VideoGamer: Final Fantasy CC: Ring of Fates Review

Ring of Fates will be better received by Final Fantasy fanatics than others because, well, it's a Final Fantasy game after all. But the harsh reality is that the excellent story is rather let down by the constricting control scheme. With games like The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass and Ninja Gaiden Dragon Sword showing what can be done when developers put their minds to it, it's hard to be sympathetic.

Still, there is fun to be had here. Disappointingly, the game does nothing to move the series on, which brings VideoGamer back to their original point about the game feeling as if it wasn't worth the trouble. If online play had been included they would be singing Ring of Fates' praise from the rooftops of HQ. As it is, the story just about makes up for its gameplay failings.

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