Skyrim vs. Oblivion: The Battle Resolved

You wouldn’t call it an age old battle, unless you loved the Elder Scrolls. So an age old battle is what we’ll call it. Which game is better? And why?

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Godlovesgamers1715d ago

More like Skyrim Vs. Morrowind. Oblivion? I'll pass.

GarrusVakarian1715d ago

Please don't tell me im doing something and then go ahead and do the exact same thing (evading)(blocking).

If arguing about games is so "pointless" then surely responding to those people and going as far as you have is even more pointless, don't you see the irony in that?

Seems you love having the last word, so go ahead, i don't have the time for hypocrites anyway.

Godlovesgamers1715d ago (Edited 1715d ago )

The difference (because apparently you can't see it) is I'm just giving my opinion about which Elder Scrolls game I prefered more. Whereas you are engaged in a pointless "war" about why your console of choice is better than the others.

Sadly you fight as though you were on the payroll of your preferred console, but you're not, you're just a sad, frustrated fanboy who gets off on insulting other people who prefer a different console. And what's worse is that you're just as bad as the fanboys that you complain about which makes you something of a hypocrite. And to top it all of, when you're confronted about it you can't even give any type of answer whatsoever.

So here's your chance Lukas, why do you care so much about what someone says about a videogame console, a consumer entertainment product made by a company who gives you nothing for your allegiance and views your as a profit margin.....Why do you care?

You're just a slave to a plastic box, and at the end of the day you have to at least ask yourself, "What are you getting out of it?"

GarrusVakarian1715d ago (Edited 1715d ago )

First off it isn't a "war", you are taking things way too seriously.

You don't know the first thing about me but apparently im a "slave to a plastic box", you couldn't be further from the truth, and i find that statement quite ironic given your display picture and name as religion is one of the mankinds biggest limitations and prisons of the mind.

Im passionate about VIDEOGAMES, not corporations. I couldn't care less about MS or Sony as businesses, they are just the means to play videogames. You obviously care enough to make an account on N4G, enough to reply to me so many times.

So stop with the "holier than thou" attitude that you have, it actually made me smile to read the words "You're just a slave to a plastic box", if only you knew me in real life, you would see how wrong you are about that. You shouldn't make such drastic assumptions, you make yourself look silly when proved otherwise.

Now please, don't reply back to me. Ive had enough.

Edit: wow, i just looked though your comment history and...erm...hypocrisy is a GIANT understatement.

GarrusVakarian1715d ago (Edited 1715d ago )

And also, i genuinely do not have any bubbles left in the other article, look for yourself and you will see 5 comments in that article. You made yourself sound really stupid by calling me a liar about that.

You have used up all your bubbles for this discussion


^^^^^That is what it says when i try to reply to you, don't you feel silly now?

"P.S. Nice move getting your pathetic little insult in and then "Blocking" me. How sad.

You literally did the same thing"The user has blocked you" when i try to PM you....HOW HYPOCRITICAL!

Godlovesgamers1715d ago (Edited 1715d ago )

"First off it isn't a "war", you are taking things way too seriously"

Right, right...but you're the one blasting others about Xbone specs and whatnot, but I'm somehow the one taking this too seriously.

Listen, get real with yourself. All that you're doing is evading my questions, trying to make the issue about me when it's about you, while projecting yourself on me in your attacks, insulting me via name-calling and making yourself look like an all-around liar.
A child could see through your arguing tactics. Insult someone and then block their PM's? Yeah, real mature buddy, way to have a backbone.

You say you're passionate about video games and not corporations meanwhile leaving comments like this one:

"This should hush all those delusionals who constantly spew garbage in all of the Xbox articles. I don't think i need to mention any names."

Yeah, you sound real "passionate".

Then you want to insult what I believe and say that it's a prison of the mind and one of man's biggest limitations? OK, well I suppose we should all just follow what Nietzsche says so that we won't be "limited" by things such as morals, absolute right and wrong, a conscience and then we can move forward with things like Eugenics, and the HOLOCAUST.

As for my past comments, feel free, do your worst. The only thing you'll ever see is a firm stance against anti-consumer trust and violation of privacy, not to mention a stand for decency and a dislike for everything "perverted in the name of art" in video games. So bring it on if you're going to call me a hypocrite. Back it up, or shut up.

"if only you knew me in real life, you would see how wrong you are about that. You shouldn't make such drastic assumptions, you make yourself look silly when proved otherwise."

What you say is a representation of who you are Lucas, that's unavoidable, so give me this "if you only knew me in real life" crap. This is real life, it's a reflection of you and your words and actions just here on N4G say everything I need to know about you, and you're no different in person and if you are then quit the act and just be who you really are.

The ironic thing is that through all of this you still have managed not to answer my initial question which is, why do you care about what someone says about a video game console? And don't cop out and say you don't because your comment history tells a different story.

Last chance, answer the question straightforward or just keep your trap shut.

GarrusVakarian1715d ago (Edited 1715d ago )

"Last chance"

HAha, or what? What's going to happen if i don't answer?

The article in question was me giving links of a game to someone who thought the PS4 didn't have any exclusives that had the"wow factor". So why would i answer this question..."why do you care about what someone says about a video game console? "....when that's not what this whole back and forth between us has been about? You made that question up out of thing air from my apparently love for corporations and plastic boxes, lol, so sorry, unless you have a question in direct regard to the post that made you reply to me originally, i think i will keep my "trap" shut :)

Also, for a man of faith you seem to be quite an angry person, where does that fit into the whole "god is love" thing? Seems like YOU should be the one asking yourself some questions.

"Insult someone and then block their PM's? Yeah, real mature buddy, way to have a backbone.

For the LAST time, you blocked me TOO. I unblocked you and tried to PM you and it said this user has blocked you. Don't you see the hypocrisy there?

And you really wanna talk about the holocaust, and morality and right or wrong? Religion is the single biggest killer of human beings in the history of this planet. Countless wars have been started, countless lives ended, all in the name of religion. You should research your faith a little more, read the bible and you will see the contradictions, the barbaric, control hungry things that god expects you to do in the name of religion. Sounds like the work of human beings to me, certainly doesn't sound like "divine wisdom".

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BallsEye1715d ago

Agreeing with the verdict. Still playing longest save got over 500 hours and I didn't even start the main quest after getting out of the sewers. Skyrim was cool at the beggining but then it got too easy...and I hate being this superman like dovakin is. I forced myself to finish main story and most of sidequests in Skyrim, after that I left it...I've put maybe 50 hours in the game