Alone in the Dark PS3: additional content possible

Atari's confirmed that additional content's being considered for the PS3 version of Alone in the Dark, which is scheduled to be released this autumn.

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Anego Montoya FTMFW3722d ago (Edited 3722d ago )


BTW, the link is broken, the 1st anyway.
The VIA works. Just translate.

sonarus3722d ago

LOL. So thats the compensation for bringing the game in late. Usually when the game is brought in late with additional content, it is usually sub par to the versions on the other consoles. I would get it for Xbox360 but quite frankly alone in the dark never really did it for me

CaptainHowdy3722d ago

Is it just me, or does that pic look like Keanu Reeves?

Wolf8733722d ago

If it's true, the wait will be worth it for Ps3 version.

Violater3722d ago

I slight fact people have overlooked.
Phil Harrison is over there now and he will make sure that Sony if not at least even gets a leg up on all products coming out of Atari.
Much the way Peter More makes sure that the 360 version of Madden will look better than the PS3 version.

meepmoopmeep3722d ago


i agree with you. but EA is bigger than Atari so the 360 benefits more out of the Exec swap

barom3722d ago

Just to make things clear. Phil Harrison works for Infogrames who owns over 50% of Atari's stocks. So while they do have the power to do whatever, Phil might not necessarily be directly involved with the game (on the other hand there's a possibility that he does).

CaptainHowdy3722d ago

I'll mos def be getting the PS3 topic: Doesn't that pic look like Keanu Reeves?

cmrbe3722d ago

No he looks like Neo :)

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TheHater3722d ago (Edited 3722d ago )

What is this game about? I have heard of it, but never really pay any attent to it before. Is it suppose to be good or something?

Edit: well the graphic look amazing, but what about the story and gameplay

edit: @Violater
what are you talking about?

thereapersson3722d ago

I'm not validating DLC at all, but it's good when both sides get extra gameplay out of a title

Real gamer 4 life3722d ago

LOL that is that phil harrison love. I guess phil giving sony some extra stuff.

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The story is too old to be commented.