Joystiq Hands-On: The Force Unleashed Duel Mode

At the Nintendo Media Summit, LucasArts showed off the Wii-only duel mode in its multi-platform game, Star Wars: The Force Unleashed. These fights require two human players -- there's no AI option -- but otherwise feel almost like they could have shipped as a stand-alone game. Joystiq swung sabers against fellow writers and was impressed by the amount of depth in the matches.

Each player picks one of 27 characters -- including about 11 costume-variations on the single-player apprentice -- and the fights take place in nine Star Wars locations. The characters include a young Luke, Darth Maul, General Grievous, and others that don't related to The Force story. And their moves are all about the same as in the single-player game, so Luke uses the lightning strike alongside the "dark" characters.

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PS360WII3693d ago

Awesome! Sounds like a real plus to the game ^^ Wii version verified ;)

yesah3692d ago

omfg, look at the face on anikin....i was expecting more from this.