 1080p @ 120 FPS?
nooneknows  +   886d ago
"We've got the best games"

When will ND, Media Molecule and Sony Santa Monica shut people up?......

I can wait, I'm a patient man, but fanboys are annoying.

I'm talking about fanboys not MS, I only put the quote to emphasize my statement.
AceBlazer13  +   886d ago
Meant to agree with you.Most Xbox exclusives aren't even worth mentioning.
waltercross  +   886d ago
Halo and Gears!!!...Forza!!../sarcastic

I actually liked Fable but after Fable 1 it went down hill.
AbortMission  +   886d ago
*Magic Conch Shell in response to the title* : " Nothing. "
tigertom53  +   886d ago
Xbox One has over PS4 is kinect 2, WiFi Direct, 2x Mic Quality, Gigabit Ethernet dual-band, DirectX 11.2 hardware, 8GB DDR3 + 32MB eSRAM embedded memory, 8GB Flash Memory"opinion", HDMI Input, Trigger Rumble Motors and the ability to send full 7.1 game audio through the controller.
MicDude  +   886d ago
Wait Wait...the X1 supports dual band routers?
ma1asiah  +   886d ago
That is correct the X1 supports both 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz dualband modem routers
Markissluv  +   885d ago
Yup and if you ask me, everything there justifies the extra $100.
KiLLUMiNATi_89  +   886d ago
Xbox1 vs PS4= gamers pick there preference...
TheFutureIsBlue  +   886d ago
jaren92  +   886d ago
This dude said ps+ Defecates on Xbox live when ps+ has 48 million active users then you can talk buddy lmao
ShwankyShpanky  +   886d ago
Not much of comparison since MS forces you to buy Gold to play online with the 360.

Enjoying your free ACII? It's a good game. At least I thought so when I borrowed it, beat it, and returned it three years ago. But yeah, it's a good game. Right up there with BF3, Vanquish, XCOM, Deus Ex, Saints Row 3, Sleeping Dogs, Infamous 2, LBP 2, SFIV, Bioshock 2, Spec Ops The Line, Far Cry 2... you got all those included with your Gold sub, right?
#13.1 (Edited 886d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
ma1asiah  +   886d ago
What happens when you move up to PS4 in respect of PS+?

The PS4 is not backwards compatible with the PS3 and Gaikai is not going to be available at launch.

I'm sure that will still roll out the great offers they have had since they implemented PS+

Yet outside of the FTP games that don't require PS+ any way what else is going to be the big draw card at launch for those who become PS+ subscribers.

I'm not dissing PS+ it is evolving into a great service and definitely rewards its members at least on the PS3.

Yet at present I have not heard much from SONY in regards to what they will offer PS4 owners with PS+ when they will not be able to offer the same free game benefits they have to date.
ShwankyShpanky  +   886d ago
Driveclub "PS+ version" and Resogun will be included with PS+ at launch for the PS4, not sure if there's more. It will definitely be interesting to see what kind of PS4 content they include "free" with PS+ going foward, since there won't be a back catalog to farm over. More indies I assume.

I'm not getting rid of my PS3s any time soon, and it'll also be interesting to see if they can keep up with their current high-quality PS+ freebies for the PS3.

I'll also be getting a Vita and/or VitaTV within a year, and I've got all the PS+ "free" Vita games they've offered waiting in my download list for when that happens.
jaren92  +   886d ago
Like I said if ps+ was so great it would have 48 MILLION ACTIVE USERS free games isn't enough obviously for ps+ by the way Xbox live is a paid service and has more users then ps3's sold in the whole entire USA ps+ will never ever be better then xbox live no matter how many free games it offers you can say ur mer gerd the PS4 is 50% more powerful but i lnow one thing ps+ will never ever come close too being a better online paid service than Xbox live ever it hasn't been and won't
n4rc  +   886d ago
That's the thing people seem to overlook..

Where are all these free games coming from? Its a great model and I truly wish Xbox would follow suit..

But what worked on a 7 year old console with hundreds of games isn't going to work on a brand new platform with a handful of games that all need to be sold first..

For the first year at least... Your paying for multiplayer and thats about it.. Some ftp and indie games arent comparable to whats offered on ps3
waltercross  +   886d ago
@ ma1asiah

Anyone who has a PS3 PSN+ will also have a PS4 PSN+, It carries over.

As for the games carrying over, All I can say is KEEP your PS3. :)
#13.1.5 (Edited 886d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(0) | Report
xxV0rschlaghammer  +   886d ago
The problem is PS+ isn't going to be offering the "free" rental of games that they offer now, but more than likely it'll just be some vita games thrown out here and there, and some PS3 games, and possibly indie and small PS4 games, at least for a year+ it'll just be used for online play, but hey, paying for Peer-to-peer on PS4 is way better than paying for 300k+ dedicated servers on X1 right?
saint_seya  +   886d ago
So you paid p2p for all this years, with no benefits, while ps+ had lots of games with dedicated servers, and you are now trying to say gold its better because you will have dedicated servers #thing that ps4 will keep for sure, as ps3 did#
xxV0rschlaghammer  +   886d ago
@saint_seya - no I'm saying that I paid for Gold originally because I had ZERO downtime in the 5+ years I've been on it, better voice chat, cross-game party chat, more secure servers, and really the list can go on, not to mention more people with headsets on XBL vs when I'm on PSN, better competition, etc

And yeah, I'm sure Sony had tons of games with dedicated servers... Wonder how long they lasted though? Last I checked I could barely even find a match on KZ3, lol like most PS3 games the online dies off quickly.

And lets be honest here, regardless of what anyone wants to believe, think or say, and much to the dismay of many gamers, the online online games people really give 2 thoughts about would be Call of Duty, Battlefield, and Halo, dedicated servers on those games already instantly draw people in.

And I'll also add that while Sony might have had some games with servers, they weren't unified, they were some sloppily put up servers for some games, vs 300k+ servers in a server farm
cyclindk  +   886d ago
Well obviously Cloud and TV... duh. Xbone rules.

I'd have to see some great exclusives that interested me to even THINK of ever getting one.

Hasn't happened.
JunioRS101  +   886d ago
Is Xbox One going to support EVERY cable provider's box..?

I thought that during their reveal they said Comcast and maybe another company...

But I haven't hear them say straight up that this will work with every cable box.

Charter? At&t? Dish?

Can anyone clear this up? Because that's a big unknown still if they haven't specified and I think that could be a big problem if they don't support every cable box..
kingPoS  +   886d ago
As a staunch un-supporter of cable tv I don't like the idea of the Xbox One relying on a cable box.

That being said, MS has the dubious task of unifying the myriad of US cable tv providers with the Xbox One.

This will possibly lead to additional contracts or fees. If anyone thinks the pairing of the Xbox One with a cable tv is going to be completely free... think again.
To this day I shake my head in dismay knowing that cable card's are used by dvr's & pc's and not on most TV's. I miss the days plugging the coax directly in the TV... and BAM!!... cable TV. Now you can't watch it without an extra box.
#15.1 (Edited 886d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
AceBlazer13  +   886d ago
Okay so it seems that the only area that would find the xbone even remotely appealing would be the US, and apparently Microsoft's definition of supporting a console is multiplats.
JeffGUNZ  +   886d ago
What? They have the best launch lineup right now and showed the most exclusives for launch, your statement makes no sense. Seriously, think before you type. Dead rising 3, Forza ,Ryse, Titanfall are a few examples and those will be the initial system seller.
fooltheman  +   886d ago
They do not have more exclusives at launch.
Do your research...
(Titanfall isn't a launch game that doesn't count.)

Sony's exlusives excell in technical abilities. Look at Driveclub and they way it simulates night and day, clouds and so on.
AceBlazer13  +   886d ago
Dude the exclusives at launch are ryse,forza,Dr3 and KI.That's one more than sony.No I'm not even gonna count in KI cause it's a ftp game,if you wanna count in KI then I'll count in DCUO and PS2.Would you look at that PlayStation has the same if not more "AAA" Games.

And I was referring to the statement about continuing to support the 360,when all they really have are a bunch of multiplats.
#16.1.2 (Edited 886d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report
NeloAnjelo  +   886d ago
TV and Sports... oh and TV.

On a serious note... Kinect (which no one wants, but forced to pay for), The OS, running three at once.

The PS4 definitely has multi-tasking... One thing is key here though, swapple hard drives. MS will charge an arm and leg for thier proprietary ones like they always do.
#17 (Edited 886d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
annus  +   886d ago
Damn I'm sick of people talking shit. It's like the whole "ps3 has no games" argument all over again, except it's about the opposition, and about a console that isn't even released yet.
BG11579  +   886d ago
Wait, Snap? Didn't MS told sometime ago that it won't be manageable for all the games? They have changed their speech again?
Wikkid666  +   886d ago
Another great N4G article! Article about Xbox One and it has a pic of the 360.
SynestheticRoar  +   886d ago
It's unattractive in its appearance but it's of considerable size, and has a high density than the PS4. Also coated in a pleasant powerful black sheen.
GmIsOnPt360  +   886d ago
@Ezz2013 isnt it sony who brings up MS at every conference? so i dont see an issue with MS addressing things Sony has said. Your implying that in a debate one can speak and the other cant counter
SynestheticRoar  +   886d ago
In layman terms its uglier larger bigger and heavier.
KYU2130  +   886d ago
funny.. there was no mention of the Kinect, or the "power of the cloud". why is that. Suddenly these 2 supposed big revolutions for MS are quiet..

I have nothing against The XB1, but its kind of true that MS has been bringing up PS4 more than Sony has. Ive seen so many articles from MS that mention the PS brand directly in the last few weeks that it is ridiculous.

yes Sony has thrown a few punches but they (as far as i know) have not said MS directly. The have always said competitors, other consoles, or "the other guys".
Kidmyst  +   886d ago
Yet ANOTHER article of MSFT themselves complimenting their system. Really where are developers raving about all the power changes and features. I hope before launch we hear more from Developers and others.
boneso82  +   886d ago
It is strange that the "power of the cloud" seems to be taking a backseat now. Microsoft seem to have diverted everyone's attention away from it with "10% CPU clock boost" and "6% GPU boost" recently.

Now it's TV services and multitasking... Where has the cloud hype gone? I think we all know!
PickAShoe  +   886d ago
Xbox One have sticker and bing.
#27 (Edited 886d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
ATi_Elite  +   886d ago
I thought that demonstration was really cool. That's pretty much what my PC does except I had to make it do that while ALL those goodies will be in one package.

Multitasking is very important for me as I watch TV, Game, Skype, and browse the Internet all at the same time on my PC.

Good to see the XB1 actually doing something instead of a PC with XB1 controllers LMAO!
contradictory  +   886d ago
i've already decided that i'll pass up on getting either for now.
JohnS1313  +   886d ago
The Xbox 180 was horribly designed. That sets it apart from the PS4. Why does it need a power brick if it's so big? Sony definitely knows how to design consoles better than that software company.
tigertom53  +   885d ago
PS4 doesn't have a Kinect 2 to power...
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