What does the PS Vita TV mean for Sony's handheld?

MMGN: The new trifecta of the PS4, PS Vita and PS Vita TV sounds amazing on paper and the long-awaited potential of Remote Play and game streaming looks to be more accessible and coming closer to reality. But what does this device mean for the PS Vita handheld in the long-run?

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TimeSkipLuffy1556d ago (Edited 1556d ago )

more games for the handheld brother as well ^^

PSVita1556d ago

Exactly! Sonys really had everything planned from day 1.

UltimateMaster1556d ago

For Sony, hopefully more hardware sales.

DarkHeroZX1556d ago


Your missing the point. The point of the PS Vita TV is to make the entry price for the vita obtainable so that they can sell software. While they still would like to move hardware moving software is even more important because that's where the majority of the profit comes from. What good does it do a company to sell hardware at a loss(probably not the case anymore) and not recoop those loses somewhere else?

mewhy321556d ago

This device will surely drive software sales but for me personally I am most interested in the way it provides a second tv for my PS4. I just think that's awesome.

Eonjay1556d ago

These devices are aimed at maximizing adoption. The beauty of VTV is that it appeals to both casuals and to Playstation Fans looking to extend their Playstation experience to multiple screens. People who want to game on the go will still purchase the handheld. VTV is essentially the perfect device. At the current price point, it appeals to the wider audience and the hardcore.

Very good business decision.

UltimateMaster1556d ago

It also could mean that the Ouya is f*cked!

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rahmeekbrunner1556d ago

i think this will mean that it will make the s vita almost like a consoled game. great idea

Funantic11556d ago

I wonder if this supports the PS4 controller too.

GryestOfBluSkies1556d ago

i think i saw not at launch, but it will support ds4 down the line

rainslacker1556d ago

It will. Not at launch since it will be released in Japan, and the PS4 won't be released until Febuary there. The reveal video shows that it supports it.

Apparently, from what i've read in comments, so take it with a grain of salt, it won't support Vita games with the DS4. Dunno if that means it just doesn't support full DS4 functionality or not at all for Vita games, but it's obvious that it would have to support it to be able to stream PS4 games to it.

Williamson1556d ago

It makes gaming better for me.

abusador1556d ago

Means more software support for sure and new life!!!!

Protagonist1556d ago

Exactly and as DarkHeroZX said " The point of the PS Vita TV is to make the entry price for the vita obtainable so that they can sell software"

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