Behind the scenes of player ratings in 'NBA Live 14'

CBS:The most interesting and widely debated aspect of any sports video game revolves around the process of establishing player ratings. You're taking a human being, creating a digital version of him, then trying to use various measures to modify that version to be as close to the real thing as possible. It's basically a digital clone. And it's a business taken very seriously.

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DFray9191649d ago

This will be pretty kool. but live and 2k need to show us some NEXT GEN gameplay.

Deividas1649d ago

Agreed, Im torn between 2K and LIVE and so far cant make a decision because I have no idea how LIVE will play...Love 2K but..every year it gets less and less of a substantial difference between each game. LIVE needs to show us some damn gameplay, and soon.

Fishermenofwar1649d ago

My friend and I still play Live 2010...We just updated the rosters ourselves and created new players.

I can't play 2K...The character models are horrendous.

When I play live on my surround sound....I feel like I'm at a game....

DFray9191649d ago

yea I almost want to buy live cause its something new.

NYC_Gamer1649d ago

I wasn't impressed from the current gen 2K14 gameplay..There's not enough improvements and really believe 2K needs to invest into a new engine.

Fishermenofwar1649d ago

The cardboard cutout engine doesn't work for me...

Fishermenofwar1649d ago

New engine and new direction...