PS4 vs. Xbox One comparison comments from devs compiled, most agree PS4 has the edge

We've gathered up a bunch of comments from tweets, interviews and keynotes that compare the PlayStation 4 to the Xbox One.

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UltimateMaster1714d ago

PS4 is that best.
It's for the gamers.

ZHZ901714d ago

Not to mention PS4TW!
It has most of adventeges that real gamers need.

xHeavYx1714d ago

The PS4 was built with developers input, and its main focus is games instead of gimmicks, no doubt Playsation will win at the end

theBAWSE1714d ago Show
u got owned1714d ago

Meh! This is getting old.

The PS4 is more powerful. Both are a big leap in technology. Both are great consoles. Just play the games.

tokugawa1714d ago Show
JokesOnYou1714d ago (Edited 1714d ago )

pffft the headline doesnt even match the content in the article, actually the dev comments are more neutral.

lol, cutting my wrists OK seems like you care awww how sweet. Whats funny is even in an article trying to say that so many devs have said ps4 is more powerful none were committed to it in terms of real world performance. Also these are all OLD qoutes BEFORE micro tweak upgraded GPU and CPU specs. Yep all these comments were discussed awhile ago on n4g. Why no comments from devs since upgrades?

1st Jonathan Blow says he was "told" that there was a extreme performance difference.= The guy hates micro and did not name one solid reference hardly proof.

All the others (John Carmack, a unnamed dev and Avalanche Studio devs/Just Cause) didnt say anything definitive they said raw specs on paper but even further elaborated that performance was very close, even mentioning how great X1 games look in comparison.

Finally Adrian Chmielarz is on record saying his 50% speed comments were related to development time, which he said will of course be improved upon now that micro is done with hardware and have great dev tools.

-Again nowhere have I said in my history of comments or in this comment that X1 is more powerful than ps4, what I've said is I doubt that there will be a significant performance difference based on the specs and X1's eSRAM and now with recent upgrades Im sure of it, I stand by those statements and none of the devs who have DEVELOPED GAMES FOR BOTH have said theres is a significant performance difference in fact the few on record like Carmack and Just Cause devs have actually said they are "very close" or "there are many factors besides raw specs".= I'm sure some will hit disagree but none of the above things I highlighted from devs is my opinion its FACTS.

So hmmm should I believe an industry vet like Carmack or a bunch of fanboys?

Maddens Raiders1714d ago (Edited 1714d ago )

65 days 'til greatness begins.

DatNJDom811714d ago (Edited 1714d ago )

Wow....... he really is cutting his wrist.......

2cents1714d ago


You know, I was avoiding reading this article because I suspected that it may be 'cleverly' edited. But I just clicked and read them all and I have to agree with you.

Very professional comments, and very unbiased opinions. I hope that some of this attitude could rub off on more people, its a much nicer way of continuing the never ending gaming debates that we all know and love (or hate).

mewhy321714d ago

Cant dispute the hard facts. The PS4 is the most powerful console ever conceived period. I don't know why people get so upset over that? It's more powerful than the bone but if you still want the bone then fine get one. Just do it knowing that micro$oft is charging you 100.00 more for inferior hardware. But hey, if you're loyal to micro$oft and that fact doesn't matter because you love Halo or something then by all means get the bone.

darthv721714d ago (Edited 1714d ago )

@madden. and then 7 days later...god takes a break to play the xb1.


Magicite1714d ago

PS4 will be PS2 V2 in terms of success.

QuickdrawMcgraw1714d ago

Joke you are no different then anyone else.You will believe whoever talks up your console of choice.

JokesOnYou1714d ago (Edited 1714d ago )

Quickdraw, NO actually I don't, for example if I did I would be touting the cloud as gaming heaven and the reason X1 is more powerful but Im not. Did you see my comments in reference to the 12gb of ram?, How about the dggpu rumors? lol never believe any of it for a second, WHY because it sounded unreasonable/like wishful thinking and check my history thats what I said then. I'm also careful not to believe the overhype of ANY KIND from either side but at the same time I'm not foolish enough to believe micro is investing tons of money in the cloud if it was useless AND now sony has even done the "me too" type comments in regards to the cloud. So go ahead label me, call me out whatever just call me consistent because for me it's always about reasonable expectations NOT pure belief in a company.

I learned my lesson that most PR is half truths mixed with a lil bit of wishful thinking and a whole lot of "depends on the implementation" in other words nobodys outright lying but high ambitions sometimes just aren't acheivsble..YET. The original Kinect, the cell, bluray are all good examples of this. Some folks always see evil intentions but I really do believe those engineers working tirelessly to bring us this tech to market really have the best intentions and if its yoir "baby" you've work so hard on sometimes for years of course those "theoretical specs", "potential/promises" , "ideas/predictions" become very real to you, unfortunately despite your efforts all that potential may not bear fruit. Maybe next time, but who says the suits are going to continue to fund it?..or maybe it was always just a few engineers/devs/creative directors pipe dream.= Thats why I wait, thats why I TRY not spew misinformation.

I can tell you however X1 does have the games me, my friends, and my family like the most and I won't lose 1min of sleep because ps4 is more powerful because I'll still enjoy my games. Now with that said and ps4 somehow is pulling off games that are simply not possible on X1 then of course I'll be jealous frankly I'm positive that won't happen but regardless its not like if you've ever read my comments that I wont be getting a ps4 at some time or another anyway.

pixelsword1713d ago (Edited 1713d ago )

"So hmmm should I believe an industry vet like Carmack or a bunch of fanboys?"

I appreciate Carmack's contribution to the gaming world, but Carmack isn't the best one for an overall stable comment concerning consoles, since early one he said was against the PS3 before he was for it latter in the console cycle (or am I thinking of Gabe? I think they both did that, though).

He can turn a PC and some code into a masterpiece, and no one can debate that.

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cruncher_201714d ago

Well I LOVE playstation but I tried to keep me critical thinking every time console are compared by dev. Why?

Well if :

They develop exclusively on ps4 they will say ps4 is the best
They develop exclusively on Xbox they will say Xbox is the best

They develop for both... Well they have no interest of choosing one console over the other one and if they do I assume they have personal reason not because of the technology but because of rights, fees, etc which doesn't really affect the player.

NewMonday1714d ago

never came across any developer comment that states the XB1 is more powerful in any way in comparison to the PS4.

cruncher_201714d ago

I didn't say more powerful I said best... best could mean more powerfull but best could also imply : easier to develop on, easier to publish, the partnership is incredible..., implementation with their accessories open tons of possibility, exclusivity, the company approach, online support, etc...

And if you NEVER came across developers... well here an exemple : TURN 10 (forza 5 dev) said that Xbox cloud allowed them to boost AI at 600% which was not possible before...

imt5581714d ago

The multiplatform developers and indie will say that PS4 is better.

vigilante_man1714d ago

We now know PS4 has a bit more under the hood. We do not fully know just how much yet.

This is just a re-hash article. No news here..

cruncher_201714d ago

The multiplatform developers and indie will say that PS4 is better.

That is my f****g point....

Ah... useless ... I like the ps3 and will get a ps4 but people here are just fanboy that don't want any debate...

some Indies will say ps4 is best because sony facilitate the business side but at the end that doesn't really change the experience for the player... multiplatform developers have financial interest when they define "best" but at the end both console will have a similar game...

If you prefer me saying that it is God that put ps4 and ALL indies dev and ALL multi dev prefer ps4 that's your opinion... I prefer Sony but I played multi on different console and don't see much difference and the same thing will happen for ps4 and xboxOne...

NewMonday1714d ago

I said "in comparison to the PS4"

someone in NeoGaf put it beast:

"Originally Posted by IN&OUT

Is X1 a powerful console? Yes, it is.

Is X1 more powerful than PS4? HELL NO

Why X1 is weaker than PS4?

MS designed X1 to be perfectly balanced and powerful according to THEIR vision.

It's just happen to be that Sony was more ambitious (regarding power) and they were able to outdo MS efforts in this area"

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B1663r1714d ago

So with an obvious and clear advantage, it shouldn't take long to see the results. The advantage will be clear day one.

gapecanpie1714d ago (Edited 1714d ago )

Both systems are a joke... Its 2013 and yet battlefield is 720p with medium graphics settings, that's just pathetic.

You FANBOYS remind me of clown's. The only thing these systems got going for them are their exclusive games which is a matter of personal taste.

Every time both sides bring up specs it just make the lot of you look dumb.

devwan1714d ago

If BF4 is running poorly that's a problem for the devs, not a problem of the hardware. Both Microsoft and Sony have shown much more impressive examples of games than what you suggest.

Whatever, you can't expect maximum performance day one on consoles, that's not how it works.

mediate-this1714d ago

Lol... P.C wont matter till titanfall comes out on xbone. Then p.c will get all the praise. When they are done with titanfall it will be back to harping the p.c and the xbone.

Hicken1714d ago

When you put an apostrophe in the plural form of "clowns," I think that does more to damage the opinion of YOUR intelligence than anyone else's.

Please, change your name. You're an embarrassment to Georgians, pecans, and pies.

clearelite1714d ago (Edited 1714d ago )

Yet Killzone Shadow fall Multiplay will run at 1080p 60 FPS and Planetside 2 will rival high end PC gameplay. Therefore any Battlefield issue is most likely an optimization issue at this point.

I do think people could probably stop comparing specs so much and focus more overall game quality. All of the next gen hardware is more than powerful enough for devs to create AMAZING games.

gapecanpie1712d ago (Edited 1712d ago )

Dude are you tracking my every post, do you not have a life outside of n4g? Also for your information my phone has a f**ked up auto correct and I didn't expect any internet grammar Nazi to cry over something so little.

Oh and lmao at your Georgia comment as Georgia has some of the lowest test scores in the country, so Georgia do just fine in making itself look bad.

P.S. For Gods sakes get a life and stop tracking me, there is a whole big world beyond your computer. Oh and sorry I replied so late but I actually have a life

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otherZinc1714d ago

What is the developers name or company that's running their game 1080p "native" @60fps? Also, what next gen console is said game or 1080p "native" 60fps games running on?

XBOX ONE: Forza 5.

Does the PS4 have any?

See, talk is cheap, if the console is most powerful, show it, and stop running your mouth!

devwan1714d ago (Edited 1714d ago )

Calm down otherZinc, no need for shouty ;-)

"1080P" can mean all kinds of things. "1080P native" means 1920x1080. I'm not sure FMS5 is running at that resolution, but we will find out in time.

There are a number of ways to approach screen resolution and refresh vs content detail and there are simple ways to achieve [email protected] gameplay, basically by keeping things on the simple side, less detail, less post processing, cutting corners and clever tricks that give the appearance of doing more than you are for example with lighting - all good stuff if done wisely as the gamer probably never really notices, but not always possible if you're looking to offer a particular effect (in the instance of lighting that might be day-night cycles).

There's no value in shouting [email protected] at people as proof of anything one way or the other. Unless it's the same game running side-by-side on different platforms then at least there's a debate to be had.

Magicite1714d ago

forza 5 is 1080P/60FPS with outdated effects/backgrounds. On PS4 it might be running at 100 FPS then.

AngelicIceDiamond1714d ago (Edited 1714d ago )

I'm glad the PS4 will be amazing I know it will be. But devs as well as gamers are speaking in theory with performance albeit shoddy details.

Avalanche's Mad Max looks like a maxed out current generation game. I'm having a hard time seeing that game looking "worse on X1 and "prettier on PS4. When that game gets released that will be the trojan Horse of his statement, I will look for differences in performance and if the 50% differnce lives in there game.

EX developer's "People Can Fly" Adrian Chmielarz didn't go into further detail about PS4 being 50% more powerful. Other than his bleak statement. Not only did he not explain his statement he didn't give clues to back his statement, nor where it came from. He kind of came out of no where with it. Sorry, but even some devs aren't credible sources now.

Is he with a different studio creating new a new ip for PS4 and X1? And hes getting 50% better performance when compared to X1?

His comment is not backed by any facts or some sort of hint of evidence.

John Carmack's statement makes better sense as well as Hideo Kojima's

Ubisoft's Senior producer Dominic Guay

"Of course, the Xbox One isn’t to be counted out. We asked Guay how the Xbox One version of Watch_Dogs would be different compared to the PC and PS4 versions of the game, to which he replied that, “The Xbox One is a powerful platform, as of now we do not foresee a major difference in on screen result between the PS4 and the Xbox One. Obviously since we are still working on pushing the game on these new consoles, we are still doing R&D."

This was June 25 when X1 specs were still being finalized and worked on (also assuming PS4 as well.)

It's just funny how the reporter left Hideo Kojima and and Dominic Guay's comment out.

The difference will be in the games and multiplats that get released. Some devs say the PS4 is 50% more powerful while other say in theory it is, while the rest say its equal and around the same performance.

You can't take one piece of info (no matter how shady) and run with it especially if there's devs out there stating other wise.

otherZinc1714d ago (Edited 1714d ago )


You must have never played Forza, if you have, you would know they've NRVER cut corners!

It is very significant that Forza 5 is running 1080p "native" @60fps; that's massive!

The PS4 can't get Knack to run 1080p "native" @ 60fps. Now, what day/night cycle or lighting tricks are they running in a "cartoon" game that's so stressful?

Forza 5 1080p "native" @ 60fps; that's PC like power with effects on. Now stop your weak attempt at a play on words.

AngelicIceDiamond1714d ago

Apparently Adrian Chmielarz did elaborate on his post amongst other things related to this.

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ArchangelMike1714d ago (Edited 1714d ago )

I've said it before, and I'll say it again... and again. the specs matter less. What the first party studios do with the machines is what is most important. And we all know which of teh two companies has the best first party studios. We also know which of the two know how to maximize their home console to deliver truly amazing games...

JsonHenry1714d ago

It really shouldn't matter in the end. The only people who really care are brand loyalist fanboys. And they won't touch the other system anyway.

So the rest of us will make up our own minds regardless of what it looks like on paper and play the games we enjoy on the platform we choose.

vigilante_man1714d ago

It does matter - sorry to say. And for one reason only.

Last time around developers pimped 360 but gave half-hearted PS3 versions to multi-platform games. Maybe due to the Cell, or MS pressure, or laziness, or just quicker to do that. And most limited games to a single DVD.

Compare this to what PS3 gamers got with 1st party studios and full use of graphics and Bluray disc. They felt a bit short-changed.

This time we have the same CPU and both have 8GB Ram and Bluray drives so multi-platforms should look similar. So it is more important that PS4 is the more powerful so Sony gamers will get at least equal quality games this time.

thetruthx11714d ago (Edited 1714d ago )

Directx > OpenGL

Xbox controller > dual shock

Xbox One games > Ps4 games

Microsoft budget > Sony's budget

Xbox live infrastructure > PS +

Kinect > Move


user74029311714d ago

facts> your goddamn opinion

Kuse1714d ago

It's unfortunate for you because that guy just gave you a list of facts which are irrefutable. Xbox has better exclusives, better premium services, better value. you live on these boards? I see you rage commenting on everything that speaks praise about Xbox One. Go outside...enjoy life.

Utalkin2me1714d ago (Edited 1714d ago )


Read my below post. If you care to give some cold hard facts on why. Just cause someone puts Xbox controller > Ds4 controller, doesn't make it true. Explain to me what makes it better. And again i don't want your opinions, i want facts.

UltimateMaster1714d ago (Edited 1714d ago )

PS4 dual shock > Xbox controller
More technology: Touch Pad, Motion Sensors, And a Goddamn built-in battery you DON'T have to pay extra for.

Ps4 games > Xbox games
Killzone Shadow Fall Pre-Orders Outsold Ryse SOR, Titanfall, Forza 5 AND Dead Rising 3 Combined. With just 1 game, check VGchartz

Sony's studios > Microsoft studios
Sony has more studios.

PS + > Xbox live infrastructure
Xbox Live infrastructure is based of windows 8, and ever since the release of windows 8, PC sales has never been this low in 30 years "Ever since it's release"... so you tell me

Average Rating and Reviews Move Enabled Game 8/10 > Any kinect games average of 5/10

ALL of theses are FACTs, they are Tangible, because you can evaluate them with Actual numbers and count them and scale them from one to the other.

xHeavYx1714d ago

So much fail on your comment.
Xbox doesn't have better exclusives, you only say that because you like Xbox more, I like PS more, so PS has better exclusives, see how that works?
Better premium service? Again, that's your opinion, but as far as I know, PS+ runs over Gold, unless of course you can tell me, with facts, where I'm wrong.
Better value? How can a console who is $100 more expensive, yet less powerful, be a better value?

Angeljuice1714d ago (Edited 1714d ago )

I totally agree, but you're arguing with a "Bonehead" (in all senses of the word).

scott1821714d ago

Opinions = facts now, good to know.

Thehyph1714d ago

I had to funny bubble that, DirtyPimp. Oh man.

I'm normally against people arguing, but that was priceless.

hazardman1714d ago (Edited 1714d ago )

Isn't that what its all about tho..our opinions. Sad you can't have one on here because people like you think yours is all that matters!!!

devwan1714d ago

@hazardman Opinions are fine, they're what we want. Opinions stated as facts, not so useful.

andreasx1714d ago

Haha, you're the man pimp!

QuickdrawMcgraw1714d ago

Opinions can also be fact.I think the Dual shock is better the the Xbox controller.A opinion which is a fact :)

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gaelic_laoch1714d ago

You forgot the most important one!

PS4 > XbOne

Now stop sniffing gasoline and come back to reality!

GarrusVakarian1714d ago (Edited 1714d ago )

Sony 1st party devs > MS 1st party devs

DS4 > One controller

PS4 price > Xbox One price

PS plus ("free" games that are actually good) > Xbox live (Old as dirt free games)

PS4 power > Xbox One power

PS4 value > Xbox One value

Sony's reputation of dedication to games and gamers > MS complete lack of support (360)

Oh i also forgot the fact that DEVELOPERS prefer the PS4, im sorry but devs don't lie.

Im talking about the issue of which console is more powerful, not games specifically.

B-radical1714d ago

Yup devs dont lie look how good the new alien game looked...the devs of it never said a word

Volkama1714d ago

"PS4 price > Xbox One price "

This is mathematically incorrect. Just saying...

dannylilley1714d ago

What actually ends up happening > Your dumb assumptions about consoles that have yet to come out

Utalkin2me1714d ago

Well unfortunately your name really doesn't fit your comments. Maybe you should change your name to "MyOpinion". If you would care to elaborate on your opinion and give some nice facts. Then i might change my mind of some of your "opinions".

True_Samurai1714d ago (Edited 1714d ago )

Let's not be bias about it OK? I'm getting X1 but I would punch someone in the face for DD and KZ

ZHZ901714d ago (Edited 1714d ago )

You are right about MS's Budget > Sony's Budget but what about the rest...

OpenGl > DirectX (Because OpenGl is better is than DirectX and is also compatible with DirectX)

Dual Shock 4 > Xbox Controller

PS4 Games > Xbox Games (In terms of Quantity and Quality)

PS4 Price > Xbox One Price

PS+ > Xbox Live Infrastructure

Move > Kinect

Power Of PS4 > Power Of Xbox One

PS4 Preoders > Xbox One Preorders

Talent of Sony 1st Party Studios > Talent of MS 1st Party Studios

Sony launching PS4 in nations > MS launching Xbox One in nations (32+ > 13)

About Dedicated Servers for Xbox One > PS4 but in 2014 Gaikai will come and more in USA then PS4 > Xbox One


hazardman1714d ago

Nice list there.. when you say PS+ beats out XBL, do you mean like free games and not everything behind a paywall? Thats true, in terms of most reliable online service I would have to go with XBL.
Things could change next gen but I'm basing this off my experience with both thus far.

Also even with Gaikai. MS will still have a better network of dedicated servers than Sony.

BattleTorn1714d ago

Nice opinion you have there

Tapewurm1714d ago

@ "thetruthx1" and Kuse-

The only facts that are relevant here are that Sony has a sexier, more powerful machine, better 1st party studios, exclusive experiences made by those studios, and ultimately a better vision of where gaming needs to go for the future.

Jury1714d ago

Well said

Better first party studios and more of them and they are given more freedom

Nekroo911714d ago

at xbox presentation xbox showed that the ps4 also supports directx 11.2 and opengl 4.4 does the same thing

controller its a matter of taste, now te dualshock is bigger than the X1 contollers

Ps4 exclusives have won gotys for some reason and not to mention studios like ND are recognized as the best studios in the gaming industry

PS4 better specs , cheaper price

Kinect...oh well at this point i think theres no doubt that the movement recognition still doesent work very well, but the voice recognition is a nice feature indeed

RM-TatoTiburon1714d ago (Edited 1714d ago )

Xbox One Launch Line Up > PS4 Launch Line Up
Sony First Party Studios > Microsoft Fisrt Party Studios
PS4 Specs on Paper > Xbox One Specs on Paper
Xbox Live > PSN+ (Free Games doens't mean best SERVICE)
Kinect > PSEye+Move
Xbox One Features > PS4 Features
Xbox One OS > PS4 OS
Microsoft Cloud Service > Sony Cloud Service
Xbox One Controller > DS4

Tapewurm1714d ago


The launch lineup: is a matter of taste...killzone shadowfall and driveclub alone are better than anything the other system is offering, but that is my opinion.

PSN+ : is an excellent service and value....have never had any connectivity issues with it and the free games are icing on the cake.

Move/Kinect: In my experience of having the Move and Kinect... I honestly have to say that the Move had the best 1 to 1 motion tracking.....could hardly ever get the Kinect to be AS continually accurate as the Move.

Features, Cloud, and OS will be determined after the launch.

Controller: Have always preferred the dual shock...since the days for gran turismo 1...with all it's smooth ergonomic goodness...again...a matter of personal taste.

The better first party studios....well ...we all know that now don't we? :)

robleroy1714d ago

you are very sad or very blind..

Microsoft sadly is known for building not stable products (software and hardware).
But MS is also known for having the best market specialist and tactics.

The first xbox360 was overall the more expensive console (no wifi, no bluray and xbox live needed to play online, RROD) . But they managed to make the public believe otherwise.

The same goes for the windows and office packages.

They are just awesome at selling.

And please do spare me the part that the xbox live service was better then the free PSN service then.

Sony is just known for quality products.
Sony wants the customer to buy their products because of the quality.

MS wants to just make a lot of money in little less time. (right after the launch of the xbox360, they dumped the support for the xbox. The same will go for the xbox360 (RYSE was originaly for the xbox360 ...any exclusive titles lately for the 360???)

MS just does not care about what the customer wants and think of them. (DRM, no second hand game playability ,etc etc)

QuickdrawMcgraw1714d ago

How do we know that the launch line up games are better on one system then another.I have read no reviews and have not played any of the finished launch games yet.And as for the cloud services I have had no experience with those either.So RM could you please tell me what you liked about the Xbox1 launch games.And what you enjoyed most about the Xbox cloud service that has made you chose it over Sony's service.