Wothplaying Reviews- 'Lost Planet: Extreme Condition' for PS3

Wothplaying writes:

"This is Lost Planet in a nutshell. It's noisy and chaotic, and as disorientation and confusion envelop the player, you'll start to lose interest in how random and unpolished it all feels.

Right before playing this, I came off a pretty good week by finishing the last savory moments of Assassin's Creed and taking a big, satisfying bite out of Crysis. Gaming was good, and I was looking forward to Capcom's sci-fi action-fest, especially considering all the hype it got when it first came out for the Xbox 360 over a year ago. I'd thought about grabbing it for the PC several times, imagining epic battles not unlike those in Tribes of yore. Alas, the PS3 version has landed before me to plead its case, and all is not well."

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Lookbehind3870d ago

I really enjoyed this game.