NGB | Beyond: Two Souls Video Preview

Asim's usual partner in NGB related crimes Mr Gari Clark joins him as they talk about Quantic Dreams soon-to-be-released blockbuster. They discuss the preview code Asim played in some detail, trying as best as possible to not give away any spoilers. It’s safe to say neither any of them can really wait for Beyond: Two Souls.

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Dakriz1648d ago

Can't wait to get this game.

Omran1648d ago

I am sure this game
will be nominated for
best game in 2013 !

but it will be tough
competition with GTA V and
The last of us !

WeAreLegion1648d ago

Add Watch_Dogs, as well. These four will be the top competitors.

Omran1648d ago

Oh a forget this game
yes with great idea the
game will be nominated !

mike32UK1648d ago

This video shows way too much! Not so much spoilers but it is just extremely heavy on video content!