'Grand Theft Auto V' map size compared to 'GTA IV' and 'GTA: San Andreas'

While GTA 5' map is considerable in size, one may not be able to recognize or understand its scope until compared to previous Grand Theft Auto titles.

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-Gespenst-1442d ago

Someone should see how it sizes up to Just Cause 2.

Blacktric1442d ago (Edited 1442d ago )

The map size of Just Cause 2 is 250 square km (of mostly emptiness) right? If the calculations are correct, the size of GTA V's map is 216 square km. And we all know it's packed with content.

abzdine1442d ago

many will disagree but i seriously don't understand how people can be so excited about a game when almost NO gameplay has been shown.. Is it just because of the name??

If someone could explain to me that would be great!!

bub161442d ago

Damn you. this can't be unseen lol!

koh1442d ago

@abzdine... pedigree.

maximus19851442d ago

wow lol i hate you sooo much now i cant UNSEE this when i look at the map. warning to all dont look

iR_phantasm1442d ago

HAHA Im never looking at the GTAV map the same again.

Salooh1442d ago (Edited 1442d ago )

You joking right ? o.o
I would buy GTA 6 without even watching one screen shot. Rockstar always deliver great stuff. There is no reason not to trust them.

History is the answer to trust someone . Look at what they did then you will see why people love it.

Killjoy30001442d ago

That can never be un-seen. Ever. GTA V's map will forever be a ninja turtle.

omi25p1442d ago

God damn you. I saw this comment 5 hours ago. Now every single time i see the map i see a Ninja Turtle.

abzdine1442d ago


Thank you, i just got my answer. You just buy blindly.

I have a box written GTA VI on it, it's 60$.

Rynocirator1442d ago

@abzdine I do the same thing, let's look back at this track record...gta 3, hands down the best game on ps2 the year it released, gta vice city sold phenomenally well because of how many people loved 3, san andreas is still the best selling gta for a reason, then they came out with max payne and max payne 2 which were both phenomenal, then gta 4 which comes in close second of best selling gta game for a reason, red dead redemption which is one of my personal favorites, max payne 3 which might BE my favorite rockstar game...lets all not forget that rockstar has NEVER gotten a score lower than 80 on any game, and those were not bought out scores. Those are also their off games too, like midnight club and manhunt. So if you ask me whether or not I would drop down on my knees and suck off rockstar, the answer would be, and forever be, yes.

Dfooster1442d ago

@abzeene what you do is you play the previous games and you like previous games a lot. Then company says making new game but we've improved it here here and here. And in your mind you imagine what you played before but better and you go and buy. That's how it works.

abzdine1442d ago

@ Rynocirator and Dfooster:
First let me give you one example ==> Final Fantasy..
Do i have to remind you how great that serie was before and how shitty it became? I blindly bought all FF before 13 and i have never been disappointed.

And since we're talking GTA let me remind you that GTA4 is considered by many as the most overrated game of this gen. Don't you think it means something?
No game is a must buy before no gameplay has been shown.. that's at least my vivion of things.

KazHiraiFTW1442d ago

@ abzdine

Don't bother trying to convince the multitude of morons on n4g, you're wasting your time. What you're saying does make sense, blindly pre-ordering a game without seeing any gameplay is kinda dumb. However R* has never let me down so I'm pretty pumped for GTA5. I will most likely wait for the PC version though. Should be out by April at the latest.

Dfooster1442d ago (Edited 1442d ago )

@abzdine gta4 was slightly overrated but it was still one of the best games this gen. Just walking about the city and seeing the world go by elevates gta4 above 95% of other games and rockstars reputation is one of consistently churning out quality games for years.

Square enix hit the jackpot with FF7 but they have done nothing since in nearly fifteen years, so they have never been a developer where you can buy a game without reading reviews first, not for me anyway.

filipakos1442d ago

@abzdine There is gameplay trailer that shows some elements of the game and the activities you can do,also some combat.Its enough to see the amazingness of the game

RE_L_MAYER1442d ago (Edited 1442d ago ) all im going to see is a giant ninja turtle-thanks man

mistertwoturbo1442d ago

Damn it, once you see it you can't unsee it.

Just like this, tortured me for years

mikeslemonade1441d ago

Well it's pretty much the same size when you compare the city side to the GTA4 city.

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YNWA961442d ago

A game like this comes out just before next gen! How will I play Next gen???!!!

MestreRothN4G1442d ago

The same way we have been playing for the last three years, with better graphics and a few more fps.

Sadly this is all the next-gen is about this far.

GTA seems to miles ahead anything else announced.

fattyuk1442d ago

Inbetween toilet breaks of playing GTA .....nah actually sod it, not gonna happen!

Although I'm glad I do have a full 6 weeks to annihilate this game, get ps4, play with that for a day like a school kid and his new toy...

then back to GTA GTA:Online and hopefully ridiculous amounts of dlc!

Tony-A1442d ago

If there was ever a game that could hold people back from preordering a console just yet, this would be it.

I still have money down for a PS4, but I'm praying that GTA V will be playable on the system through GaiKai in the very near future. Praying....

cvflyboy1442d ago

I sold my ps3 like a dumbass before this game came out just wanted to share that with you fine folks :(
I thought last.of us was the last game I needed to play before I traded it in, although it was the best game I played this gen, I still want me some gta5. Accepting ps3 donations thank you and have nice day