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Five Amazing “Real Song” Moments from Video Games

UM writes: Music is a mood dictator. As I have said before, it can very much dictate to you what you feel in any given moment, even more than that moment itself often does. Music accentuates emotions and feelings, bringing all the best aspects about that moment to the surface, and holding your hand as you experience it. And as much as there are some AMAZING video game scores (hey Blood Dragon, what’s up?), moments in games when they use pre-established music tend to really resonate with me, especially when it’s done right.

Maybe it is because I have emotions already connected with that song, whatever it may be, and hearing it in that moment and context summons those feelings, but how can one even be sure why it affects them so much? The key is knowing it does affect you , and that those songs helped to make these truly unforgettable gaming moments. Also, to clarify about my broken English, by “real songs” I mean songs that existed BEFORE the games were made. In other words, pre-existing songs that were licensed specifically for use in that specific game. Here are five shining examples of that. (Culture)

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