Looking Back: Old-School Iron Man Games, Part 1

Marvel's Chris Baker looks at Tony Stark's videogame victories and missteps:

"By now, you undoubtedly know that May 2 a big day for Iron Man fans. Not only does Marvel Studios' movie hit theaters that day, but it's also when Sega unleashes Iron Man to a console near you. I don't think Justin would disagree with me here when I say that never before has a videogame so respected all aspects of the Armored Avenger's powers. And what better way to test that statement than to go back and play Iron Man games?"

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CNIVEK3687d ago

...was 'Iron Man and X-O Manowar in Heavy Metal', on the PS1. While it was cool at the was actually a garbage title. :o

I DID play the hell out of that Avengers arcade game though. :)