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Finding Time To Play Games Can Be Hard to Do

Chances are, if you’re reading this article you’re not a little kid any more. You have work, or school or University to deal with daily. In addition to that, you probably have a social life to maintain, other projects to work on and a household to run. So where does gaming fit into all that? How are there so many gamers in the world when the modern lifestyle has made us such busy people? The answer is pretty basic when you think about it. It’s all to do with sacrifice. So let’s explore that. (Culture)

Lukas_Japonicus  +   303d ago
"In addition to that, you probably have a social life to maintain"

Maddens Raiders  +   303d ago
Gaming...my hobby of 1st choice is becoming increasingly hard to do. I don't know how I'll manage once I have kids to tend to everyday whenever that day comes. Looking to the future and being a GT fanatic it will be nearly impossible for me to obtain a "platinum" or even close to it with all the things life throws at you combined with the hours that devs like PD, Ubisoft, or From Software demand from gamers to invest into their games.

Achieving platinum in a game like WarHawk seems like something godlike considering the sacrifice one has to make over time with their /time/. Sadly, I don't see an easy solution ahead to overcome any of this. Oh well, onward through the fog. :/
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rahmeekbrunner  +   303d ago
all im going to say is this put your needs before your wants.games are not real it is for fun only. if you are like 35 and you play games a lot there maybe a problem. most people at that age have little to know time to themselves. they have to keep food on the table, or watch the kids. not trying to beat johny's high score
Lukas_Japonicus  +   303d ago
"if you are like 35 and you play games a lot there maybe a problem."

What? That is completely idiotic to think that. Im 23 and im going to be playing games for the rest of my life. Not everyone is going to have kids and get married, and even if they do, people who are passionate about videogames will still find time/ways to play them. You think you should just stop playing games when you get to a certain age? I find your logic offensive.
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