Beyond: Two Souls New In Game Videos | Start 2 Play

2 new videos of Beyond: Two Souls from Start 2 Play Magazine.

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Ezz2013963d ago

how is that even possible on ps3 ?!

i swear if someone said this is a ps4 game i would believe him
i thought the last of us is the best looking game on consoles but seeing this
i don't know any more

CGI-Quality963d ago

I've been saying this will be the best looking game this console generation, yep, even over TLOU. Looks like I'm spot on!

EdoubleD963d ago

Avoiding spoilers, couldn't go past the first three minutes.

prodg52963d ago

Yeah, I started watching and had to force myself to stop. Game looks great!

M-M963d ago

This game looks amazing, talk about paying attention to detail.

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