PS4 Worldwide Launch is a PR Stunt, Nothing More than Smoke and Mirrors

Gonzalo Lemme, guest editor on RealSG writes, "It’s safe to assume that Sony won the hearts of almost every consumer in the region by simply announcing that the Playstation 4 will launch alongside the European market, showing their ‘support’ towards the continent.

But is this nothing more than a PR stunt?"

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AvidGamerrrr1683d ago

That's insane. $1000 for the PS4 in Argentina? WTF?!

xHeavYx1683d ago (Edited 1683d ago )

This is plain nonsense. I was born in Argentina (moved to the US 4 years ago) and the dollar inflation is not Sony's fault (as of right now, US$1 equals 8.88 Argentinean pesos as of right now)but the PS4 will cost around US$8740. Obviously the Xbox one will be more expensive.
Another point, Sony doesn't dominate in Argentina, Xbox does (and everybody here knows I'm a PS guy) because the 360 games are cheaper to pirate. PS3 games are really expensive.
What doesn't make sense is that this guy complaints about the price, but then complaints that there won't be enough games at launch (again, games are really expensive)

ElDojoGamer1683d ago

First of all, not true at all.

Microsoft officials confirmed that they ONLY have 25% of the market, so it might be a much, much smaller figure.

As of right now, the conversion stands at 5.7. Your '8.8 dollars per peso, its an illegal figure aka Dollar Blue, which, neither credit cards nor importers/exports use. On credit cards there's an extra 20% tax, if you will -which you can get back, through AFIP- which takes the figure to 6.30. This takes the console to a figure even higher than 1000 american dollars. Secondly, as the Argentinian PSN fiasco, where different publishers CONFIRMED that the 50% increased was set it order to avoid the digital market overthrowing the retail one. A PS3 Bundle, with an MSRP of 250 dollars in the US has a MSRP of 3.400 pesos, you can do the math there yourself. Again, historically we are dumped with old tech, and making it impossible to acquire the new tech.

Finally, on the games, its easy. SONY is launching (10 units) as their strategy. Historically they only localize 17% of their catalogue, and by localize I mean, import Region 1 copies. So far none of the Launch titles have been confirmed as to whether or not they are being localized.

YNWA961683d ago

Reading all this makes me mad at Messi for not paying his taxes! Hehe...

Nekroo911683d ago

of course it does i remember when they gave 360 in exchange for guns. its cheaper to get a gun than a video game console

PoSTedUP1683d ago

smoke and mirrors huh? i see it more like "BAM", "ta-daa", and Check Mate. we bought a PS3 at launch, we'll buy a ps4. if you really want one, here it is right b4 your very eyes.

karl1683d ago

well.. im from argentina and we still gotta see how much money ppl who import the console are gonna ask for it...

and yeah inflation is an important factor but why charge a 1000 dollars for it? thats sony decision.. inflation comes later

now 1000 dollars x 8 is insane..
maybe 800dollars x 8 would be more reasonable. .

i was ready to pay around 6 thousand pesos which is a lot.

and about xbox dominating here i have to dissagree .. playstation brand has dominated here for years ... and anyone that has a job will probably buy a ps3

i can see parents buying 360 for their kids though

hazardman1683d ago

@ eldojo

Thanks for ruining it with all your "Correctness"!!!! < Can I do that?

Omegasyde1683d ago (Edited 1683d ago )

Its inflation. Don't blame Sony or MS, blame the government of those countries.

Protip 1: 400 USD (price of standard PS4) = ~2,284 Argentine Peso.

If anything, you are getting a deal.

Protip 2: Average Salary's for Argentine. Reference:

EDIT: Nevermind all of the above! damn $6.499 for a PS4.. Ouch (USD thats 1137.94). But in comparison a Xboxone might cost 7000 ARS. Yep, you're better off importing.

ZBlacktt1683d ago (Edited 1683d ago )

Sony spokes person had this to say. ( SONY BMG MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT )

darx1683d ago

Is Japan part of this world?

JLT-Sandwitch1682d ago

If its the same as here in australia its the taxes. My ps4 was $550 witch is was of the dollar difference in the states. Its the tax though

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TomShoe1683d ago

Here comes the flaming...

kingmushroom1683d ago

Well PS3 and Xbox360 games cost about $100 in MEX.

showtimefolks1683d ago

its truly sad when you need these type of articles to create hate towards sony/ps4, its not sony's fault that they did/said everything right till now when MS has had one screw up after another

also i was on n4g when it was dominated by xbox defense force yeh i remember that name, so its quite funny when those same people now complain about ps4 fanboys, what goes around come around simple as that

NateCole1683d ago

Its 2300 dollars where i live.

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My_Outer_Heaven1683d ago

This has got to be a joke surely?

jgrigs091683d ago

It's true other websites are reporting it

Bzone241683d ago (Edited 1683d ago )

Must be a joke. A negative PS4 article is unheard of in these parts. Even if it's true, we must mock it and call it names to soften the blow.

mhunterjr1683d ago (Edited 1683d ago )

I saw this coming a mile away. MS scaled back their launch so they could actually support the countries they are in...

Both companies are going to struggle mightily to keep up with demand, so there is no way Sony can handle the logistics of a 32 country launch

abusador1683d ago

Lol how fanatic are reaching for straws is embarrasing lol
Ps4 baby, keep up the good work Sony let the haters hate and talk nonsense thy know nothing of.

By the way Argentina has a terrible inflation problem, blamenthe govt, not Sony.

mhunterjr1683d ago (Edited 1683d ago )

Set aside the price issue... is a total of 10 consoles available in an entire country really a launch?

Sony clearly was more interested in bragging about world wide support, than actually doing it. they really don't have the supply chain to do so...

Nothing against the ps4, but delivering a couple consoles to a region just to have a check on the check list doesn't really help anyone.

ZBlacktt1683d ago (Edited 1683d ago )

How about getting your facts straight and learn business and economy.

Funny how the X1 is $654 USD going just into Mexico and I'm sure it too gets hit the same way Sony does in other countries related. PS4 in Mexico = $577 USD.

If you are paying $1000 for a console down there. Then chances are the Drug Cartel wants their share.

Shadowsteal1683d ago

Honestly when it comes to videogames it's a luxury. If you really want support for your country, wishing and wanting won't do it. But if you want to game the best you can and not cross fingers for localization and affordable prices. Unfortunately, America is the place to do it(or UK or Japan)

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