Beyond: Two Souls Hands On & New Gameplay Video | Eternity

Paul T. Papapavlou writes "Beyond: Two Souls is definitely one of the most interesting games of the current decade."

"We recently had the opportunity to play a few hours with the game from the preview code that arrived in our hands."

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showtimefolks1224d ago (Edited 1224d ago )

can't wait, QD are one of my favorite developers even before heavy rain

as much as i want to see the video i don't want to spoil anything

mewhy321224d ago

QD are awesome story tellers not to mention awesome at bringing out the max from the PS3. This title could be easily passed off as a next gen title. Keep up the good work QD.

ABeastNamedTariq1224d ago

Beautiful. T_T

I wish I had the money for this. :'(

Thatguy-3101224d ago

save 5 $ every day until release day and you'll have enough :)

jensen111224d ago Show
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