Will TitanFall Be The Call Of Duty Killer?

Mark of Corrupted Cartridge writes "This is a topic that has caught my eye recently. I've noticed a few videos on Youtube asking if the new game to be released on the Xbox One called TitanFall could be a Call Of Duty Killer.

Personally I've lost a lot of interest in the Call Of Duty games recently and I only really bought Black Ops 2 for the zombies and the campaign. To me each game is a repetition of the last with a couple of small changes to the gameplay and some new game modes."

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black0o1718d ago

Isn't it Titanfal a COD with mesh and without SP mode?

Enemy1717d ago

Same graphics, same dull art direction, that outdated engine, no solo campaign, possible on 360.

Next gen FPS right there.

Kevlar0091717d ago

After playing it at PAX I'd say so. It certainly plays like CoD, but with mechs and more freedom of movement

It's multiplayer only, a fun military shooter that knows its audience. However we've seen what happens when games try to imitate and surpass CoD. The game does have enough hype and praise to give it a chance, however the CoD brand is just so powerful it lives off name alone

XB1_PS41717d ago

You guys are so cool. Making fun of Titanfall! I wish I could be like you guys..

gaffyh1717d ago

It won't sell anywhere near as much as COD, but it will sell very well nonetheless. I'd guess at least 5 mil lifetime, up to 8 mil. Most sales on 360.

/pach hat.

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superbhoy1717d ago (Edited 1717d ago )

if its an xbone/pc exclusive then definitely not

OrangePowerz1717d ago

It comes at launch also to 360.

mewhy321717d ago

This game is also coming to 360. But I'll be playing it on my gaming PC.

Dan_scruggs1717d ago

When are people gonna learn that there is no Call of Duty killer. COD got where it is through almost a decade of yearly releases. By steadily building up its fanbase to the insane numbers it currently has. Call of Duty is in a class of its own like WOW and GTA. It may not the best or the most original but its absolutely the biggest and I don't see that changing anytime soon.

3-4-51717d ago

Nothing is "killing" off COD, but After this year, COD will sell less & less until they switch up the formula.

Everything we've ever wanted COD to be or evolve into is found within Killzone, Battlefield & TitanFall

SuperLupe1717d ago

Quality wise yes. Sales wise no (for the moment)

PlayStation_41717d ago

Only when it's available on PS4 will it have the potential to take down Call of Duty, whether that be Titanfall 2, or Titanfall 1 in 2015.

Eddie201011717d ago (Edited 1717d ago )

Looks really good and fun to play. Will it be the best game in 2014 probably not, will it sell well probably but theres no way of telling til it comes out. Will it be available for PS4 eventually, my guess is yes.

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Wizziokid1718d ago

in terms of sales no, but that's only because for the time being it's limited to Xbox and PC.

user74029311717d ago

why don't people say battlefield killer? why is it cod? if its teh sales you guys refer to then wii fit bust be a battlefield and cod killer. smfh.

MrSwankSinatra1717d ago

Because Battlefield is owned by EA and which also owns titanfall. Get the picture?

user74029311717d ago

ea vs activsion huh, i could not give less of a goddamn about them.

PlayStation_41717d ago

CoD and Titanfall are aiming for the same kind of people, and both have similarly fast paced shooting mechanics.

Mikelarry1717d ago

when it is available on all platforms.... maybe

Tony-A1717d ago

I can see it doing okay when it's out for 360, PC and XBO, and doing better when it comes out for PS4 and probably PS3, but - in terms of sales - it's not going to crush COD.

... Funny how the gaming media skews things. When it's negative news about the details of the XBO, we're just a minority amongst a small group of dedicated gamers. But when it's hype about a game talked about by a group of journalists within dedicated gaming events, the masses are sure to talk about it when it comes out!

GiantEnemyCrab1717d ago

From what I played that is a YES.

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