Petition Launched to Prevent PC Version of GTA V

A petition has been launched at in the hopes of preventing Rockstar from ever releasing a PC version of Grand Theft Auto V. Why? "So PC gamers learn their lesson and stop stealing games."

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CaptainPunch1685d ago

What a joke, some people have too much free time on their hands.

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come_bom1685d ago (Edited 1685d ago )

Some people are MORONS. Simple as that.
They don't mind receiving PC exclusives on their platform of choice, but get pissed if the PC receives some exclusives from their platform. Those people deserve a big kick in the @$$.

adorie1685d ago

We live in a world, overflowing with hypocrites, Come_bom.

SilentNegotiator1685d ago (Edited 1685d ago )

It has 25 signatures. With a goal of a mere 100.

Let us not have a cow.

PopRocks3591685d ago (Edited 1685d ago )

Doesn't hurt to point out the pointlessly stupid nature of it though. Trolling or not, it's dumb. There really should be a better submission process for petitions like these.

Withdreday1685d ago

With the way the GTAIV port to PC turned out, I wouldn't be shocked if it were PC gamers themselves that started the petition.

Seriously, it's that poorly optimized.

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kevnb1685d ago

The PC version of gta iv is my favorite version. It had some launch issues, but rockstar sorted them out. Controls are fine, I actually prefer mouse and keyboard over controller in the game.

_QQ_1685d ago

@withreday but we have mods which makes it that much better than console ver. but that isn't the topic here, someone has to have made a bet and is determined to win it, idk how else this stupidity would be justified.

Dee_911684d ago

Agreed but still the fact someone would make this petition is pathetic

khan_saab1684d ago

everytime a pc exclusive gets put on consoles there have been petitions to stop it and so this is no different. i have an epic pc that can handle the best graphic settings but i hate how elitest people act about superior graphical capabilities when it comes to pc versions of games. this is a response to that, simple.

mikeslemonade1684d ago

PC gaming needs to keel over already. Console games is where it's at if the developers just develop for it exclusively.

Yukicore1684d ago

If this petition's only reason is "So that PC Gamers learn their lesson and stop stealing games", then they can shove it up their A$$Holes right away.

I'm sure Rockstar realizes that many of the PC games will be willing to pay for the game so that they can play it's Online Mode and the game has HUGE replay value (That's just obvious), especially with the Online Mode.

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360ICE1685d ago

Agree. As if PC gamers will stop stealing games because of this. It's actually a game worth buying, after all.

FragMnTagM1685d ago (Edited 1685d ago )

Not all PC gamers steal. There are way more PC's in the world than any other gaming platform around. A pretty small percentage, compared with how many are out there actually steal games.

There aren't a lot of demos on PC, so I will download a game I am interested in to see if I want to buy it. I am not rich and cannot afford everything.

I have nearly 400 games that I have bought with hard earned money.

If I don't like the game that I downloaded, I delete it. If I like it, I buy it and delete the downloaded copy.

That said, who in their right mind would want a pirated version of GTAV? The online portion looks fascinating and I wouldn't want to miss out on that.

Between Steam and Origin, I have around 150 games. On console, I have even more games. A SNES, Sega Genesis, N64, PS2, and an XBOX360.

Not all people who download games are thieves.

I have my 360 version already paid for and will buy the PC version when it comes out too. The mods alone are worth the second purchase, not to mention the graphics upgrade.

kingduqc1685d ago

There is a ton of piracy on consoles too... usually in the top torrents are the 360 version.

AND maybe pc gamer would buy their stupid game if they released good ports on the same day. GTA 4 on pc was trash and it was 6 month late...

PersonMan1685d ago

" If I like it, I buy it and delete the downloaded copy. "

....said NOBODY EVER

esemce1685d ago

Trust me the first version the get 'stolen' will be the Xbox 360 one. Piracy will always exist, it does not kill any industry it's just a fact of life.

Rageanitus1685d ago

I love the steam deals... no need to pirate IMO

360ICE1685d ago

Omg, no one is arguing that all PC gamers steal. Or that console gamers don't. I'm just saying that this won't stop those who do from doing it.

JD_Shadow1684d ago

It's not a matter of piracy behind what this (joke?) petition is about.

He doesn't mean "steal" as in "torrent games you didn't pay for". He's talking from an "entitled" console fanboy that thinks that a port to PC period is "stealing" from the consoles, where he thinks the game should stay exclusive. There's a HUGE difference.

360ICE1684d ago

Well, my comments still work within that context. Yay!

A1r80rn31679d ago

You really need to work on your syntax. I don't like the implication that I am a thief just because i am a member of "x" community, just as you would dislike it if I said you didn't deserve your opinion because YOU belong to community "y".

Seriously, "As if PC gamers will stop stealing games because of this."? There is only one interpretation of that, it doesn't matter what you think it means.

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lastdual1685d ago

What we have here is people getting active about the important issues of our day.

SilentNegotiator1685d ago

At first your comment made me cock an eyebrow.

But then I saw that you have a Harvey Birdman avatar and I knew you knew what you were doing. And I nodded at your comment as if you could see me.

SchwoererBear1685d ago

thanks for the laugh Harvey Birdman

coinpixels1685d ago

Well its midnight and I have some free time now so I might just sign it for a laugh!

dalibor1685d ago

That is stupid to say no offense. Really.. so they learn their lesson? Haha this has to be the most ridiculous thing that has happened. This was probably made by some teenage boys so I say games should only be for people who are 18+ period. The stupidity that has amassed this generation is shameful. If anything PC is the platform that pushes any advancements. People don't even game anymore they just condone other gamers/gaming platform in any possible way. I would love GTA5 to come to PC so I can test it out on my 7970. I feel retarded a bit just by this petition even existing bahaha. People really are that bored my goodness.

coinpixels1685d ago

Calm it LOL, I would love for GTA to come to PC also!

SilentNegotiator1685d ago

@dalibor is a den of trolls anyway. One more funny post won't hurt anything.

starchild1685d ago

How much more pathetic can you get? Not you, GamingFeud, just people that think this way.

Fanboys are a plague on gaming. Fanboys are the only ones that care about making stuff exclusive. And the only reason they care is so they can rub it in the faces of other gamers.

Mr Tretton1685d ago (Edited 1685d ago )

There is just as much console piracy. GTAV will be insanely pirated on console.

And because of the common architecture of the next gen consoles, console piracy will hit an all time high like never before.

Console fanboys (not console players, FANBOYS) are just jealous at hearing PC players talk about how they hope/can't wait for this game to come to PC. Losers.

Snookies121685d ago (Edited 1685d ago )

Completely agree! This is crap! I'm buying this for console, but I DEFINITELY want a PC version in the future. Mods are crazy fun with GTA games, this is garbage even though it'll never be taken seriously. -_-

wannabe gamer1685d ago

I say PC gamers start a petition to keep GTA away from consoles since GTA started on PC. harhar sarcasm btw

fenome1685d ago

Haters, plain and simple. Trying to get something not released on something that doesn't even affect you. F*kin joke. I don't even play on pc. But trying to stop something that could ultimately benefit the people that make the game and possibly push it to the next level.. dumb. Userbase, as in anyone that buys the damn game helps the people making the game. They make money they find ways to progress. I've never played games on PC, never will, so this doesn't affect me outright it just pisses me off. Fanboyism is actually starting to get detrimental to the industry it makes no sense to me..

Khajiit861685d ago

I do not like how pc gamers always brag but I do not wish this on my worst enemy.

aquamala1685d ago

only 32 people signed, nothing to see here

wishingW3L1685d ago

have you guys seen the petition? It's obviously a joke....

showtimefolks1685d ago

If GTA5 comes to PC than you can pretty much guarantee that it will come to ps4/xbox one. I believe it is coming to next gen consoles so it will come to PC

why would you want to block a PC version of GTA5? think of all the mods for GTA5

Fil1011685d ago

Lol yeah what a joke as if rockstar ain't gonna release GTAV on PC and anyone that think different is deluded, ie: the people that have signed this laughable petition.

B-radical1685d ago

They clearly dont want pc to mod the game and make it looks even better

yeahokchief1685d ago (Edited 1685d ago )

I'm all for whatever makes Rockstar the most money. They've stuck by their fans doing excellent jobs on every game they've put out. I don't care who enjoys it.

Got my GTA V Collectors Edition Preordered for next Tuesday and I'm ready to go.

Red_Devilz1684d ago


Looks like it is a new use of term "Fanboy" - anyone who speaks logically to make you look dumb and leave you with absolutely no intelligent reply than name calling.

Well, I am proud to be a Playstation Fanboy. At least I don't have to look dumb while explaining my choices.

0ut1awed1684d ago

And yet if the PC version was created console gamers would more than likely have a xbox1/ps4 version since the architecture is so similar.

"Gamers wanting to hurt themselves while hurting other gamers" should really be the title of this article.

phosphor1121684d ago

Seriously. "I don't want others to enjoy this awesome game! GRR!"


Peoples be crazy.

WarThunder1684d ago

with 1,120 supporters?

Really? wtf is wrong with people? i want the PC version.

Pope_Kaz_Hirai_II1684d ago

if they dont release a pc version im gonna pirate it.

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ThatEnglishDude1685d ago

Because ya know, piracy only exists within the PC platform.

...Can't see this getting many signatures.

matgrowcott1685d ago

I took it less literally than that. I thought he meant more along the lines of "so that PC gamers stop taking console exclusive games. Why can't they just make their own?"

Which would just be hilarious if true.

NarooN1685d ago

There will be tons of 360 torrents and some PS3 torrents of this very game available around the time the game launches. Dunno why the myth that piracy is only on PC still exists.

HammadTheBeast1685d ago

It's stupid hard to get games on PS3 pirated anymore, Blu-ray itself is a hassle, along with constant patching, wiping, etc.

Not to mention it's near impossible to go online.

There will be copies, as with other major SP games like Skyrim, but not many.

wannabe gamer1685d ago

for 360 yes since its super easy to pirate for. PS3 not so much.

ThatEnglishDude1685d ago

I expect the game to be leaked before official release, to be honest.

Feralkitsune1685d ago

@Hammed, can't you just FTP the games right to your harddrive on PS3? Don't need to even use disc.

aquamala1685d ago

PS3 and 360 games are pirated less because it's hard to do, it's not like these console owners don't steal because they are against piracy.

plenty of pirated Wii, PSP, PS1, Dreamcast games out there.

SniperControl1684d ago


No, PS3 uses the fat32 hdd file system which only allows 4gb file allocations (even though you may have a 1tb hdd). As most games are over 4gb, they wont fit on the fat32 hdd.
Unfortunately, the hdd cant be re-formated to NTSF as the PS3 wont recognise it.

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CaptainYesterday1685d ago

But why?! Everyone should be able to play this game I'm still hoping it will come out for Wii U so the Wii U owners can enjoy it too!

Fireseed1685d ago

Take a look at the Devil May Cry 4 petitions and you may understand how stupid people need to be in order to do this stuff.

Studio-YaMi1685d ago (Edited 1685d ago )

The petition is made by a troll,it has been confirmed.

Wouldn't take it seriously at all.

nooneknows1685d ago

That's just screwed up.

I feel bad for those PC players, they should be getting the game also.

Seafort1685d ago

I am a PC gamer but I'm having to buy GTA5 for my PS3 instead.

It's the only way to play it in a reasonable time frame before everything is leaked about it as Rockstar are taking their sweet ass time announcing the PC version as usual :)

I won't be buying the PC version when it comes out now though. They got my money. Not spending another penny on the game if Rockstar can't be arsed.