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Microsoft launches games and tech accelerator in London

"If you're a technology or gaming start-up with a great team, a great idea and an unfaltering belief in what you do, you are the perfect candidate for the Microsoft Ventures Accelerator in London," said Anand Krishnan, general manager of Developer and Platform Group at Microsoft.

"Microsoft is committed to helping startups grow their business by providing access to our ecosystem of partners and routes-to-market."

-Microsoft seems hungry for some of Kickstarter's creative success lately. (Dev, Industry, Kickstarter, Microsoft, Xbox One)

2cents  +   724d ago
Very Good Idea,quite beneficial for both sides.
XB1_PS4  +   724d ago
I can't wait to see if this spawns some really good studios. And adds some spice to the XBWon. Kudos to Microsoft.
2cents  +   724d ago
I agree!

New studios, New Ideas, New Games! its Win Win
lifeisgamesok  +   724d ago
Microsoft please make a Shenmue 3, Alan Wake 2, and Crackdown 3
Mikey94  +   724d ago
With programs like this i wouldnt be surprised if they make all those and even new IP every year.
XboxFun  +   724d ago
Great job MS, good to see that you are not only providing a good system for gamers but great support for the devs making them.

I wonder why this article is so empty? Where are the usual's claiming this is a PR stunt or some evil NSA plot?

Any MS good news I guess is repellent for most.

n4rc  +   724d ago
They haven't found a way to spin it as evil and bad yet
YNWA96  +   724d ago
Do not worry, somebody is working on it.
XB1_PS4  +   724d ago
It'll probably sound like:

Sony has been working hand in hand with Indie devs for years. Now that Micro$oft is getting left in the dust with Preorders 800:1, they want to act all buddy buddy, while copying yet another of sony's moves. NSA will watch you play Kinectimals and arrest you for it. I have more flops than you #getoverit.
Kyur4ThePain  +   724d ago
It's ok. Some MS fans simply can't stop themselves from poking a sleeping dog. Instead of enjoying what is simply good news for the industry, someone will use this as a reason to start the mud slinging.
n4rc  +   724d ago
That's what I think to myself every time I open a Xbox only article
Mikey94  +   724d ago
Microsoft is spreading there seed. Lol doing this is really good idead now your looking at possibly new game studios all over the world and now your gonna be looking at probably new exclusive xbox one game every year. So looks like xbox one is gonna have a crap load of exclusive games this time around.
christocolus  +   724d ago
this is really cool...
hazardman  +   724d ago
This is good for everyone!!

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