Dead Rising 3 offers one ‘Psycho’ character for each of the seven deadly sins

Psycho characters work differently from the story-line bosses, in that the appear in the open world and not as part of the story progression

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Robochobo1742d ago

This sounds like it could be really good. It still detracts from some psychos in the previous games (Mailman, Clown, and the Grocery Store Employee come to mind), but it could bring in ridiculous persons by taking vanities to extremes.

CrimsonStar1742d ago

I hope the boss fights in this game fell more challenging rather then cheap in this game . I had fun fighting the grocery store guy , and the clown , but the guy in the gun store was insane .

lifeisgamesok1742d ago (Edited 1742d ago )

Omg I need this game and I'm still trying to figure out how it's so beautiful and has so many zombies/physics still going for 30 fps impressive

corvusmd1742d ago

Ahh that sounds sweet....there seems like a lot of potential in that idea....I almost guarantee an achievement with killing all of them.

CrimsonStar1742d ago

lol , since there's no time limit this time around I wonder how many zombies I have to kill to get the genocide achievement ...

Fireseed1742d ago

Man I don't how much darker the psychos can get after the obese lesbian security guard raping women in the department store in DR1...

memots1742d ago

yes , Now i remember, i forgot what she was doing on that scene.

Thanks a lot.

PFFT1742d ago

lol yeah i remember that one.

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