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Does playing games on easy defeat the point?

OPM: It’s an age old question: is playing games on easy cheating, or in someway missing the point? We ask four of the Official PlayStation Magazine time what they think of ducking under the default setting. Playing smart or defeating the object of the challenge in the first place?

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Community1861d ago
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GarrusVakarian1861d ago (Edited 1861d ago )

Ive found that i actually like the game more if i have a little bit of a challenge.

Playing The Last Of Us for a second time on normal difficulty and its just not as rewarding or as engaging as it was on hard due to less enemies and more supplies found, ive had the same experiences for other games too.

ArchangelMike1861d ago

Playing TLOU on Survivor is where the game really shines. I got friends that just breeze through games, skipping the cutscenes, and playing on the easiest difficulty. TBH I don't get why they even bother sometimes... am I just too hardcore ;)

GarrusVakarian1861d ago (Edited 1861d ago )

Why the hell would they skip cutscenes and play on easy?! That's crazy, you would miss out on so much story. Unless that's the point, in which case why are they playing videogames?

Zichu1861d ago

I couldn't do that... My brother skips cutscenes... I have to watch them and play on the hardest difficulty possible.

ravinash1861d ago

Some people just like to skip to the end just so they can say they have completed it.
Either that or they just don't have the time.

But I agree, you really do miss something if you pay it on easy.
It's just like these people who complain that dark souls is to hard. Thats the point!

_QQ_1861d ago

@lukas, well i'm guessing they are playing to have fun,after all these are games.I do agree skipping cutscenes in a game like TLOU is beyond stupid, but wanting a game just to play and no story doesn't bring up the question " why are they even playing games" like you stated.

Gster1861d ago

It definitely defeats the purpose if you are a gamer who has the ability to defeat the game on a higher difficulty setting. If you can beat the game on hardcore, you'll get very very little reward for beating the game on easy, or even normal for that matter.

On the other hand, depending on the type of person you are, if normal or easy mode presents a really good challenge for you, then it will be a meaningful undertaking.

Personally, I nearly always try a game on hard first, then after completing it move onto the next difficulty if there is one. I'm speaking from an experienced gamers point of view. For me it would be pointless to play on easy mode. I would get bored very quickly.

Ezz20131861d ago

i know they might do this just to have fun with the gameplay which i understand
but still don't make sense to skip the cutscenes in a story driven game like TLOU ?!

also i have a question
i finished TLOU on both hard and normal but only got normal trophy that a trophy glitch or i'm doing something wrong here ?!

UltimateMaster1861d ago

Not everyone is an expert gamer and some of them needs the easy mode.

Easy mode is also good if you just want to engage into the story rather than having a difficult play trough.

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3-4-51861d ago

Games on easy or easier settings allow you to play through and experience the entire game and enjoy it without being too frustrated.

I usually go with Normal difficulty.

A really hard game is almost always NOT fun, because the way difficulty scales in games still has yet to be perfected.

At least with easy people get to experience everything the dev's have to offer.

BLAKHOODe1861d ago

I tried playing Dead Pool on hard and had to drop it down to normal after so many cheap deaths. WAY frustrating!

ABizzel11861d ago

Answer No. Gamers come in all skill levels, and while most of us here are sure to play on Normal / Hard that doesn't mean there shouldn't be an easy mode for gamers who aren't as skilled or worse have a handicap that prevents them from being able to play on higher difficulties.

It's rare that I ever play a game on anything less than Normal (Hard if it's a genre I've mastered), but there are times when I need to rush through a game for a review or I'm renting it so I drop it down to easy just to get through it and enjoy the story.

But if it's something like a action game, shooter, etc... then I'm playing Hard or Normal.

If it's an RPG or Platformer that I need to get through then I might drop it down to easy since the enemy difficulty rarely affects the experience of these genres.

NYC_Gamer1861d ago

I have no problem with people who just wanna pick up and play without any kind of road blocks playing on easy

guitarded771861d ago

Agreed... it's their decision. I typically play on normal, and if the game is good, I'll reply on a higher difficulty. In some games, I'll replay on easy if there are hidden items I need to look for while getting shot at (ex Uncharted, CoD, etc).

grailly1861d ago

easy mode is really good for sand-boxy games. I had so much more fun playing red faction: guerrilla in easy, not worrying to much about dying just lets you have fun with the game mechanics.

ArchangelMike1861d ago (Edited 1861d ago )

Seeing that I'm abit of a trophy whore, I always start a new game of Hard. 2 reasons,
1) games these day are really dumbed down for teh casual crowd. Todays' 'Hard' is yesterdays 'Normal'.
2) It saves me having to play the game through twice just to get the trophy for 'Hard'.

user74029311861d ago

if its a renter and you need to return it in a week then yes for me.

hankmoody1861d ago

I never play a game the first time through on anything lower than the default difficulty. In a lot of cases, it's better to set it higher on the first play through actually, that way you can kill several achievements/trophies with one stone.

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