Internet Explorer 8 Beta 1 Gets No Love from Microsoft - And no support on Windows Update

Internet Explorer 8 Beta 1 gets no love from Microsoft. The first taste of the successor of Internet Explorer 7 certainly still has a long way to go, and the Redmond company offers proof in this context. Now in the most early stages of the cooking process, IE8 Beta 1 is yet to be on par with its predecessor in terms of the focus delivered
by Microsoft itself.

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Frnicatr3811d ago

IE 8 feels nothing different than IE 7... it's still crap.

TriggerHappy3811d ago

its ironic that, even Microsoft themselves are not supporting the product they have made.

Adamalicious3811d ago

They shouldn't have even released 8b1. It's totally broken unless you use it in IE7 mode. One possible saving grace is that the Developer Toolbar is (very) slightly improved, but the whole point should be to help developers get ready for 8 - and at that it fails mightily.

SuperSaiyan43811d ago

Its when a company puts a product on the market to specific users for TESTING no company that offers a beta is permitted to offer any support because it says what it is on the tin which is a BETA.

Microsoft and other companies that offer betas colate the information and then update the program then can release say an updated beta.

Until the company feels the product has been updated enough for a release to the public then the company is obliged to offer support and updates for said program.

Bzone243811d ago

Everyone should know what a beta is, they just look for reasons to bash Microsoft to make themselves feel better.

zonetrooper53811d ago

I'm using the IE8 Beta and its actually not that bad, I feel its alot better than IE7 for sure, in the final release its suppose to support more standards, letting more third party companies release free addons much like the way FF has already.

Ivix3811d ago

Wow... they're stealing that idea, too?

PS360PCROCKS3811d ago

Firefox for me. IE blows, it's slow, broken and just lame