GTA 5 Doesn't Include Female Protagonist Because 'Being Masculine' is Key to Story

GR: "Masculinity is a central theme in the upcoming Grand Theft Auto 5."

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Yi-Long1688d ago (Edited 1688d ago )

... it would just be a nice change of pace, a bit more original, and I feel when the writing is good enough, gender (or race, sexuality, whatever) really shouldn't matter in games like these.

Women can be cool, tough, stupid, aggressive, just like men.

GarrusVakarian1688d ago

I agree, a fourth tomboy-ish sort of female would have been a cool addition to the team in my opinion.

Anthotis1688d ago

I'm glad Rockstar doesn't concern itself too much with rubbish like equality.

Kingnichendrix1688d ago

Even If they did that imagine how the media would react if you could make the girl get a prostitute or rather go in a strip club, they would just complain and say you're over sexualising the female image etc. Rockstar can't win. Mark my words to this is not the only issue people committing crimes will blame it on the game.

GmIsOnPt3601688d ago

True but this whole pushing of equality in things where its not an issue is just silly. far more guys like shooters and action stuff, thats just a fact. go to any movie, gaming tourney etc its dominated by men. that doesnt mean women are excluded or cant like this thing but on avg you market towards your demographic.

Shane Kim1688d ago

Not only that, but never have I seen a chick being a street hustler like Franklin or Michael. A woman protagonist in a game like this would feel out of place. The only place it would make sense is if they changed Trevor, couse all chicks are psychopatic, bipolar, borderline potential murderers.

Rainstorm811688d ago

Well they could always do a Bonnie and Clyde / Natural Born Killers esque story

That's the only way i could see a female protagonist in GTA.....other wise it would be forcing it for the sake of equality

zeksta1688d ago (Edited 1688d ago )

Well the issue is.. The story would revolve around the Kitchen too much.


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ThatEnglishDude1688d ago (Edited 1688d ago )

Urgh, I thought this horse was dead already. Even IF Rockstar included a female protagonist, there would have been complaints regarding how it is a poor representation of women and would have offended people in one way or another. That, and it would have just given the impression that Rockstar felt obligated to include a female protagonist just for the sake of appeasing a small, but loud, minority that get their panties in a twist over every little thing in todays world. Damned if you do, damned if you don't.

Ezz20131688d ago

you know the so called "gaming media" this gen love to complain about any and every thing

wannabe gamer1688d ago

yes and its gotten beyond old and pathetic.

HammadTheBeast1688d ago

Saints Row added women, look how the media reacted to that.

ThatEnglishDude1688d ago (Edited 1688d ago )

The point is, Rockstar wanted to tell a story that focused around 3 male leads. It isn't a missed opportunity at all. It was a design choice put forth by the creative team at Rockstar. If they wanted to tell a story that centered around a female, they would have. Lord knows Rockstar are pretty edgy when it comes to pushing the boundaries with it's controversy. I would have thought there were far bigger things to get peoples pants in a twist. The fact that this is even a debate is totally bonkers. So because a game doesn't feature a female lead, we need to ask the developers and find the reasoning as to why. It's stupid, unnecessary and a complete waste of time.

RE_L_MAYER1688d ago

Thats the stupidest excuse for not having a girl player I have ever heard


Makes perfect sense to me :)

IcicleTrepan1688d ago

That's like saying, hmm, Walter White should have been female. Why wasn't it? Well because Vince Gilligan wrote the story that way. So too bad, the story was written that way. Don't like it? Write your own story.

ThichQuangDuck1688d ago

Wait and play the game's story before making that judgement. They could easily make a girl playable in DLC,but to force it into a story they crafted specifically would feel forced. The story is about the American Dream and Bank Heist.

TheDarpaChief1688d ago

What the hell is this, feminism month?

Viper71688d ago

Month? Make that a year..

TheDarpaChief1688d ago

This crap needs to stop. I honestly want to spit in some of these peoples faces

Mythicninja1688d ago

It's Grand theft Auto, not Grand theft Kitchen

Scarface71688d ago

best. comment. ever!! LolLol

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