USA Pre-Order Chart Week Ending September 7th

Grand Theft Auto V continues to lead the chart.

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IanVanCheese1686d ago

In other news, a bear has been found shitting in the woods.

xHeavYx1686d ago

It surprises me how good Beyond 2 Souls is doing, got it pre ordered already.
Funny to see The last guardian there

RE_L_MAYER1686d ago

Beyond two souls would be doing 2 times better if it wasnt for gta everyone pre ordered

NextGen24Gamer1686d ago

xbox game sales look great. As the launch approaches, they seem to be gaining steam. I still believe that a big part missing from xbox one game sales is the fact that many gamers (myself included) will go ALL digital due to the digital friendly nature of the console. Snap features, etc...

torchic1686d ago (Edited 1686d ago )

more games will bought on PSN because naturally there will be more PS4s sold.

christocolus1686d ago

gta5 preorders on xbo 360 are quite high too..i noticed the increase week over week for the xbox one titles especially cod:ghosts xbx one...but i still wont base the sucess of a title or device on preorders alone...for example the preorders of bf4 are higher on ps4 than ps3 but i can almost predict that the ps3 version will easily outsell the ps4 version after launch...those who preoder are just few compared to those who will walk into stores and pick them up after launch....

EXVirtual1686d ago (Edited 1686d ago )

There were enough people to get MS to 180 on those policies that made having a physical disc next to useless. So no, you're wrong. Sometimes you just say the most damage controlled things.

NextGen24Gamer1686d ago (Edited 1686d ago )

I disagree 100%. The loudest people on the internet complaining are the ones who got MS to reverse their policies...We have no idea how many of those complaining were simply Sony fans, who never intended on buying an xbox one in the first place and true xbox fans. I know there were some that were xbox fans, but based on my group of family & friends, I believe the amount was very small. With that said, Sony gamers were very loud and vocal about embrasing the trade in disc policies & having the disc to hand to a friend. LOL....So I believe that most Sony gamers are disc base gamers, on the other hand most xbox one gamers were excited about the all digital future. They didn't have a problem with the DRM or always on. So while Sony fans like to buy the physical disc and put it physically in their console and hand it physically to their friend and trade it in physically to give Gamestop all the profits from reselling it, Xbox fans wanted the discless gaming, the ability to trade their digital games in ONLINE thus giving the money to the guys who made the game when it's resold ONLINE. Xbox gamers far out weight Sony gamers in wanting to go ALL DIGITAL. And Xbox one was built from the ground up to take advantage of and ALL digital future.

My point being this, I know that many xbox fans are not pre ordering games, they are waiting to download them digitally online DAY ONE. And I believe the amount of sony gamers that are doing the same thing is very very very small...

N311V1686d ago

@ Elite24Gamer

I have to disagree with this statement "The loudest people on the internet complaining are the ones who got MS to reverse their policies...".

I doubt any company would pay much attention to people complaining on the Internet for this very reason. It's not until they start seeing monetary problems that they'll take action. In this case it was likely low console pre-orders which caused Microsoft to listen and do a 180.

In regards to going digital only, my experience is the opposite. I don't know anyone that's ready to let go of hard copy retail.

DoesUs1685d ago

@Elite. No, just no. Anyway, heard about that GPU acceleration thing? It's right up your street.

Bigpappy1686d ago

I know this is VGchartz. But I would say the fascinating number to watch right now is COD.

Anybody want to take wagers one which Next Gen console will have the highest number of COD pre-orders by next week?

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Idba1686d ago ShowReplies(2)
EXVirtual1686d ago

Still taking VGChartz with a grain of salt, but PS4 still looks like it's dominating.

GiggMan1685d ago

Glad to see Killzone hanging in there with the big boys, Battlefield and CoD...

modesign1686d ago

killzone SF = 10th place

Deadrising 3= 29th
Forza = 30th
RYSE = 32nd

playstation domination. :)

CrimsonStar1686d ago

Oh ok so games sold equal domination ? Welp halo 3 sold more then practically all the Sony exclusives combined , and that's just halo 3 . Soooooo xbox obliteration ;) . Sales don't mean anything because if that were true that means Cos is the greatest thing ever , and we all know that's not true .

Skips1686d ago (Edited 1686d ago )

""Welp halo 3 sold more then practically all the Sony exclusives combined"

Halo 3 sold 11.7 million in 6 years.

Gran Turismo 5 sold 10.5 million in 3 years.

Did you fail your math classes. -_-

5h4h4b1686d ago (Edited 1686d ago )

"Halo 3 sold more than all ps3 exclusives combined"

Are you kidding me. Gt 5 alone sold 10 million+. What nonsense are you spouting.

AceBlazer131686d ago

Tell me what school you went to so I can never send my future kids there.

Belking1686d ago

And vita nowhere in Greatness awaits

5h4h4b1686d ago (Edited 1686d ago )

You have just one bubble bro, calm down ROFL. You could have made a better use of that but you gave that one bubble in trolling. Shame eh.

Regis1686d ago

@5h4h4b well you wasted a bubble to tell him that as well just like me who wasted a bubble to point out what you said.

5h4h4b1686d ago (Edited 1686d ago )


Lol ( wasted one more )

Lets bubble up each other ^__^

Regis1686d ago

Me too we are "2 midgets in fat guy's ribcage"

Quote- CL4P-TP or Claptrap

5h4h4b1686d ago (Edited 1686d ago )

Regis you just got bubbled up for being funny( there goes my last bubble lol)

Thanks bro :) nice meeting you. We shall meet again. Till then farewell my friend.

Regis1686d ago

You too and there goes my last bub see you on another article

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NextGen24Gamer1686d ago

Actually you aren't looking at the big picture. Killzone is the only SONY exclusive that is garnering any sales...LOL....

No one can argue that the ps4 is probably selling more consoles (PREORDER) than the xbox one. But, one thing we do know is that xbox one has Waaaaaaaaay better exclusives and their console cost 100 more than the ps4. So with that said, when you are on a budget, and you want your console and one game....MS fans have more high quality games to choose from.

So xbox one has 3 launch titles that combine have 193,000 in pre order sales, while killzone (the only ps exclusive making noise) has 226,00. That sounds about right to me.

Then you need to take into consideration that by default, most xbox one gamers, especially the hardcore day one fans are going to go ALL DIGITAL and they won't preorder any game at launch and simply download it. There is a reason to go all digital for the xbox one, but not for the ps4. The ability to snap games, all of xbox ones key features are based around digital games. The same features that sony fans bash...

1. Watch tv, get an invite, say "go to forza" instantly gets you into the game.

2. Playing forza, get an invite to play COD...say "play COD" and you are instantly in the game.

3. You see...Kinnect...the feature that sony fans bash, helps make you ONE with you digital content...

I'm actually surprised that xbox one preorders are higher or catching up with sony preorders...

Good times await

AceBlazer131686d ago

Dude we get it, your secretly disappointed that kz is trampling on all the xbone exclusives together.Don't worry I'm sure when the xbone exclusives are in a bargain bin they might just catch up to killzone.

qzp1685d ago

omg omg xbox one has better exclusives? Well even if that is true and not just an opinion it could be because microsoft is focused only on X1 launch exclusives. We all know 360 is getting shit on by ps3 still having such exclusives as last of us, beyond 2 souls etc. It isn't a secret that sony has more first party studios in their back pocket with games yet to be announced every thing from Naughty Dogs new game even Last Guardian. Be honest most of xbox exclusives are timed or on PC specifically the EA ones. I'm not bias for sony i just like to call it like i see it and you are a fanboy.

T21685d ago

Haha this guys trolling never ends , " waaay better exclusives " Lol .... Ya noone wants to play warframe , warthunder, deepdown, rapture, driveclub for free, kz, or knack ... Everyone only wants ryse and forza and dr3 ....RIght... And what is the chance that a gamer who loved diversity would ever pick xbone ? None since ps4 has all good Indies, crossplay , and now vita tv ....
So what does that leave ? 2 games I would even buy for xbone ryse and dr3 ... And I sure wouldnt pay full price for dr3 ... It sold what 2 million last version?

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